List of Auto Parts That You Should Know Before Driving A Car

List of Auto Parts

Driving a car gives you some relaxation and pleasure. Kids are very much curious in driving a car in this contemporary world. Just sitting on the driver seat, holding the steering wheel, and peddling the speed control of the car cannot form a good driver.

A very famous quote from Cicero says “the safety of the people shall be the highest law“ which means an essential thing for a human being is safety. A good car driver makes not only by the wy of his driving skills but also the skill to repair when damaged.

To repair and to maintain a car, first of all, you must know the important parts that are present inside a car. The acknowledgment of car parts can help you sort out any minor or major faults in a car. Of course, you will appear like a hero to your kids.

We shall now see the basic parts that you must know before buying a car as well as the equipment’s usage in the car. You can also learn the that how auto parts work inside a car. Ultimately this knowledge on car parts will save your money from wasting the money to the mechanic.

List of Auto Parts That You Should Know Before Driving A Car

List of Auto Parts That You Should Know

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  • Battery
  • Breaks
  • Axle
  • Fuel Injector
  • Piston
  • A/C Compressor
  • Radiator
  • Engine Fan
  • Clutch
  • Car Jack
  • Spare Tire
  • Transmission
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Air filter
  • Spark Plug
  • Catalytic Converter
  • Muffler
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Alternator

Useful Information about the Auto Parts

1. Battery


The battery present in a car is a rechargeable battery. It supplies power to the car (electric energy). Habitually this battery is called as Starting, Lighting, and Ignition SLI. The car battery alone ignites your car with its electric energy.

There are some drawbacks in lead-acid batteries which is they get drained completely. For instance, by mistake, you have left your car head lights on. Thus, the batteries in your car will drain quickly. It is advisable that to turn off your car lights.

2. Brakes

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Usually, your car has two kinds of breaking system. First one is the service brakes that stop when you press the brake pedal. The second type of break is the emergency break. It works independently.

The contemporary cars have the hydraulic braking system. It is also called as a fluid braking system. A regular watch over the brakes and a good maintenance will save your life as well as save your expenses.

3. Axle



The axle is a fundamental bar or shaft in turning the wheel. One among the axle joins the frontal pair wheels and the other axle pairs the back pair of wheels. Since an axle is a hard metal, it is too difficult to break it.

If more weight is added, the turning capacity of the axle will drop down. The worst enemy of an axle is rust. It gradually leads to faulty performance sometimes it also causes a breakdown.

4. Fuel Injector

fuel injection


This part is a little thing. It drives the gas from the tank to the engine. The efficiency of the diesel and the gas engines has increased by the usage of the fuel injector. If you are cleaning the fuel injector, then your car will have more life span.

5. Piston



Normally, car engines have four to six pistons inside. The performance of the engine is directly proportional to the speed of the car. It mixes the fuel and the air before the ignition. These pistons are just cylinders that go up and down.

The more the speed of the piston the more Rotation Per Minute. When your piston works the car's performance very smoothly will be great, and consumption of fuel will also be less.

6. A/C Compressor

AC Compressor

The air inside your whether cold is or hot air, the A/C compressor is the heart for this. It controls the air functioning inside the car. The leaky seal causes damage to the A/C Compressor. Due to the lack of lubrication, the A/C Compressor will get break down.

7. Radiator

Radiator car


The radiator is said as the exchange of heat. It transfers heat from one standard to another. A radiator keeps your car away from over heating. The coolant in the radiator has some ample amount of time to cool it air and send it back to the engine.

The common complaint is that there is a leakage in the radiator. On the other hand, the car coolant is malfunctioning. In case you are facing these issues, you can flush the fluid. If your radiator is rusted, then it needs a replacement.

8. Engine Fan

Engine Fan


On the one hand, the radiator maintains the temperature. On the other hand, Engine fan sends the air to boost the performance along with the radiator. The engine fan continuously blows air to stabilize the temperature.

9. Clutch

clutch flywheel


The clutch is a mechanism acts as a bridge from the power to the transmission. In manual transmission car which is also known as a stick shift, the clutch operated by the clutch pedal. The clutch pedal is located third from right among the three pedals.

When you step on the brake the power generated to the wheels are disconnected and permits to proceed or to drop down to the consequent gear very smoothly. If you increase the gear, you can move for the top speed. If reduce your speed drops down.

The usage of a manual transmission (stick shift) gives you the full control over the vehicle. More importantly, it saves your money. When compared to automatic transmission, manual transmission cost efficient and very easy to fix it in a car.

In changing the automatic transmission, it costs a lot, and it has a lot of technical issues. However, in the case of manual transmission, the replacement is very easy. The price is also less.

