How To Spray On Bedliner

How To Spray-On Bedliner Like A Pro?

Pickup trucks are famous in the USA, and millions of trucks are sold yearly. If you recently bought a pickup truck, you need to consider adding a liner if the bed does not have one. Without the use of a bedliner, it would be hazardous. You may face any damage to your truck or anything you carry. You should invest your money in adequately protecting your pickup truck, as it may ensure longevity.

If you don’t want to spend money on professional help or you want to do it on your own, then this guide can be helpful. You will get great results at a fraction of the cost.

Things to Know about Spray-On Bedliners

Simply bedliner or truck bedliner are products used to shield the inner surface or side of a pickup truck bed from any risk or damage. A truck bed liner can create a resistant surface that keeps cargo in place. Spray-on bed liners are a popular category of truck bed liners.

The bed of this truck is the most abused part and is designed to tow almost anything, so it needs protection. Spray on the bedliner can be the best option to protect the bed. It works effectively and adheres to bed. It helps to create a protective layer that bonds with metal and paint. It can be considered permanent protection as it doesn’t damage the pickup truck. You can choose the best spray-on bedliner to ensure excellent protection.

If you want to save money, apply the spray to the bedliner. Here in this guide, we have mentioned the essential steps to apply it; check them below:

Things to Know about Spray-On Bedliners

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1. Remove Accessories and Wash

You should remove the accessories and tailgate from the truck before applying the bed liner. You can vacuum or sweep the debris and dirt from the truck bed. All drains and holes should be clear.

You can scrub both the tailgate and bed with TSP and water as it helps to remove wax base residue, petroleum, and oil. You may feel the need for scrapers or chemical removers to wash it. You can wash it with water, a user wiper, and a clean rag. Please leave it to dry after washing correctly.

2. Mask Off all the Areas

You can use painter’s tape off all the areas you want to keep uncovered. These areas may be at the back of the bed or near the tailgate. You can firmly form a protective seal by pressing the painter’s tape down. You should cover the drain holes using tape to seal them neatly.

3. Scuff Painted Surfaces

 Scuff Painted Surfaces

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You need to scuff these painted surfaces as it helps to ensure a perfect bond. You have to work to scrape glossy areas. You can use sandpaper to sand rust areas and create a texture that a bed liner can adhere to safely. You must remove sanding dust by blowing or wiping down the bed.

4. Clean Out the Debris and Dust

When you sand the surface, some debris and paint chips sit behind that should be removed. You can vacuum these surfaces to remove dust, debris, and other paint chips. If you don’t remove it, there may be the chances of bubbles in the future.

You can apply a primer or rust converter coat on uncovered or bare areas and leave it to dry for a few minutes. Now, you can use acetone to wipe the bed area. You can use a spray bottle and start at the bed front. You can leave acetone to sit for a few minutes. Now, you can wipe it by using a towel. You should carefully wipe the surfaces as the material is being applied here. Leave the surface for a few seconds to let it dry.

Tips: don’t forget to wear a respirator and chemical-resistant gloves.

5. Brush

You need to mix all the material with the help of a power drill and paint mixer. You need to stir this material before applying. It would be best if you started using it for corners and seams. Mix xylene in it if you need a thinner mixture than average.

Once you are done with corners or seams, you can apply a handle and roller cover to the rest of the areas. Now, you must use the mixture to the side and front panels and roll the mixture on the back side or tailgate. Now you can cover the floor of the bed. This is the first coat of the material.

Now, this is the time to apply the second mixture coat on the taped edges. This should be done before 1st mixture coat dries as it prevents the tape from tearing while removing it. You can use a small brush for touch if any area has been missed. You should discard the roller cover once you are done with it. Now, you can use a plastic bag to wrap the brush.

If you want to remove excess mixture, you can use xylene. But use it only in the state when it is wet. The first coat may take 5-6 hours to set up. You can apply the second coat once the 1st coat is set up.

spray-on bedliner

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Follow the Instructions

You should also follow the instructions before applying DIY spray on the bed liner. You should read the instructions of manufacturers to make it simpler. These instructions ensure the correct application of the material. This is quite simple to apply bedliner, and it also allows you to save time and money.

Once you read all the instructions, you will indeed feel that you need not hire any professional to complete the process of applying bedliner. Apart from that, you need not send your pickup truck to a company or professional.

Essential Tools and materials that you may need when applying bedliner:

  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
  • Paint roller
  • Plastic bag
  • Screwdriver
  • Acetone
  • Xylene
  • Sandpaper
  • Masking tape

You can protect the bed of your pickup truck by carefully applying quality bed liners. You need to learn the entire process; you will surely get good results. This step-by-step guide will surely help you. It enables you to know how to apply the spray to the bedliner on your own to protect the bed of your pickup truck.

By using the above tips, you will get it done perfectly. I hope you find this guide relevant. Do comment if you have any queries regarding the DIY spray-on bedliner.