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Why Do Volkswagen Cars Smell Like Crayons?

This common question is asked by almost all the users of Volkswagen cars – “Why does it smell like crayons?” This question is usually asked by car owners when they first drive a Volkswagen. If your car smells as if crayons are melting, you are not alone. So what is the answer to this question?

Volkswagen cars smell like crayons because the wax is used in the production of the car for both rust prevention and isolation. If any wax were to melt, then a smell of crayons would occur. 

If you’ve been asked by your friends and family about the smell, it might leave you wondering if there’s a problem with the car. We’ll discuss this question more and how Volkswagens can smell melting crayons. Below we’ll discuss why the interiors of Volkswagen cars smell like crayons and what generates this odor.

Why do Volkswagens Smell like Crayons?

If your car has a weird smell of crayons, then you don’t need to worry that something has gone wrong with your car. It doesn’t have to do with anyone playing a prank on you, either. So, what is the reason?

Below are a few of the reasons for this phenomenon.

  • One of the possibilities is that the smell comes from the wax, which was used during the production process of the car. This wax is used so that the car can be protected from rusting. The crayon smell is more common when the climate is very hot, which leads the wax to melt and releases the strange crayon smell.
    • Paraffin wax is most likely used on the undercarriage of the car, which happens to be what crayons are made of.
  • Another possibility is that the smell comes from the insulation material, which is used below the carpet, located at the back of the dash. This material has a heavy coating of wax. So, there are chances that the crayon smell comes from this insulation material.
  • These possibilities are usually accompanied by the summer season or when the climate is hot. During such climates, the wax which coats the car frame inside becomes hot and starts to melt. This melting wax can be a reason why Volkswagens smell like crayons.

The most accepted reason why Volkswagens smell like crayons is because of melting wax. The wax, which is used to coat the undercarriage of the car, melts in the hot climate. You will also observe some dirt stuck on the melted wax under your car.

Sometimes people will also apply the wax spray to interior areas of the car that are prone to moisture. (See Article)

When the wax melts, the odor that it releases can smell like that of crayons, so you might wonder if you need to do something about it. 

What can be done to Minimize and Eliminate the Smell of Crayons from the Car?

wax undercoat
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This odor will likely go away when the weather cools down. The smell of crayons may bother some, and removing this odor will make some have a more enjoyable experience inside their car. Here are some solutions you can try to get rid of the smell.

  1. One way to remove the wax coating and apply another rust protection product, such as a rubberized undercoating spray or other coating sprays. This will help you to turn the odor of crayon into a less smelly solution.
  2. One other way is to remove the carpet and determine if the insulating material under the carpet is made with a wax coating. You can replace it if needed, and you will no longer smell any crayon smell, which had been irritating you. You can also install better insulation to reduce road noise in its place.
  3. You can also use an ozone car plugin to eradicate smells from the car. Some oils and fuels can have a smell that might be a tiny bit like that crayon smell if they are leaking on a warm or hot engine part. Check for any leaks if you suspect the smell is coming from oil or fuel.

One of the easiest ways to find a temporary solution is to use an odor spray. You can also try activated charcoal to absorb odors. These can help control odor in your car. 

If you are not troubled by the smell, then there is no need for you to look for a solution. The problem will eventually go away, but if you feel determined to correct the problem, you can try one of the solutions above.


Many cars have a wax coating to help protect them from rust. Sometimes that wax can melt and start to smell. Some people think it smells just like crayons, probably because the wax is the same that is used in crayons. 

I hope that article has been informative and helpful for you if you’d like to learn more about ways to keep your car running well, see our articles and reviews