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Best Spray-On Bedliner: A Concise Buying Guide

A bedliner is one of the most important for a pickup, which acts like a sock to a foot or a case to a cellphone. For many people, they would probably end up being confused when buying the best spray-on bedliner. There are many choices that are available, making it difficult to come up with the right choice. Also, for someone who lacks technical knowledge, it is easy to get intimidated.

If you need help in choosing a spray-on bed liner, keep on reading the rest of this guide and I will help you to make the right choice. Learn more about the factors that should be looked at, as well as five of the best models you might want to take into account.

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Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush On Bed Liner Kit

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U-Pol Tintable Truck Bed Liner Spray Coating

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LinerXtreeme Spray-on Bedliner Kit 3-gallon Black with Gun

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Al’s Liner ALS-BL Black Premium DIY Polyurethan​​e Liner Kit

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T-Rex Black Bed Liner, 2K Urethane

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What is a Spray-On Bedliner?

Some of you might have not yet heard of spray-on bed liner. I cannot blame you, especially if you do not have a pickup. This is one thing that you think you do not need until someone talks about its benefits. Right there and then, you will have a change of mind and consider a bed liner as a priority.

Simply put, this is a liquid that is applied on the surface of the pickup through spraying. It forms a protective and seamless coating. It is made from polyurethane, which is the same material that is used in sealants. It is important as it protects the surface from scratches and other visible damages. It can be effective but only if you make sure that it is applied properly and you pick the right product.

Types of Spray-On Bedliners

Generally speaking, they can be categorized into two:

  • Aliphatic: This is a type of polyurethane coating that is made from compounds that have better pigments. This is often preferred by many because this means that fading will be quite longer compared to its counterpart.
  • Aromatic: If you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative, on the other hand, this is the right option for you. The only problem with this product is that it will most likely fade easily, which means that you will have to reapply.

Reviews of the Best Spray-On Bedliner

If you still have no idea which product will make a great choice, in this section, we will discuss more about five of the best choices that are available in the market. We will identify some of their notable features, as well as a few of their pros and cons.

1. Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush On Bed Liner Kit


With this spray-on bed liner, you will basically have everything that you will need to get started. Aside from the one gallon of coating that is ready to be applied on the surface, brush and rollers are already included. There is also an applicator brush, which will make it easy to work in tight corners.

Ease of use is one reason why you might want to choose this above other models you can find in the market. It is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. There is no need to have technical knowledge or advance tools. Even without a helping hand, you can do the job on your own. You can treat it as a normal paint.

The versatility of this bed liner is one more thing that deserves to be given emphasis. This means that it can also be multipurpose. You can use it in other applications aside from the bed liner of your pickup truck. It will hold strong even in wood.

Once it is applied, it results to  creating a skid-free surface. Even through the years, you will be happy that it won’t easily fade. It is not also easily prone to cracks and dents. Also, it can resist gasoline and other external elements but not the sun’s UV rays


  • Installation can be easily accomplished
  • Coating lasts long
  • Inclusive of everything you will need


  • Lacks UV-resistance
  • Gallon can be prone to leaking

2. U-Pol Tintable Truck Bed Liner Spray Coating


You will realize that it can provide excellent value for money. It has the tools that you will need, including a user-friendly and lightweight spray gun.

Also, one thing that you will love about this is that the coating is tintable. This means that you will have the option to customize the color depending on how light or dark you want the output to be.

The durability of this bed liner is also exceptional. After spraying and once the surface has dried, you can be confident that it will take long before it scraps or fades. It is also UV-resistant. Stain, mechanical damages, corrosion, rust, and temperatures will not also easily damage the surface.

Aside from acting as a protective coating on the surface of your truck, this can also effectively function for sound deadening. It can effectively minimize noise and vibration.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it is user-friendly. Even if you are not a pro, it will be easy to figure out how to use this bed liner. It is also a good thing that it dries quickly.


  • Creates even and consistent sprays
  • Easy to use
  • Lasts long


  • Bottle provided for mixing is quite small

3. LinerXtreeme Spray-on Bedliner Kit 3-gallon Black with Gun


As you search for the best spray bedliner, do not forget to include this in your choices. It is also inclusive of the materials you will need to get started, including an applicator gun. The manufacturer also provides concise and easy-to-follow instructions to let you know how to achieve the intended output.

