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How To Solve The GEO Tracker Transmission Problems?

Cars may go mad! You were driving your GEO on a cool Friday, and the tracker transmission stops! After all, cars are machines; many such problems are bound to occur. Relax! In this post, I will help you solve the most common geo-tracker transmission problems. Many car drivers complain about their GEO Trackers transmission. It happens after using it for a few days.

As the problem continues, your vehicle mileage might drop to almost 16%. For instance, from 37 on the highway, it goes down to almost 30. Don’t panic! Read the post step by step to understand the common issues and their solutions.

1. Most Common Transmission Issues

Over the years, car owners have complained about various different types of common and uncommon GEO Tracker transmission issues. The most common ones include:

  • The automatic transmission is failing to shift from first gear to second gear
  • The fluid is leaking from the front side
  • ​In some defective vehicles, after almost 50,000 miles, the transmission, starter, and ignition might stop functioning
  • ​When the transmission goes warm, the transmission may not shift into third gear. And would become high in RPMs
  • This happens while driving under medium load owing to moderate acceleration. Even if you use the gas pedal, then the car will shift into third gear where it makes a slight vibration and a sound as it ‘clunks.’

2. Other Hidden Tracker Transmission Issues

GEO Tracker Transmission problems

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In some defective vehicles, when you don’t let the GEO run for a good 11 to 15 min during the initial startup. Then, almost after hitting 7 to 9 miles, the car might change from 55 mph to 45. You may also listen to the car change the gear to the third one.

You might also not know about the count of the rpm’s, though it is usually quite loud. Furthermore, after almost 2 or 4 miles, you may hear the car revive back to normal. As long as the car remains running, everything is fine. But, when you halt for about 10 minutes, the whole issue flares up.

Solutions for GEO Tracker Transmission Problems

  • Do not try to drive it like a sports car in the corners
  • Hold on with both hands while driving in the wind
  • Try if you can adjust the tracker and survive the stiff ride
  • ​You may try some Sea Foam transmission additive to loosen up the gunk prior to replacing the transmission fluid again
  • By dropping the pan, add a new filter
  • Change the fluid inside by flushing in reverse

3. Problems after Flushing

But, sometimes, flushing the transmission can make the existing issues worse. When you don’t service the car transmission for a long time this issue occurs. For instance, you flush the transmission when there’s stuff keeping the clutches together. The contents inside the clutch also flush out along with it. And that re-introduces the same issues back.

Reasons behind Transmission Flushing

If for instance, we take a 2 to 3 upshift into consideration. And you’re gaining much slippage during the upshift. In the above case the common reasons could be:

  • The 2-3 shift valve could be sticking
  • The Sticking shift has solenoid valve
  • Direct slipping in the clutch

Solutions to the Above Problem

In case, if your car is facing problems after flushing, then there is an easy way to solve the issue. Bring the vehicle to a mechanic’s shop and overhaul the transmission. This shall probably resolve your problem with GEO Trackers. Therefore, you may need almost 10 hours to overhaul the part. 

4. Gear Stuck in the Park

Some vehicles have another new issue; their gear shift does not tend to come out of the park shift. This may create issues when your car is parked at home, office or maybe a shopping mall. And, we are sure you may not want to get in such an awkward situation, especially on a busy day.

A Practical Scenario

For instance, you might have to come out and shake the car or hit the brakes roughly to get them out of the park.

First Solution for Such an Issue

This issue may happen when you might have parked the car on a hill. A quick fix might be to use the parking brake as follows:

GEO tracker transmission problems

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  • Halt the car and set the parking brake; later shift into park
  • ​Now, while starting the car do the reverse
  • Begin to start the vehicle
  • ​Now, hold the foot brake down
  • Bring the car in neutral
  • Later, release the parked brake
  • Bear in mind that the ‘Park P position in an automatic transmission. This position is not any brake and does not use that for holding the car.

We can carry out another solution too if you are facing the break sticking problem. Let’s have a look at the second solution.

Alternative Solution to the Above Issue

Your car has a solenoid. This stuff will disengage and allow your shifter to move away from the park, while you depress your brake pedal.

  • If that’s the issue here, check the repair manual. The instructions might teach you how to adjust or change the solenoid.
  • Or, check for the access hole on the driver’s side of the center console.
  • It enables you to access this solenoid, so you may begin to release the solenoid manually.
  • You may have to remove the small access cover, though.

How to Prevent and Stop Leakage Issues?

We spoke above, about the fluid leaking as a major issue among Geo Tracker transmission problems. AT-205 blocks leaking seals in GEO trackers because of the following advantages:

  • The seal is a special plasticizer that expands and softens hydraulic seals to prevent leaks. You may use this to prevent leakage issues.
  • AT-205 has no petroleum distillates. And that might not make the seal sticky; thereby, this prevents it from a future breakdown.
  • The best part about these seals is that use the AT-205 RE-SEAL as one of the dozen variants among leak proofing seals.

Final Words

Above, we read about the easy ways to combat the common issues with the GEO tracker. We have gathered the above best ways to solve various issues related to the GEO Tracker transmission post an enhanced research conducted online and offline.

Share this informative post about geo tracker transmission problems with your friends. Add your queries and comments below. Hope you will use the easy tips listed above to deal with the GEO Trackers issues.