Do It Yourself Spray-In Bedliner

What All Should You Know About Do It Yourself Spray-In Bedliner?

When you ask an expert which the perfect bed liner that suits your pick-up truck, then definitely you might never get to choose a drop-in bed liner over the best spray-in bed liner. Firstly, the coating covers the dents and protects the water from getting to the metallic bed, but it gives your truck a brand-new look.

The do-it-yourself spray-in bed liner is easier for the job, among other list of car auto parts. Moreover, the coating is strong enough to offer friction between the metallic bed and the stuff that your truck is carrying in the backside.

This removes the risks of your truck bed getting scratch marks. It also prevents the formation of any dents from shifting objects. We can find two kinds of bed liners. The first kind is the solid, drop-in kind of bed liner that is created from plastic. This type now has not much market value due to many reasons.

Although it is very easy to install a drop-in bed liner into your pickup truck’s bed, you might need to drill a few holes over the bed to help yourself while fixing the bed liner to fit and stay firmly in the truck bed. The next issue with this type of bed liner is that it might allow water to get trapped within the metallic bed, and the bed liner thus corrodes the metallic bed and collects the rust.

Well, the DIY spray-in bed liner is a perfect example of a spray-in. It is an easy-to-use customized spray gun that might be reused when you spray your bedliner. Without wasting a lot of dollars on spray guns, you may just do your own DIY. This one can help you to utilize it again while spraying in the bed liner.

Another benefit is that the spray-in bed liners will last for many more days. Plus it also looks terrific. Now, people no longer need to take their truck to some specialty shop. And, all this is just to place a coating of bed for a huge dough wad.

You can use DIY or “Do It Yourself” kits to spray over your truck bed liner for professional results. Pick an afternoon and have the patience to watch the paint dry; these bed liners offer customized protection for the tumble and rough rig. Remember to follow these easy steps and enjoy the benefits of bed protection by using only a fraction of the real charge.

Before you start to do any work, you need to ensure that the truck bed is cleaned. And, if the car came with an installed plastic bed liner, then you may have to take it out carefully. Later, you can clean the truck bed. Moreover, it also doesn’t matter which type of cleaner you might use.

Steps to Prepare the Bed

First, wash your bed by using the soap that is manufactured for car washing and is free of protectants or wax, and let it dry completely.

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  • This offers a strong and clean surface that adheres perfectly to the liner.
  • Now, coat the bed with the added adhesion primer or promoter, based on the kit supplied.

If there are rust particles collected over the surface of the bed, you must remove them. You mustn’t spray on a truck bed that has rust over it. You must also fix the holes over the truck bed if they are present. This step will ensure an even coating while you spray on the bed liner.

After you have completed the washing and fixing of the holes, you must apply any solvent cleaner. This step helps you to remove any junk that was not washed away by the water. Now, you must rough up the surface of the truck bed by using good sandpaper. This will make it smooth enough to add the bed liner. You may also need to spray out any sandpaper bits left out right before you start spraying the bed liner.

Next, you have to tape away the complete truck using a plastic sheet. This step prevents the paint from getting in touch with the trucks outside the body.

Then, you also must cover up the places that were corroded by any rust. Do the same step for any holes you fill up using the rust trap with the help of the DIY spray gun. Do this just before you add the bed liner. This is done, as it is never advised to spray on the bed liner over any metal that is not painted. Next, you must scrub over the dried surface with sandpaper again soon after you have to apply two coats.

Next, get a bowl that you need to use to add the truck bed liner along with the clear catalytic solvent. The bed liner is available in different colors. It need not always be black. All you need to do is mix the bed liner with the catalyst at a ratio of 2 to 1. Now, mix it for two and a half minutes. Next, pour the solution into the spray gun.

Important Points while Preparing the Spray

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  • Add in the spray-gun
  • Now try to adjust the pressure levels of the air close to the recommendation of the manufacturer
  • Mix small amounts of spray first
  • Now test this spray on a piece of cardboard
  • Regulate the spray pattern accordingly

ply a lighter coat on every place on the truck bed in an even manner. Avoid the floor of the bed. Now, wait for a period of twenty-five minutes before you begin to add another coat. Wait for another twenty-five minutes before applying the third coat.

Now, you must start to add the first coat over the floor inside the truck bed. Remember, the third and second coats of the floor must be applied from the outside parts only after waiting for 25 minutes. Ensure that the pressure of the nozzle is maintained at either 45 psi or 90.

This depends on the texture of the bed liner. I will always recommend you apply the bed liner at every angle to get the right coating.

Steps to Coat the Bed

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  • Firstly, fill up the hopper
  • Now, hold the gun about 18 inches away, spray the bed, and use sweeping actions.
  • Remember to use different paths of spray to prevent the creation of any ‘shadow’ patterns.
  • To reach the desired result, apply light coats
  • Give 10 minutes to dry each coat
  • Now, take away any masking tape
  • You must now help the bedliner treat using the advised period that is right.

Remove the tape away after some minutes. Now, to prevent getting the tape stuck, remember to remove it while it is still wet. This will certainly help you gain an even coating of a spray-in bed liner over the truck bed.

That’s it! You have installed your very own Spray-in Liner, and be proud of yourself.

Always remember to perform this crucial work in an area that has great ventilation. Moreover, you also ought to use a gas mask to prevent yourself from inhaling those fumes. Following this step by step will help you be sure that you get the perfect bed-liner.

This finishing will not only protect your truck bed from rust and scratches but also from the rough weather. A DIY spray-in bed liner is the perfect option because you have the choice of color you like besides the drab black color.