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Top 14 Automotive Tools That Are Essential For Every Car Owner

You are driving on the highway or a secluded road on a cold night and at that particular time; your car decides to break down. There is no garage nearby and no one to offer help. Does this situation sound familiar? Every one of us has faced this situation more than once. The best lesson to learn from this situation is to carry automotive tools at all times.

It can be dangerous to get stuck in a situation like that as a car malfunction can increase the chances of an accident. You don’t need to be a mechanic to fix your car, and a small kit of tools can come handy in an emergency like that. The top 14 tools you require are:

1. Life Hammer

Life Hammer


This is a very small item, which can be kept near the driver’s seat by attaching it with Velcro or a double sided tape. It allows you to break the window in case of any emergency such as fire, when you are stuck underwater and need to escape.

It can also cut through the fabric of seatbelt to help you escape faster and save your life. Time is of the essence in this situation, and a simple, cheap tool can save your life.

2. Car Buffer


To make sure that your car looks brilliant every time you need to have a car buffer at all times. It can give the perfect finish to your vehicle and restores the appearance to make it look brand new every time. By using a suitable car buffer, it can remove scratches and minor scrapes from the outside layer of your car and give it a polished look. There are two main types of buffers, which are:

  • The pneumatic buffer: it uses air as the main source of power, so you don’t need any other tool to make it work. They are also lightweight.
  • The electrical model: it uses electricity as the key source of power and can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet.

You can also use an auto buffer, hand waxing and high-speed buffer, which supports air or electricity as its power source.

3. Jumper Cables

  • Getting stranded with a dead battery is the worst nightmare you can have. You need to have jumper cables as automotive tools at all times. You can jump start your car anytime. When using a jumper cable ensure that both the batteries are of similar voltage to avoid the risk of damaging the electrical components.
  • Connect the positive red clamp to the dead battery and the other positive red clamp to the good one. This way, connect the black clamp to the good negative battery and the other black clamp to the metallic part of your engines black. Run it idling for a few minutes and once the car starts to remove the jumper cables. This way, the jumper cables can save your day.

4. Automotive Multimeter

Automotive Multimeter

It is regarded as the most useful automotive tool for electrical diagnosis. These meters are designed for performing many standard and advanced tests on electrical parts before replacing them. So you don’t need to guess anymore if the parts have failed or not and can test the parts with an accurate reading.

5. Tire Chains

Tire Chains

It is very difficult to drive on an icy road or a road full of snow. The risk of slipping and causing an accident is very high. Using tire chains can eliminate this risk Handheld as they are fitted with the tires of the vehicles and provide maximum traction.

Be careful about locking your wheels when you brake and hitting curbs. So driving in the snow won’t be a problem anymore.

6. Grease Gun

Best Grease Gun

It is a common garage tool, which is used for lubrication to apply it through an aperture to a specific point usually on a grease fitting. The channel behind the grease fitting is the one, which needs lubrication. There are three types of a grease gun. They are:

  • Hand powered gun where the grease is automotive from the aperture by back pressure built up. The grease gun applies pressure to a spring mechanism and lubricates it through the aperture.
  • Hand powered gun with no trigger mechanism functions as the grease forces through the aperture by pushing on the butt of the grease gun, and it also slides a piston through the body of the tool.
  • An air-powered gun where the compressed air is directed to the gun by hoses, the air pressure serves as a force to help grease reach the aperture. This air powered gun uses air as the primary source of power, so you don’t need any extra charging equipment for the same.

7. Garage Vacuum

Garage Vacuum

This tool is the most versatile and efficient one to clean your garage properly. Every car owner should have this tool to clean out the mess the mess a car can create. There are two types of garage vacuum, which are hand held garage vacuum and wall-mounted garage vacuum.

  • Handheld garage vacuum is a perfect choice as they are very budget friendly and can do the job very quickly. However, they have a small capacity, which means that it gets frequently emptied if you plan to do an extensive work.
  • Wall-mounted garage vacuum is permanently installed on the wall, which can solve your storage problem and possess a long hose for you to access the inaccessible places. This is a high-quality product, which proves to be a lot handy.

Before buying one, you should take the factors into consideration such as capacity, noise, portability, filter, motor, etc.

8. Multi-Drive Wrench

top automotive tools

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We all need a wrench to unbolt screws and nuts, but the main problem we face is the size. Keeping different wrenches or different size of screws is just not possible. A multi-drive wrench can solve all of these problems as it offers the capability to work with different types and sizes of nuts and bolts.

It is also very compact in size so that it won’t take much of your storage space.

9. Speed Charger

Carrying a charger for your car battery can prove to be a lifesaver. It can boost your car’s battery anywhere and anytime you need it. It is fully automatic in operation and has multiple charging modes, which can allow you to charge multiple things at once.

The speed charger can charge a low battery instantly and avoid any obstacles you face and give you a smooth driving experience.

10. Flexible Sockets

Flexible Sockets

Our car engine is always overcrowded and reaching those inaccessible places becomes a difficult task. These flexible sockets let you install and remove bolts where the places are tight. It uses the individual swivel sockets on an air ratchet to give a little more leeway regarding positioning.

They are also very compact, so they don’t need any extra storage; you may invest in the best socket organizer for your car and can help you save your day.

11. Needle Scaler

A needle scaler can blast off the rust and improve the life of your car. It also removes the scale and dirt from your car at 4600 blows per minute. It can give a new and shiny look to your car in no time and at a very minimal effort.

12. Torque with Digital Accuracy

Torque with Digital Accuracy


With this era of technology, you don’t need just to guess if the bolts are tight enough or not. If you try to tighten the bolts without a torque wrench, you are risking major damage to your car.

With the LED screen and audible signals the torque wrench shows and stops you when you are done. A loose bolt is an invitation to serious risks to your car and yourself.

13. Pry Tools

car tools

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A set of pry tools can prove to be handy to every car owner. A small kit of these tools will have all the essentials to remove or fix minor damages to your car. It can also trim pieces and remove small buttons from your car. It can also crack open delicate parts of the car with the utmost ease.

14. Telescoping Mirror and Magnet Set

A telescoping mirror helps you see the parts of the engine, which are inaccessible so that you can see the damage with high accuracy. The telescopic handle lets you pull out to 25 inches, and the screw end lets you swap attachments. The magnets will help you to retrieve lost parts.

You just need to keep a small kit, which can save you lots of extra work and you don’t need to spend loads of money to get it fixed by the mechanic.

The list above gives you an idea of the essentials, which you need to carry in your car or keep in your garage at all times. They can save you a lot of effort, time and money, which will increase the life of your car and also keep it efficient for a long run.

So get these tools as soon as possible, and you will see the changes in your car in no time. If you found this post knowledgeable please share it with others and let us know your views by commenting on it.