Best OBD2 Bluetooth: Your Comprehensive Buying Guide

It cannot be denied that, over the years, technology has taken us far. It has changed our lives in a number of ways, mostly for the better, and in ways that we previously found hard to imagine. Take, for instance, the case of vehicle diagnostics. Before, if you had a problem with your vehicle, you either had to take it to the mechanic or be left guessing what the issue was. Today, you can use modern diagnostic tools to detect the problem and plan the perfect solution.

One of the perfect examples of an innovative tool for vehicle diagnostics is an OBD2 Bluetooth. This is a wireless on-board diagnostic tool that can provide quick tests in your vehicle in order to determine problems that are apparent. There is no need to have expert knowledge in its use, and it won’t take long before you know the problem finally. With this technology, you can enjoy ultimate convenience!

Are you looking for the best OBD2 Bluetooth on the market? Be warned, as your search is definitely not going to be easy, especially given the abundance of options. While each manufacturer would claim to be the best, do not be lured by their false marketing. Keep on reading the rest of this guide, and we will help you make a decision that you will surely not regret.

The 5 Best OBD2 Bluetooth On The Market

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BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool

BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool

ScanTool 426101 OBDLink MX Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool

ScanTool 427201 OBDLink LX Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool

OxGord Bluetooth OBDII Reader Scan Tool

How Does It Work?

Simplicity is one of the reasons why it is an excellent choice when it comes to diagnostics of vehicle issues. First, you have to connect the small device on the OBD2 connector of your car. The Bluetooth signal will be turned on and it will be connected to an app that is preloaded in your smartphone or tablet. Once connected, it will start diagnosis of the problem and on the screen of your device, it will show whatever issue has been detected. It will work with car models from 1996 onwards.

Benefits of Using an OBD2 Bluetooth

If you do not yet own an OBD2 Bluetooth, the reason is most probably because you do not know how it can be beneficial. With this, the following are some of the advantages of using this diagnostic tool, which can convince you to purchase one.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: This is perhaps the most important reason why you should invest in OBD2 Bluetooth. You will be able to save a lot because you will not need to go to the mechanic when there are simple problems. You can have it diagnosed on your own, rather than pay a professional to do it for you.
  • Portability: It is a good thing that this diagnostic tool is lightweight and portable. You can bring it all the time in your car because of its small size. It also has a wireless design, which is its biggest advantage over the traditional options for on-board diagnostic tools.
  • ​Easy to Use: It is also worth noting that an OBD2 tool is user-friendly. Even if you have not used one in the past, you can have it operated in a snap. It will be effortless to perform the diagnostics on your own and doing so won’t require too much time.
  • Immediate Action: With an OBD2 Bluetooth, you will be able to know the problem as soon as it has been diagnosed by the device. This means that the appropriate actions can be undertaken immediately before the issue becomes worse.

Essential Factors to Consider

If you want the best value for money, make sure to exert effort to differentiate the options that you have. In this case, consider the factors that will be mentioned below to help you make the right pick:

  • Compatibility: The first thing that you should do is to think about the vehicle where it is going to be used. Think of the brand and model of your car, which will allow you to narrow down the possibilities that will confront you. It must also be compatible with your gadget, such as whether you are using an IOS or Android device.
  • Reviews: To make it easier for you to pick the one that is right for your needs and preferences, you should consult with what other people have to say. Go online and seek for their opinions.
  • ​Ease of Use: Generally speaking, OBD2 Bluetooth scanners are user-friendly. Nonetheless, this will still vary depending on the brand and model that you will choose. Find one that is designed with the needs of users in mind, making it effortless for you have it used when performing a diagnosis.
  • Functions: This will most likely depend on the price of the model that you will be choosing. In the case of cheaper models, they have basic functions and can detect common problems. If you want a more extensive diagnosis, you must be ready to spend more. They are capable of performing more advanced functions, such as data storage and live data.
  • Warranty: If the manufacturer is confident about the quality of the product that they are offering, they will not hesitate to provide an extensive warranty. Within the warranty period, the manufacturer can have it repaired for free, provided that the problem does not result from your negligence.

Our Recommendations for the Best OBD2 Bluetooth

To make things easier, in this part, we will have a quick look at some of the best models available in the market, including their best features, as well as pros and cons.

1. BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool

If you are looking for an easy to use OBD2 Bluetooth, this should be on the top of your list. We were impressed with how it can be effortlessly connected to your device. It won’t take long before they are paired and will immediately provide you with diagnostics.

This has a lot of features, but one that we found to be exceptional is the Smog Readiness Status. This is going to effectively perform a test on your vehicle, which will provide you with notification if you pass the emission test or not.