10. Car Jack

Car Jack

Carjack is a simple device that helps to lift the car to change the spare tire when needed. It comes under many types also based on weight evaluations. A maximum number of the new cars are given with a carjacking.

The mechanism involved in the carjacking is the hydraulics power. The hydraulics power lifts a part of the car to change the tire. Each time examine the caution in the carjack as it cannot lift more than the potential specified in it. This action might cause some serious spring damage.

For instance, the car weights for about three tons must at least use a car jack with has the capacity of three point five tons. Thus make sure with the caution in a carjack.

11. Spare Tire


The spare tire is a basic requirement provided in a car. The main intention of providing this spare tire is for a safety precautionary act. In case your car tire runs flat, with the help of the carjack you can replace the tire with the spare tire.

Later you can inflate the tire with air. Today the new cars are fixed with tubeless tires. The amount of getting a puncture in a tubeless tire is very less. A spare tire appeared to be a full-size tire and works like the other tires.

These spare tires are capable of at about 50mph, and it can cover a distance of seventy miles.

12. Transmission


The transmission, in other words, it can be called as the gear box. The transmission helps to transfer the energy from the engine to the wheel axle (the wheels of the car). This transmission also converts the speed into torque.

A maximum number of the contemporary luxury car has an automatic transmission, and some have a manual transmission. The manual transmission is cost efficient, but when compared to the modern automatic transmission, the automatic transmission is fuel eminent. Still, the manual transmission is cheaper and easily replaceable.

13. Shock Absorbers

Shock absorber


A shock absorber is a mechanical, hydraulic device. The nature of this device is to absorb the vibrations caused while driving. When a car is in motion, you can feel the vibration from the tires. This is because of the ups and downs of a road.

A shock absorber accepts these vibrations from the tires. This action will give a comfortable journey to the passengers. The shock absorber works with a spring and cushion. The shock (vibrations) from the tires is stored while driving and later used as a heat energy for the car.

The transmission bear the pain like a hero to give you a very pleasureful ride instead of an uncomfortable ride.

14. Air Filter

Air Filter


The air filter is two types. The first kind of air filter used for the engine in a car. The other air filter is the breath inside the car. The air from the engine is drawn through filters and then let into the cylinder. The dirt in the air filter will consume more fuel. So a regular cleaning in the air filter gives a good fuel economy.

The other air filter fixed inside will save you from all the bad dirt that comes through the air conditioner inside the cabin of a car. It also filters even puny-tiny particles.

15. Spark Plug

melted spark plug

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A spark plug is a kind of a trigger in a gun. A trigger in a gun just gives a spring action, but the speed of the bullet is very fast. Likewise, a spark works like a spring action. A spark in a car make the car to start and then move.

The electric spark ignites the fuel then the engine starts after the ignition of the spark. The life span of a spark is for about of hundred thousand miles.

16. Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter


The catalytic converter controls the emission of the gas. The technical issues like a fluid leak and the oil leak from the engine or the air coolant will damage the catalytic converter. This is the only part considered in inspection during the emission test.

The other factors that affect catalytic converter are the metallic meltdown internally from the engine. The luck portion for the consumers is that the cost of repairing a Catalytic Converter is very less. And it is easily fixable part found in a car, while the other parts of the car are quite expensive.

17. Muffler


When there is no faculty in a classroom, we do make a loud noise, but when the faculty is present. The class will maintain silence. However, the students do talk in a soft voice.

The same process happens in this muffler. The very loud noise that comes from the engine is compressed and filtered with the muffler then the sound from the muffler is released. They also have some other responsibilities.

They act as an outlet for the fumes that comes from the engine. The sound will be compressed only when the muffler is in good condition. In case it is worn, there won't be any compressed.

18. Pressure Gauge

This gadget is not a part of a car rather it can be used for your to measure the pressure in the tires are correctly filled. You can never see flat tires. You can use a watch over on your tires.

19. Alternator



Just like the name, this acts as an alternator. This performs as the supplement for the batteries when the car engine starts. When the alternator is working the battery won't drain. The main systems and this part are connected togeather.

In the case of any trouble in the main systems, the alternator will also face some damage. If you can find any errors in the alternator, it is advisable to fix it or else it might damage the whole system in a car.

20. Power Steering Fluid


If you have experience in driving with a power steering, it is obvious that you have to check the power steering fluid. Without the fluid, the power steering is a failure.

The list of auto parts mentioned above is very much essential for any person who is going to buy a car. Other than the parts checking your headlights is also a good safety practice. You can also apply the best spray-on bedliner.