This package already includes a three-gallon kit of spray-on bed liner, which should be more than enough for 100 square feet. It is also inclusive of two can of reducer.

It has a semi-gloss finish, which is sure to be appealing. More than the way it looks, it has also been praised because of its toughness. This will make it resist external elements and will retain its tip-top condition even after several years.

If you are still hesitant about buying this product, it might help to know that this is made by a company that has been in the business for more than two decades. The latter can make you more confident about its quality.


  • Easy to use
  • Creates a professional look
  • Comes with a free gun


  • Can be prone to over-spraying
  • Sprayer can be easily clogged

4. Al’s Liner ALS-BL Black Premium DIY Polyurethane Liner Kit


Simplicity is one of the things that might convince you to choose this product above other alternatives. Its application is pretty much straightforward. Also, it is a good thing that it can be multipurpose, making it offer the best bang for the buck.

It is also tintable. This means that you have the option to add more tint until you are able to achieve the color that is required.

When it comes to quality, this does not also fail to impress. Appearance-wise, it is indeed exceptional. Better yet, it is also long-lasting and durable. The coating will be thick enough to offer the necessary protection, and making sure that it won’t easily chip, even in demanding conditions.

The product is composed of three parts, each with its respective purpose. You also have complete control on the color of the output. You can mix in smaller quantity if you intend to have it sprayed only in a small area.


  • Easy to apply
  • Looks great


  • Can create mess when applied
  • Sprayer is a bit firm

5. T-Rex Black Bed Liner, 2K Urethane


One of its greatest assets of this kit is the how well your car or truck will look after the application. Thinking about whether to buy or not, consider the reviews and compare how it stacks up to the other brands. 

The quality of the output, on the other hand, does not seem bad at all. The thickness is commendable, but even made better by the ability to resist stain and abrasion. This means that it can stay in the surface longer and not easily prone to chipping.

Also, this will not only effectively protect the bed of your truck, but can also be good for deadening sound and vibration. This must already give you an idea on how thick the coating can be.

It is made from 2K urethane, which is known for its impressive adhesive properties. The latter simply means that it will attach easily on  the surface, especially when preparation is done the right way. Before its application, make sure that the surface is free from oil, dust, and dirt so that the bed liner will cling powerfully.


  • User-friendly
  • Can resist stain and abrasion


  • Not as popular as others
  • Easily flows out

Essential Factors to Consider

If you are having a hard time deciding which one to choose, in this section, we will identify some of the most important factors that you must consider.


  • Reviews: One of the first things that you must do is to read the reviews shared by other people. Their feedback will be helpful in differentiating the possibilities. This will make it easy for you to determine how one product is better compared to its competitors. Pay attention to what they are saying about the quality of the bed liner so that you will have an idea on what to expect from it.
  • Ease of Use: The good thing about many of the bed liners in the market today is that they can be applied on your own. It is a DIY task that can be easy, provided that you know the steps. With this, you should pay attention to how user-friendly the product is. It must come with all the necessary tools that you need. The manufacturer must also provide detailed instructions on how it can be used, which will increase the possibility of achieving the intended outcomes.
  • Durability: When it comes to spray-on bed liners, being durable means that they must stay on the surface of the truck for an extended period. It must take a while to fade. Even if it is exposed to the heat of the sun and other external elements, it must not easily crack or peel. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your money. It must also be able to resist stains and dust.
  • Color Compatibility: Before choosing which spray-on bed liner should be purchased, consider the color of your truck. With this, pick a color that will perfectly match. Nonetheless, keep in mind that color can also change depending on the way that it is applied. In most cases, over-application will lead to making the color darker than its actual shade.
  • Quantity: You need to determine how much will be needed, which will obviously depend on the size of the pickup where the bedliner will be applied. Avoid buying more than what you will need so that you won’t waste money.
  • Inclusions: You should also pay attention to what is included in the product. In some cases, they are sold only as the bed liner itself. In other instances, meanwhile, they are already inclusive of everything that you will need, such as a gritting paper and an applicator. The latter is the better option because you no longer have to buy the required tools, which means that you can start right away.


The best spray-on bedliner is an essential investment for all pickup owners. This will be helpful in the prevention of scratches and external damages. Also, this can be helpful in the prevention of rusting and corrosion. It can be beneficial in more ways than one, but only if you make the right choice. With this, you should exert effort and find time to take a close look at the possibilities before you decide which one to purchase.