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I worked as a mechanic at Audi for over 20 years in the Northern California Bay Area. During my time as a mechanic, I have gained a deeper understanding of how to handle the most common issues with one's vehicle. I have also learned many lesser known tips and tricks that can help prolong the life of your car, or simply make owning your own vehicle more enjoyable. There's a lot of bad information out there about how to find, maintain, and optimize your vehicle for the road and the tribulations of car ownership. I'm here to share as much of my experience with you as I can to make the journey of owning a car an easier and less depreciating one. As an owner of 2 sedans, 1 truck, and an SUV, I'm also well positioned to offer buying guides and advice to purchasing your next car. I want you to find the right car, and I want it to hold its value for you for as long as possible. Welcome again to drivinglife.net and I hope that my articles can help you to solve whatever car related problems you are running into.