Best Ball Joints

Best Ball Joints: A Must-Read Before Purchasing

Looking for the best ball joints available in the market right now? No need to worry anymore. We have here an in-depth guide in choosing what is best for your vehicle. A detailed discussion will be provided to you including the basics. We will also talk about the top five choices for the best ball joints you can buy online. After reading this article, you’ll have a better understanding of the product that will help you make a better decision.

What is a Ball Joint?

Let’s discuss first what a ball joint is. Ball joints are considered very important parts of your vehicle’s suspension and steering system. Basically, they consist of a ball inside a socket that permits rotary movements within specific limits. These joints link the vehicle to the wheels by connecting the knuckles to the arms. These are commonly found at the front portion of the vehicle and they are parts of the suspension system.

The ball joints act as the pivot point in your vehicle’s suspension system. They allow wheel rotation even while your engine is running. They are designed to make driving as smooth as possible by absorbing shock, thus allowing you to turn the wheels. It should be noted that wear is inevitable. Friction causes your ball joints to wear, especially when you turn more or when you go through a rough road.

Ball joints are a necessity because they allow the wheels to turn in almost all directions. They also provide safety, as they make sure that your vehicle is in full contact with the road you are driving on. Not only that, it gives you a full control of your car while making your drive smooth. Lastly, ball joints can provide stability while carrying the weight of your vehicle.

Top Five Choices for the Best Ball Joints

Product (Amazon Links)Brand  

Moog K8607T Ball Joint



Synergy Manufacturing 8009-12 Jeep JK/WJ Dana 30/44 HD Ball Joint Set (2 Uppers, 2 Lowers)

Synergy Manufacturing


Epi Standard Ball Joint Kit Polaris Atp Magnum Ranger Scrambler Sportsman Trail



Detroit Axle New Complete 14-Piece Front Suspension Kit

Detroit Axle


PartsW 4 Piece Kit Upper and Lower Ball Joints

Parts Warehouse


If you were having a difficult time choosing the best ball joints, you have to check the list presented below. We will provide you with each product’s features, pros and cons. This will be of great help in terms of narrowing down your choices.

1. Moog K8607T Ball Joint


The Moog Ball Joint offers proven and engineered features that demonstrate the ease of installation and longer lifespan. It’s also good to know that it is the preferred brand of professional technicians and NASCAR crew chiefs. One great feature of this product is the metal gusher bearing design that makes grease capable of flowing from the bearing to the stud. This is to allow the reduction in friction, as well as improved stability and strength.

Another great feature of Moog is the custom-forged one-piece housing that permits optimum strength. To add, its steel composition is engineered to provide stronger component. The full ball metal stud can also offer 36 degrees of consistent and smooth rotational movement that allows responsive steering. Lastly, the socket design allows the lubricant to get rid of contaminants, which results in wear and corrosion resistance.


  • Design can make grease flow from the bearing to the stud
  • Features one-piece housing for extra strength
  • Material is made of engineered steel composition
  • Metal stud allows 36 degrees of rotation


  • Might not last longer than three years according to some user reviews
  • Does not come with snap rings

2. Synergy Manufacturing 8009-12 Jeep JK/WJ Dana 30/44 HD Ball Joint Set (2 Uppers, 2 Lowers)


The Synergy Ball Joint set includes two upper and two lower ball joints. It is designed to take place of the factory ball joints, which are likely to wear very easily. This product features metal on the metal design that you can grease in its entirety. The material is made of sintered graphite, steel, and bronze, which makes the finish smooth and strong. If you want effective ball joints that are also pleasing to look at, then this is perfect for you.

For its specifications, the ball joint stud is made of 4140 high-quality steel with a heat resistant surface. This means that it can endure heat while giving the engines smooth operation and optimum life. On the other hand, the ball joint boot is made of wear and tear resistant silicone polyurethane. It is guaranteed that it can outperform the factory ball joint as the set includes the parts required for installation.


  • Set consists of two pairs of upper and lower ball joints
  • Features metal on the metal design that makes greasing very easy
  • Made from high-quality material including graphite, bronze and steel
  • Stud is made of heat resistant steel and boot is made of silicone polyurethane


  • According to some users, the Synergy Ball Joints may not last long
  • Some buyers had issues about not getting two pairs of upper and lower ball joints

3. Epi Standard Ball Joint Kit Polaris Atp Magnum Ranger Scrambler Sportsman Trail


The Epi Standard Ball Joint Kit is another brand that offers excellent replacement ball joints. The kit already includes a rubber boot, a cotter pin, a snap ring, a washer and nut, as well as the ball joints. The kit comes with a high-performance inner ball cage and a relief hole that makes the joints less dry. It should also be noted that this product’s components vary per model.

According to some user reviews, the Epi ball joints fit perfectly to their vehicle. This product has proven to be a good replacement for those parts you might need. A buyer commented about how easy it was to grease, completely living up to its product description.


