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Best Trailer Tires – Your Guide to Making the Right Choice

Searching for the best trailer tires can quickly become an infuriating process. The good news is that with the guide presented in the coming sections, your search will be more efficient. We also aim that your final decision will be a better one after going through this guide.

The best way to start your search is looking through the manual of your trailer. The manual usually has all the relevant information for you to shop for trailer tires. In case it doesn’t, we are here to help you. We are going to give you the top five recommendations, as well as their features, pros and cons. By the end of this article, we hope we gave you all the essentials in choosing the best trailer tires.

What is a Trailer Tire and What are its Benefits?

Before we proceed with the discussions, let’s first define what a trailer tire is. Trailer tire is basically the tire you attach to the wheel of your trailer. Tires for trailers come in a wide range of sizes to fit the wheel width and diameter used by manufacturers. This is the reason why it is very important to check the manual of your trailer before buying a tire.

The standard metric measurement of trailer tire consists of three numbers, then a dash, followed by another two numbers. After that, an R following the numbers mean the radial, B is for bias. As an example, radial tires as wide as 235 millimeters with an aspect ratio of 80 percent would look like 235-80R.

Bias and radial tires have differences in handling properties and should not be confused with each other. Later on in this article, we will be giving you more information about these two types.

It is usually recommended that you use the same type and size on the same axle. In addition, manufacturers vary rubber compounds such as carbon black and silica. This makes way for tires to be designed for varied types of vehicles, weather and driving styles. It also offers a weighed balance between traction and wear.

Types of Trailer Tires

Trailer tires are a lot different from auto or light truck tires. The reason is that they don’t steer and transmit power from the engine, and they don’t swerve. In this section, we will discuss the two types of trailer tires so you can understand them better.


Radial: This type of tire has plies that run perpendicularly across the belts and the tire. It is considered superior to bias in terms of tread wear, as they last an average of 40,000 miles. They’re less prone to developing flat spots when left parked at the same spot for a long period of time. They also tend to run cooler, especially during longer trips.

Radial tires are better suited for highway or high-volume usage. The reason is that they tow better at greater speeds, and they last longer compared to bias. They have better heat resistance, thus decreasing the risk of explosion during long-haul trips.

Bias: This type of tire has plies that run at 30-degree angles. The tire has steeper sidewalls that allow carrying heavier loads. It is considered less superior than radials, as they only last for 12,000 miles.

Bias tires are also considered a cheaper alternative that performs appropriately under moderate to low usage. They may also be used on the highway but will not perform as well as the radial tires.

Factors to consider choosing the Best Trailer Tires

In this section, we will discuss what makes a good trailer tire. We will list all the factors you have to consider if you’re trying to search for the best trailer tires.

  • Size: Buying a trailer tire that is too large or too small for the wheel can be dangerous. It is always recommended that you check with the manufacturer if you wish to buy a trailer tire. You have to make sure that it will be compatible with the trailer you are driving.
  • Load Rating: The weight load can cause damage to an inappropriately purchased tire. If you don’t buy tires for your trailer with the appropriate maximum weight and load rating, they won’t last. It can also be a safety issue, so you have to evaluate wisely.
  • Extra Weight: This is also an important factor since the tires will carry the weight of the trailer and your belongings. It is best practice to pick a tire that exceeds the rating and the limits you need.
  • Sidewall Strength: Besides sizes and weight ratings, you should also consider the sidewall strength of your trailer tires. Your tires should be able to handle maximum pressure. As the tires’ temperature increases, the pressure in the tires also does. You should choose tires that will not blow out or explode once pressured.
  • Ply Ratings: When you check your tires, this will indicate the maximum weight and the minimum pressure required to carry that weight. A ply rating is measured using letters such as D, E or F, and they tell you the strength of the tire.
  • Longevity: A tire that has deteriorated is very unsafe to drive with. You have to choose a tire that can last as long as possible. It can also be considered a budget tip if you don’t want to replace your tires every one or two years.
  • Cooling: This is also an important factor as it prevents explosion, thus preventing damage to your tires. You have to choose one that has a cooling system that also dissipates heat.
  • Easy to Mount: Replacing a tire should be easy, and it should not require a lot of effort. It is advisable that you pick one that will be easy to mount as it reduces the time of installation.

Top 5 Picks for the Best Trailer Tires

Product Tire Load Range 

Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire – 225/75R15 BSW

Load Range D


Carlisle Radial Trail RH Trailer Tire – ST205/75R15 D 8 PLY

Load Range D


In this section, we will talk about the top five choices for the best trailer tires. We will be discussing some of their outstanding features and what makes them the best choice. Aside from that, we will give you a list of their advantages and disadvantages. If you were having a difficult time choosing, better pay attention while reading this section.

1. Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire – 225/75R15 BSW


The Maxxis M8008 tire is one of the best trailer tires out in the market today. The tire offers an advanced tread compound, which is designed to decrease rolling resistance. This feature allows enhanced fuel economy and tread life. Another great feature is that this tire has the 10-ply rating.

The tire also has a double steel-belted construction for extra towing stability and strength. It has outstanding shock absorption that gives you superior load handling performance.

For its specifications, the item’s weight is 34.2 pounds, which is a little heavier than other trailer tires. Section width is 225 millimeters and the aspect ratio is 75. Construction is radial and rim diameter is 15 inches. It also has a load index rating of 117 and the speed rating is R. One last thing, the rim width is 225 millimeters.


  • Offers an advanced tread compound resulting in a decrease in rolling resistance
  • Enhanced fuel economy and tread life
  • Has a double steel-belted construction
  • Has shock absorption mechanism


  • May fail due to age and poor maintenance
  • Does not come with a wheel

2. Carlisle Radial Trail RH Trailer Tire – ST205/75R15 D 8 PLY


The Carlisle Tire is durable because of the specially blended heat resistant polymers. This feature allows the tread compound to deliver a longer lifespan. There are also laboratory tests that prove the Carlisle tire is the best in terms of heat resistance.

This tire also is quiet because of the variable pitch tread design that minimizes noise generation. The feature also enhances heat dissipation as well as tread life.

The Carlisle tire also provides outstanding handling. Advanced geometry maintains a stable contact patch for a responsive ride that has decreased vibration to the towing vehicle. It also has high-strength steel belts, optimized ply construction, and microfiber reinforcement that enhances stability.

For the specifications, the model is radial and the item’s weight is 12.5 pounds, which is very light. Section width is 205 millimeters and aspect ratio is 75. Construction is radial and rim diameter is 15 inches. It has a load index rating of 107 and the speed rating is R. Tread depth is also measured at 10 inches.


  • Durable due to blended heat-resistant polymers
  • Laboratory tests prove that the tire is heat-resistant
  • Designed to minimize noise generation
  • Features high-strength steel belts


  • Does not come with a wheel
  • Some users have experienced tire failure


Now that we have discussed all things you need to know about trailer tires, we hope we gave you valuable information. We discussed what a trailer tire is, its benefits and uses, as well as the two most popular types. We also talked about what factors you have to consider to determine what makes a good trailer tire. In addition, we gave you the top five choices of the best trailer tires.

Deciding on the best tires may seem confusing at first, but we hope this guide is a big help. You just have to evaluate your choices very carefully so you can pick the right one. It is also very important to check with the trailer manufacturer for accuracy.

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