Choose A Best Coolant That Really Cools!

Coolants were invented to cool down the temperature of the mechanical parts like any engine. When two solids interact with each other, they produce a lot of friction. With the cause of that friction, heat energy is released. That heat needs to be reduced to keep those moving parts last longer. It is favorably done by the help of the coolants. In the car, there are several moving parts under the hood. The engines present in today’s cars are tougher and stronger. They ultimately produce more heat. This heat needs to be reduced, or your car’s engine will blow away.

There is a radiator present in every car. It is a component in the car’s body that helps in keeping the engine cooler. It is made up of a coolant tank, a high-speed fan, and a comb of fine tubes. You have to pour down the coolant into the tank.

Then, it goes through the maze of the pipes and enters another tank. The fan is present to blow the cooler air into that maze of tubes. The coolant is pumped into the brackets made beneath the engine body. The heat is absorbed by the coolant, and it returns to the first tank.

Then, it goes through the maze of the pipes and leaves the heat energy to retain its cooler temperature again. It is pumped into the engine again and then comes back to the radiator. This cycle keeps going on.

The best coolant can be guessed by its certain properties. Those are heat exchange rate, non-corrosive, and anti-freezing, low cost, non-toxic, less viscosity, pressure change, and state transfer (liquid to gaseous). The requirement of the coolant on the basis of the quantity is also important. It will affect the cost of the product, which will be half of its price.

Top 3 Best Coolant Reviews

What should you buy?

which to buy engine coolant

We have listed here three top coolants. These are all OEM products of specific car manufacturers. All are of the superior class, and their manufacturers recommend them for their models.

1. Genuine Honda Parts OL999-9011 Blue Type 2 Coolant

2. Toyota Genuine Fluid 00272-1LLAC-01 Coolant

3. BMW 82141467704 Grey Antifreeze Coolant

These all have different manufacturers, and ultimately, some difference occurs in their features, too. Some are costlier, and others may need more assistance.

Some Things To Considered Before Buying a Coolant.

1. Your car’s manufacturer

2. Model of your car

3. Dilution

4. Price

5. Main ingredients

6. Quantity required

Coolant Review

Genuine Honda Parts OL999-9011 Blue Type 2 Coolant Toyota Genuine Fluid 00272-1LLCA-01 Coolant BMW 82141467704 Grey Antifreeze Coolant

1. Car Manufacturer

The best for your car is the factory material. You can get the same coolant which was initially filled in your car’s radiator on its first start. It would be perfect to use the manufacturer’s OEM product. The three chosen by us are the different OEMs of their respective manufacturer.

All of these coolants are the OEM products. They all are made specifically for their manufacturer cars. Three of them stand in the equal position in this round.

2. Model of your car

Many manufacturers change their coolants by any other variant superior to the last one. They still recommend the same variant for the old models as it came in it. So, you need to know the correct variant of the fluid it came in your car for the durability of your car’s cooling system. There can be one or more variants of any coolant.

Never mix two coolants with each other. They can react with other’s components and can risk the corrosion of your engine’s metal. But the coolant recommended by your car’s owner manual. The BMW antifreeze can be used in its all models. So, it goes into my selection.

3. Dilution

Some coolants come in the diluted form with the distilled water in 50:50 ratio. While others can be full strength and need to be diluted with distilled water. The diluted forms enter the radiator without any water mixing and be more expensive. The full strength coolants need to be diluted with distilled water in the 50:50 proportion and it doubles the coolant quantity.

In the dilution, Honda and Toyota offer the same product, but BMW has a different range. The full strength coolant with double its quantity when mixed with the distilled water.

4. Price

This is very important to keep in the mind about the price the fits to your budget. There can be a slight difference of the coolant price in the two variants. The full strength and the pre-mixed coolants can vary by a larger figure.

5. Main ingredients

In the three of the coolants we have chosen, there is a common constituent in them, which is ethylene glycol. It is an antifreeze and non-corrosive. They are free of the silicates which can warm up the seals of the water pump and damage it. They also don’t have any borates and amines present in them. So, all of the coolants have a tough competition here and all stand first in this round. BMW coolant is only high concentrate as it isn’t mixed with water in the gallon.

6. Quantity required

The coolant can be required in the different amounts due to the concentration of the liquids. Some may be pre-mixed and some can be highly concentrated coolants.

BMW grey antifreeze is required it less quantity than the others because of more concentration. You should go for it if it suits your engine best.

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Genuine Honda Parts OL999-9011 Blue Type 2 Coolant: It’s the Honda’s genuine OEM coolant. It best suits all the Honda vehicles. It is the best match for the terrain vehicles by the Honda. You will find its name recommended in your car’s manual.

Toyota Genuine Fluid 00272-1LLAC-01 Coolant: This coolant is perfectly blended for the Toyota vehicles. It has a pink or red color rather than the green one. Toyota dealers highly recommend this product for their cars. It is the first fluid coming in the Toyota from the factory. If you don’t wish to interfere with the factory setting of the car, then you need to go for it.


BMW 82141467704 Grey Antifreeze Coolant: The BMW’s OEM antifreeze coolant comes as an Aqua de Vida for the BMW motors. This coolant is specially designed for the BMW engines. It suits all the models of the company. BMW guarantees 60,000 miles with this antifreeze formula in their cars.


By comparing these three picks, we can declare the BMW 82141467704 Grey Antifreeze Coolant as the winner. It is required in the less quantity and suits more vehicles than the other two. It costs less because it is highly concentrated and needs to be diluted with the distilled water. So, you only require one gallon of this product.

It was an extremely close fight between all of them. The slight difference has made the BMW superior. But all of them are the best at their places. They suit their respective manufacturer models with a brilliant excellence. All of them are the OEM products of the different companies. They can be used in different car models too but the recommended coolant given in the car’s manual is the best suit.