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Technologies For Car [10 Popular Car Tech]

Automotive technology is growing at a faster rate. Tech lovers want to have the best technology in their car. They want to have cool new gadgets and features in their car that make their life easy and comfortable. These technologies used to come in the sports car and high-end luxury cars that were not in your budget.

But now with the advancement electric vehicles, they are almost within reach of most consumers. We just need them to go a bit further and have more electric charging stations.

Many new technologies are incorporated into new cars. We can add some technologies to our cars and with some we will need to purchase new cars. Car technologies continue to impress year after year. Here are 10 that you might be interested in.

1. Advanced Self-driving Capabilities

With the busy and fast paced lives, everyone wants to relax while driving the car. Imagine that you are taking a nap and you can reach your destination! This technology is the starting phase of it only.

  • Various automakers are incorporating advanced self- driving technologies.
  • It is important to have this technology for long and monotonous highway trips
  • When stuck in traffic, it is useful to prevent you from boring and irritating car ride.
  • You can drive your car by selecting from 125 configurations like sport, track, and default
  • Each mode can control transmission, suspension, and traction of your car.
  • Enjoy driving your car effortlessly!

Now we have many car manufacturers that are adding features of self driving and safety while other have completely self driving cars. 

Whether they use cameras or lidar to scan the environment, the software for these driving system continues to improve giving drivers more assurance of safety.

2. Adaptive Suspension

It makes the ride smooth and safer. You can drive the car in your favorite mode. Just select the mode and enjoy your favorite video, movie or music.

  • This feature allows you to customize your car suspensions like comfort or sport.
  • You can easily distinguish between comfort and sports modes on vehicles.
  • It makes the driving cool and fun.
  • With your old car, you were used to too soft or too harsh car ride.
  • Now, drive the car as per your comfort level.
  • Just press the center console and dial in the suspension of your choice.
  • Make driving experience adventurous and cool with just the push of a button.
  • Don’t waste your precious time on navigating on rough roads.
  • Bumpy roads cause the car to move upwards making the ride uncomfortable.
  • Tires may lose the grip on the road and can be very risky.
  • The car must be able to absorb or disperse the shock.
  • Thus, your car must have the shock absorbers with springs.
  • The spring must absorb energy to prevent you from a painful, bouncy and unsafe ride.
  • Your car must have the sport-tuned suspension system.
  • You can enjoy the firmer ride on bumpy roads, and more accurate steering.

While this feature is not always featured in many base model cars, this technology can make your drive so much more smooth. 

With better car computer updates and redesigns, car companies can improve their level of accuracy and levels of control over how you want to drive. 

3. Autonomous Safety Features

Driving with safety is the most important part of the car ride. Now, you don’t need to be worried about your safety. Your car is capable enough to keep you safe. Enjoy your ride with your family and friends.

  • Many vehicles are offering many autonomous safety features like lane- keep assistance, automatic forward collision braking system, and automatic cruise control.
  • The predictive forward collision warning system prevents the collision of your car with another car ahead of you.
  • It responds to the moving car ahead and prevents you from accidents.
  • You don’t have to spend a large amount of money to incorporate this technology in your car.
  • This technology is the must-have in every car.
  • This technology allows your car to stop by itself in a case of the forward collision.
  • Autonomous safety features allow your car to adjust its speed.
  • The car takes its lane on the car in the front.
  • Your car must have a rearview camera and a blind spot monitoring system for detection of traffic on the rear side of the car.
  • It must be equipped with a lane departure warning system.
  • The car can support you to drive safely on roads without getting injured.

4. Car Apps and Gesture Control System

There is no need to remember the things like mileage, date of car service, pollution control, etc.

Car apps

Facing problem in remembering the date and mileage of your next oil change? With the newer car apps, it’s easy to keep track of this crucial information

  • This makes your life easier, so you can concentrate on other stuff.
  • The app will automatically tell you when the servicing of your car is due.
  • It will also schedule its car service. How easy it is!
  • These apps are very handy and can make your life heavenly.

Gesture Control Systems

  • Only from the gesture, you can control many applications of your vehicle. Is it not exciting!!  
  • You are not required to press a button or touch the screen and have to speak.
  • Now, you can wipe the glasses of your car only from the gesture of your hand.

Use Your Voice

You can use Google, Amazon Alexa, or Siri to help you control your phone without touching it. Make calls, navigate, listen to music, and ask questions all without touching your phone.

5. Smartphone Vehicle Management

With the smartphone vehicle management system, you can locate your car, start it, and call for roadside assistance. Get the health report of your car. You can do all these through your smartphone.

Smartphone Vehicle Management
  • Believe me; you are not in a fairy land! You can do anything with your car by your mobile.
  • You can lock or unlock the car, adjust the light and use the horn.
  • Speak to the support staff from your mobile phone for any road- side assistance.
  • Book an appointment for the servicing of your car.
  • These apps can do wonder.
  • That day is also not far when you will be able to drive your car by using your phone!

There are many apps and components you can add to your car to obtain information from your car and to control certain aspects of how your car runs.

This can be fun but need to be done with caution to make sure you don't cause problems with your car.

6. Self-parking Systems and Advanced Backup Cameras

We often face difficulty parking our car in narrow parking space or lane. Parking the car is a time-taking activity. We often feel angry and frustrated while parking the car when there is very less space. No need to worry, take a chill pill!!

Self-parking systems

This technology use sensors and cameras to park your car automatically in parking.