  • Kit consists of ball joints, a rubber boot, a cotter pin, a snap ring, and washer
  • Features a high-quality inner ball cage
  • Has a relief hole that aids in moisturizing
  • Easy to grease


  • Some users had complaints about incomplete parts upon delivery
  • May not fit perfectly for all models

4. Detroit Axle New Complete 14-Piece Front Suspension Kit


The Detroit Axle 14-piece Ball Joint Set is already as complete as you want it to be. You won’t have to worry about buying separate components, as they are already included in the kit. As true to its name, the brand is a leading supplier of control products that makes driving easier. They manufacture ball joints to OE vehicle manufacturers nationwide, as well as worldwide.

The kit consists of a pair of brand new front lower suspension ball joints. It also includes a pair of brand new front upper suspension ball joints. To add, it has all four front outer and inner tie rod end links. Another great thing about this product is that the set includes a pair of brand new front stabilizer sway bar end links. Just keep in mind that this set only fits 2000 Yukon 5.7L.


  • Kit already includes 14 pieces of ball joint accessories
  • Consists of pairs of front upper and lower suspension ball joints
  • Features all four front inner and outer tie rod end links
  • Has a front stabilizer sway bar end links


  • Only fits 2000 Yukon 5.7L
  • Some buyers received incomplete parts upon delivery

5. PartsW 4 Piece Kit Upper and Lower Ball Joints


The PartsW 4-piece kit offers replacement parts that are engineered to match and fit your car’s original parts. The brand guarantees that parts are fully inspected prior to shipping, ensuring that the buyers will receive high-quality products. Extensive inspection is also done to make sure that the parts will match to your vehicle.

For its specifications, the material is made from high-quality and strong steel tubing with the solid plate mounting brackets. It is also tested for outstanding strength and durability. The product also features pre-drilled sway bar mounting holes. Its surface is also very easy to grease, as it is made from high-quality polyurethane. Aside from that, the surface has anti-corrosion qualities that make sure it will not wear easily.


  • Kit contains 4 pieces of high-quality replacement parts
  • Components undergo extensive inspection before being shipped out
  • The material is made from high-quality steel
  • Strong and durable


  • May not fit perfectly for all vehicle models
  • Some users commented on how low-quality the product is

Types of Ball Joints

Not all cars have the same properties, which means that the ball joints also vary. Remember to check with your vehicle’s manufacturers before purchasing replacement ball joints. In this section, we will be discussing some of its types.

  • Load Carrying Ball Joints: This type of ball joint will accommodate and carry the weight of your vehicle. It should be noted that not all ball joints are load-carrying. To add, they wear faster than non-load-carrying ball joints.
  • Non-Load Carrying Ball Joints: This type of ball joint normally does not wear as fast as the other type. The reason is that they do not have load-carrying capabilities, thus adding more years of use.

Other types include ball joints that will be able to grease and others which is self-lubricating. Common knowledge suggests that grease will allow noiseless vehicle operation. To add, some ball joints are sealed, allowing grease to carefully filter other contaminants and then flushing them out.

Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Ball Joints

Before we end this, we’ll provide you with a list of the essential factors to look for in ball joints. You will be informed of the factors that make a good ball joint set. Hopefully, the list will help you make a wiser and a more informed decision.


  • Price: This might be the most important factor when choosing the best ball joints. It is highly recommended that you invest in a slightly higher-priced model than cheaper ones. In terms of ball joints, the more expensive it is, the higher quality it is. You have to carefully review which product makes great value for the price you will pay.
  • Quality: Make sure that the parts are made of high-quality material. There are several models in the list provided above that feature high-quality steel crafting. Having this will prevent you from worrying about wear, and it is guaranteed that they will last longer.
  • Grease: As mentioned in the previous section, there are some ball joints that you will be able to grease and some that you will not. You have to choose one that will be more convenient for you. Take note that grease aids in a vehicle’s smooth operation. To add, if it’s more convenient for you to choose the one that does not require greasing. These types are self-lubricating and will save you a lot of time maintaining.
  • Completeness: This might be a minor one, but it can be of help if you do not want to buy separate components. Some kits already include all the necessary parts, and some do not. You have to choose one that will be able to help you get your work done.
  • Features: Different ball joint sets also offer different features. It is advisable that you carefully and thoroughly review the top recommendations to see if they cater to your needs. Not all models offer everything, but you can correlate it to the unit price in order to make a better decision.
  • Strength: The last factor is the strength, as well as the durability. You have to purchase a replacement model that will outperform your factory ball joints. Imagine how many turns your wheels make. The one you choose should be able to withstand and endure all turns you make while driving.


Now that we laid down all the facts about ball joints, the rest is up to you. Make sure to carefully review each product’s key features, pros, and cons to be able to make a wiser decision. We know it’s tricky but with this guide, we hope you make the right choice for the best ball joints.

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