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Enhance Your Car Engine Performance: Buying Guide on the Best Spark Plugs for BMW

Most of us are highly fascinated by the cars. We look at the design and build up of the car and get impressed. But do you know that main factor responsible for car’s performance is the engine of the car? However, it is not visible to us, but it has a lot to do with the car’s performance.

BMW is one of the leading car producers. It is known for its highly refined engines and strong body frame. The engine is powered up by a small tool called spark plug. It may look tiny as compared to other engine parts but it is a highly essential part. In this guide, we will discuss how to find the best spark plugs for BMW.

Top 4 Best Spark Plugs for BMW 2017 Market

What is the Major Function of Spark Plugs in Cars?

A spark plug is used in internal combustible engines. It is an electrical device. It is installed in the cylinder head of the engine (internal combustible engine). Gasoline is sprayed as an aerosol in the cylinder and is compressed.

Once compressed, the spark plug starts generating sparks to ignite the compressed gasoline which is in the form of an aerosol. Internal combustion engines can be divided into two categories such as:

  • Spark-ignition: Spark plug is used in spark ignition internal combustible engines. In these engines, fuel is ignited by the spark generated by the spark plug.
  • Compression-ignition: Glow plugs, which are excellent of cold weather, are used in such engines. The air is compressed in a chamber, where the fuel is injected. Compressed air mixture is heated; therefore, the fuel is ignited as soon as it is injected into the chamber.

What are the Different Types of Spark Plugs Available for BMW Cars?

There are many types of spark plugs available. However, you should have some knowledge about each of them so that you may get the best spark plugs for BMW car that you own. Spark plugs can also be categorized based on the type of grove side electrode they have. The different types of grove side electrode are “U,” “V” and “Split.”

The various types of spark plugs are:

  • The copper spark plug has a core of solid copper. However, the central electrode (2.5 mm diameter) has nickel alloy at its ends. This spark plug has the largest diameter of the electrode. The voltage required to initiate the spark indirectly proportional to the diameter of the electrode. Also, Nickel alloy is softer as compared to Iridium or Platinum.
  • The Single Platinum Spark plug is mostly similar to the Copper spark plug in design. The difference is that it has a platinum disc welded at the top of the central electrode.
  • Double Platinum spark plugs are designed to overcome the problem of waste sparks. The problem of waste Sparks was seen in single platinum and copper spark plugs. To overcome this problem, an additional platinum disc is welded on the tip of side electrode as well. This results in getting sharp edges on both the electrodes.
  • Iridium Spark plugs are most effective spark plugs. They have an Iridium tip on the central electrode and Platinum tip on side electrode. The Iridium tip reduces the diameter of the central electrode to 0.4 mm. So it uses less voltage and also resolves the problem of waste sparks.

What are the Advantages of Using High-Quality Spark Plugs in Cars?

The spark plug is an essential part of the engine. The various advantages of getting high-quality spark plugs for BMW car you own are as follows:

  • It helps to optimize the fuel combustion consistently. This is the very important advantage of the spark plug. It increases the performance of the engine and is also responsible for fuel efficiency.
  • It increases the fuel efficiency to the next level. It is very important to focus on quality and functioning of the spark plug. You should go for the superior quality spark plugs as this will help you in saving on your fuel expenses.
  • The proper functioning of the spark plug is very necessary. It is responsible for giving your car an energetic and smooth start.
  • A proper functioning of spark plug also reduces the emission of harmful gasses. If the fuel does not undergo complete combustion, it releases harmful and poisonous gasses.

How to Choose the Best Spark Plugs for BMW Cars?

It is very necessary to find out that the spark plug you are going to buy is perfect for your car. It is possible to get the maximum efficiency only when you choose the right spark plug for your car. There are many factors that should be considered while choosing the best spark plug for your car.

  • Thread diameter and its reach
  • The nose projection of insulator
  • The size of electrodes
  • The gap between electrode
  • Material used to make electrode tips

It is not that any spark plug will work for your car. You will have to be very careful while purchasing a spark plug for your car. Each model of the car requires a specific type of spark plug to power the fuel combustion in the desired rate.

1. BMW Spark Plugs Platinum, Plug Set Bosch OEM (6pcs) 12120037607

This is the Single platinum spark plug. It has a Platinum disc at the center electrode. It works on Surface air gap technology. It has four ground electrode tips. This combination of Platinum disc and four ground electrode tips generates a powerful spark. This results in better fuel efficiency. It is a Pre-gapped spark plug and therefore easy to install.

Main Features

  • Original Bosch product
  • Direct Fit (pre-gapped spark plug)
  • Unique VIN Dealer’s number


  • It improves mileage.
  • Best for BMW 325i, X5, and many other models
  • Platinum spark plug


  • It is a single platinum spark plug

2. 6 Piece Set of Bosch OEM Spark Plug

This is a great spark plug for most of the BMW cars. It has improved performance of many cars and is highly effective and easy to install. This Bosch spark plug OEM Number is 12120037244.

Main Features

  • Product Name: Spark Plug 6pcs
  • Electrode Gap: 0,7 mm
  • Tightening Torque: 23 Nm
  • Tightening Angle: 90 Degrees
  • Outer Thread: 12 mm
  • Thread Pitch: 1,25 mm
  • Thread Length: 26,5 mm
  • Number of Poles: 3
  • Size of Spanner: 14
  • Spark Position: 5 mm


  • It improves mileage.
  • Best for BMW E90 and N54 turbo engine
  • Platinum spark plug


  • Beware of the fake product

3. BMW Spark Plugs, Plug Set Laser Platinum NGK OEM 3199 (6pcs)

These are single platinum spark plugs and can be installed in most of the BMW models. They can be used in various BMW models.

Main Features

  • Single platinum spark plug
  • Produce great energy
  • Easy to install


  • It improves performance of engine and fuel efficiency
  • Best for wide range of BMW models
  • Platinum spark plug


  • It misfires in some cases as it is a single platinum spark plug

4. BMW Spark Plugs Platinum Plug Set Bosch OEM 158253 / FR7NP P332 (6pcs)

This is a single platinum spark plug from Bosch. This is highly efficient as it has a platinum disc at the tip of the central electrode. It is a pre-gapped spark plug.

Main Features

  • Single platinum spark plug
  • Pre-gapped spark plug
  • Increase fuel efficiency
  • Quick-starts the engine


  • Easy to install
  • No need to create gap as it is a pre-gapped


  • Sometimes carbon is deposited on the electrodes
  • It misfires as it is a single platinum spark plug

Spark plugs are an essential part of the engine and the best among the above is BMW Spark Plugs, Plug Set Laser Platinum. It helps in quickly starting the engine and increasing fuel efficiency and is responsible for effective ignition of the fuel. So, you must choose the best spark plug for your BMW cars so that you enjoy your rides.