  • You don’t need to struggle to get your car parked.
  • You need to pick a place, push a button and the car is parked.
  • You can park your car perfectly either parallel or perpendicular.

Advanced Backup Cameras

Self-parking Systems and Advanced Backup Cameras

Your car must have the advanced camera system for the multiple angles and top-down view of the car. It helps in parking your car in the narrow space.

7. Augmented Reality Owner’s Manual

Augmented Reality

It provides you the information of every part of the car in detail. You don’t have to struggle to find a particular device in the paper manual to know about its working. Just point your smartphone at the part you want to get information. See the magic; the detailed information is in the form of the video, the guide will pop up.

8. Headlight Technology

The advanced headlight technology automatically adjusts the brightness and the beam of the headlights. This technology works best when traveling at night or at the places with no light.

Headlight Technology
  • LED headlight results in automatic high beams and excellent brightness. This feature is important if you are driving in the night.
  • High beams are turned on and off automatically.
  • It adjusts itself while driving the car in the night.
  • LED lights are very efficient and improve the vision on the road.
  • They have a long shelf-life.
  • The technology makes the driving very easy.
  • You can drive the car at night without the need to pay attention to the headlights.
  • This technology is essential for your vehicle to enjoy the ride in the city or the rural areas.

9. Improved Smartphone Infotainment Integration

Now you can duplicate your smartphone screen on the car infotainment screen. You can use the vehicle and your phone at the same time, either play your favorite song, video or operate your phone while driving. You can have a look at your office stuff. Edit the presentations and other official documents while driving on the car screen. The technology is at its best!

10. Upgrade Technology in Essential Car Parts

A basic car cannot run without these car parts. These car parts make the car functional.

car technologies 2017

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Robust and Powerful Engine

  • It is necessary to have a quick shifting eight-speed automatic transmission.
  • The capacity of the engine must be 6.2 liters, V8.
  • It churns out 707 horsepower and 650 -pound -feet of torque.
  • It gives a mileage of 13 mpg in normal roads and 22 on the highway.
  • The car must have the HEMI engine, as it is more efficient and safe.



  • Your car must have circular doughnut shaped tires.
  • These tires have advanced attributes like an inner liner and bead assembly.
  • Tires are flexible and stretchable.
  • They offer the best traction on the dry and wet roads.
  • They have a longer shelf life.
  • The tires must be light in weight for the better performance.
  • They are all season tires.
  • I ensure you that your ride will be smooth even on the bumpy roads.


  • It plays an important role in the working of your vehicle.
  • It transfers the crankshaft rotational energy to a system of gears that turn the wheel.
  • Modern transmissions work on a hydraulic and electrical system.
  • It runs the vehicle efficiently.

Coolant Systems

After a long drive, the hood of your car becomes very hot. The heat produced by the engine can be dangerous for its health.

  • Modern engines come with liquid cooling systems.
  • Water pump attached to the engine pushes the coolant within the motor.
  • The coolant absorbs the heat of the engine.

Fuel Injection

Fuel injectors use the liquid gas in the fuel tank to start your vehicle.

  • A fuel injector consists of a spray tip that atomizes liquid fuel to the engine.
  • The mixture of fuel and air is highly combustible.
  • Spark plugs trigger this mixture resulting in the explosion.
  • This explosion pushes the piston, propelling the vehicle.

Automatic Steering Column

  • Steering wheel is the visible portion of steering column
  • It guides the car to run on a road.
  • It controls the car by connecting it to the car’s main functions.
  • It keeps your car in a lane.
  • If you are drifting out from your lane, it keeps you back.
  • You can have a smooth drive even if you are not paying attention to keeping the car in a lane.
  • Steering wheel must have the thick pads and high- quality paddle shifters.
  • Just enjoy the smooth drive, and an automatic steering column will take care of the rest.
  • This is a must-have technology if you are driving on curvy roads and highway.

Powertrain Control Module

It receives the data from the vehicle. This data is used to calibrate and balance the system abilities of your car.

  • It helps in calculating right fuel/air ratio in the engine.
  • Advanced Powertrain control modules can sense the altitude.
  • It affects the combustibility of the fuel.
  • It adjusts the air/fuel mixture that increases the fuel efficiency and power.


It provides power to all the parts of your car. It is made of wires that are situated near to the spinning rod.

  • The alternator produces AC power.
  • Electricity produced moves through the wires to the entire car.

Large Screens

  • The cars must have big and huge screens that can take away all the functions.
  • The gauges and buttons become history.
  • The modern touchscreen is highly sensitive that can be operated similarly to smartphones.
  • You can see a map in the gauge cluster screen.

Electric Drivetrain

  • It boosts the mileage and the speed of the vehicle.
  • It enhances the performance of your vehicle.
  • Drive your car with electric power.
  • Get rid of the plug-in propulsion system.

Comfort and Style

  • For extra leg room and comfort, you must have spilled folding rear seats in your car.
  • A premium sound- audio system with a large number of speakers and brass.
  • There are many benefits of Car window tinting benefits
  • It prevents your family from harmful effects of sun, glare, and heat.


  • Repace various parts for better more automated parts.
  • Use items to make your car fit your style and needs. 
  • Enjoy safety and fun tech that will make your car a joy to drive in. 

These are the ten technologies you must have in your new car. Technology always makes the life easy and comfortable. Enjoy the tension free ride with your family members, friends, and loved ones.

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