Live Data is another feature that will convince you to have it chosen above other alternatives on the market. With the latter, you will be able to see graph, gauge, and data log from the connected device, providing you with sufficient information about the diagnostics.

All of these features can be enjoyed at from a popular product. The competitive pricing that is offered by the manufacturer makes it a favorite. Nonetheless, even in spite of its size, you can expect that quality and functionality that is very good for most people.

​Things We Liked:

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable Bluetooth connection
  • Supports multiple platforms

​Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Requires payment to use extra features

2. BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool

One of the things that you will love about this product is the fact that it is multifunctional, providing you with a variety of ways to have used. This is going to make it easy to spot common problems. It can be used for emission testing, sensor reading, CEL resetting, and check engine code light reading.

The straightforward operations of this OBD2 Bluetooth will give you another good reason to have it chosen above all others. Its user interface is one of the simplest that you will ever find. There is no fuss and it does not take an expert to use the tool.


Durability is another thing that we found impressive about this model. Even through the years, you can expect that this is going to remain functional. Even if it comes with a practical application, you can expect that this is going to function well into the future.

If there is one thing that can be a problem, however, it would be its lack of IOS compatibility. Meaning, if you have an Apple device, such as an iPhone, this is not going to work as it is exclusively for Android.

​Things We Liked:

  • Easy to setup
  • Quick data reporting
  • 2-year warranty

​Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Not compatible with IOS devices

3. ScanTool 426101 OBDLink MX Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool

Diagnosing the problems of your car does not need to be a hard task. This is a user-friendly diagnostic tool that will allow you to spot the problem quickly. Your mobile device can be instantly transformed into a high-end automotive scan tool with this OBD2 Bluetooth.

One more thing that we found impressive about this model is its maximum vehicle coverage. As long as your car is a 1996 and up model, there is a high likelihood that it is going to be compatible with this diagnostic tool.


It is also worth noting that this is hacker-proof. The company has invested in the innovation of this device, providing you with the high level of security. You can be confident that it is going to be free from external threats, providing you with peace of mind regarding the accuracy of the diagnostics.

If there is one major problem, however, it would be lack of compatibility with an IOS device. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you cannot connect this diagnostic tool. It is made exclusively for Android and Windows.

​Things We Liked:

  • Seamlessly integrates with third party apps
  • Security features
  • Works quickly

​Things We Didn’t Like:

  • No IOS compatibility

4. ScanTool 427201 OBDLink LX Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool

Among other things, this is a popular choice for many people because it provides accurate readings. We can say that this is one of the most impressive in terms of reliability, providing you with the guarantee that its diagnostics will be right.

Speed is another reason why this is going to be a good pick. In fact, according to those who have used the diagnostic tool, it is four times quicker compared to its competitors. You can expect the diagnosis of the problem to be available in an instance, allowing you to respond promptly.


One more reason why many were impressed with this product is because it can be left plugged in your car. You do not have to worry that it will consume your battery because such is not going to happen. As long as it is not being used, even if it is plugged, it won’t affect your battery.

The biggest limitation of this model, just like in the case of the OBD2 Bluetooth from the same manufacturer mentioned earlier, is the lack of IOS compatibility. It is designed to work only with Windows and Android devices.

​Things We Liked:

  • High-level security
  • Inclusive of free software
  • Accurate diagnostics

​Things We Didn’t Like:

  • No IOS compatibility

5. OxGord Bluetooth OBDII Reader Scan Tool

Among other things, the diverse compatibility of this model is one thing that you will enjoy from this model. For residents in the US, as long as you have a car that is built from 1996 until today, you can be guaranteed that this device is going to provide accurate diagnostics.

Taking a look at the reviews that have been shared by its users, many were also happy with its ease of use. It does not require extensive knowledge. The manufacturer also provides comprehensive instructions, giving you details on how to optimize the functionality of the device.


If you are searching for one model that can prove to be multifunctional and useful in a wide array of situations, you have to pick this. One of the reasons would be the presence of more than 3,000 generic code definitions from its database.

However, it is also important to point out that it cannot be used for IOS devices, such as an iPhone and an iPad. It is made exclusively for wireless devices that are powered with Android or Windows operating systems.

​Things We Liked:

  • Easy to use
  • Superior customer service

​Things We Didn’t Like:

  • No IOS compatibility


The best OBD2 Bluetooth is not necessarily the cheapest option that you can find. Always look beyond price and make sure that quality is never compromised. Avoid making a decision without considering the factors that we have mentioned above. If you want to end up choosing the best and being provided with the best bang for the buck, keep your eye on the five models that we have recommended earlier.