How To Solve The 4l80e Transmission Problems? Update 2017

How To Solve The 4l80e Transmission Problems?

How To Solve The 4l80e Transmission Problems

Are you facing 4l80e Transmission problems? Well, 4l80E Transmission is a 4- speed overdrive transmission. It is one of the best overdrive transmissions. It is found in vehicles like Jimmy, Astro, Camaro, and Safari. You must be facing some issues with this automatic transmission. Don’t worry, just chill!!

The solutions differ according to the problems. We have enlisted some of the common transmission problems and solutions to repair them. This guide will make your life easy and guide to sort the problem by you. In the case of more severe issues, you must seek the help of a professional.

Below mentioned are the common problems that you can face in your heavy duty vehicle. It is a very heavy transmission. It has a lock up torque converter and is electronic. These heavy duty vehicles are made for working hard. So, they can suffer from damage.

The things can break so you must have the information of trouble shooting them. This guide is the best guide that has listed the solution to your problems. I hope that you will get benefitted from reading this guide and implementing the solutions. Just have a look at the solutions.

1. Transmission Fluid Leaks

You can face the problem of the fluid leak. You can face that you have parked your vehicle in the clean parking in the night.

When you come back again in the morning, it has ruined the parking. So, it is essential to prevent the leaking problem from the transmission.

You can place a large cardboard piece when you park your car next time. Allow the vehicle to cool down first. It is required to prevent the fire. When you come back in the morning, the fluid will be on cardboard.

Now the fluid is leaking right above the spot on the cardboard. You know from where the fluid is getting leaked. The common leakage area is a front seal that is located near torque converter. The other areas are a rear seal, pan gasket, transmission lines and area around electrical connections or sensor.

2. The RPM of the Engine can Flair when the Car is put in the Gear

4L80E transmission problems

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You must have a genuine high-quality diagnostic kit. You can also take it on rent from the nearest store. The tool easily gets attached to OBD port under your dashboard.

You can run this tool according to the instructions and directions. The computer scan can provide you the information if the bad sensor is creating the problem. After that, you can check the band’s adjustment that is inside the transmission.

This problem can be solved with the help of torque wrench. The bands started to wear that loses tolerances and can slip.

The gear indicator does not get in line with its analogous gear. You must check the shifter cable adjustments. You can easily fix this problem or readjust it with cable.

This problem can also be solved with the help of lubrication. This cable can be replaced easily with the help of the technician.

3. Limp Mode

You must have faced that 4L80E is only working in reverse and second gear. If yes, then it is the limp mode. This is done to protect from any serious damages.

It is required that you must check it thoroughly and take it to the safe place. If this problem is not checked, then you can run into serious problems. There are main issues that can lead the transmission into a limp mode.

The most common problem is solenoids. It can be the shift or TCC solenoid. You must thoroughly inspect the wiring for the shorts or any serious damage.

ECM can also pose a problem that can result in the limp mode in the transmission. To sort this problem, close down and start the engine. Your car must have 4-4 gears so that the transmission can sense the issue.

4L80E transmission problems

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If the transmission has detected the following problems, then it is going to go back in the limp mode. The issues can be in input or output shaft sensor, shift solenoids and sensor of speed.

Transmission is not shifting automatically - There is a need of new PCM. You must check wiring and check other sensors.

There are harsh shifts from N or P- EPC may have failed. You must fix it soon. The hard parts can break up if not fixed.

4. The Problem is coming in Locking the Torque Converter

The torque is provided to lock up. The lock is necessary to provide the physical connection between drivetrain and engine. This can be solved by putting the clutch inside the torque converter. It locks up the hydraulic torque.

This results in reducing emissions and improving the economy of the fuel. This problem of locking torque converter can arise due to the bad wiring of cruise control. It can also be caused by a malfunctioned sensor that senses the speed of the vehicle. Other cause can be throttle position of the sensor.

If you are avoiding proper maintenance of the vehicle, then you must keep changing the fluids on the regular intervals.

It is very important for the healthy life of the vehicle. The transmission of your vehicle will run smoothly. It will help to solve many problems of your 4L80E.

5. Other Transmission Problems

4L80E transmission problems

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  • GEO tracker transmission problems – Is your 4L80E swapping on the road? Are you worried about launching it in the second gear? If you are having same issues, then don’t worry in case of second gear.
  • The second gear is Trans. You can easily start your car in the second gear. You can make your HP tuners work by setting the 1-2 shifts to 0 mph.
  • If the problem persists, you can go for replacing axle shafts as they have retainer axles. You can also weld it up to avoid serious issues while driving your vehicle.
  • Trailblazer transmission problems – If you are experiencing some light coming from your dash, then this is a trailblazer issue. You need the codes to be adjusted. The solution is to do the hard reset.
  • First, displace the positive cable from your battery and hold to the negative terminal. This step will reset your computer.
  • In case the cable is not reaching out, you can use a wrench for connection. You must also check your transmission fluid. It must be clear.

The problems mentioned above and solutions are for the guidance only. If the problem is not under control, go for visual inspection of your vehicle. The transmission gets worse as time passes by. It is best to inspect your vehicle from a professional. If you have enjoyed this tutorial, please share it.