How To Remove Swirl Marks From Your Car

How To Remove Swirl Marks From Your Car?

The swirl marks on a car are the scratches on the surface of the car. Out of the many reasons that cause swirl marks on the car, improper washing or drying techniques are the major ones.

The marks are not visible, but you can see them clearly under a microscope. It is very important to know about the removal of swirl marks from the car. If you do not remove them on time, they might get quite visible and steal the look of your car.

You can first try removing it by the most common and simple technique – touch-up painting the car. If it does not work, then you can try using the best rust remover.

In the blog below, there is a complete guide on how to remove the swirl marks from your car.

What causes Swirl Marks on the Car?

There are many reasons that cause the swirl marks on your car. Out of them, the most common reasons are as follows:

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  • Polishing the car with the inappropriate pad or operator
  • Making use of harsh polish and harmful paint cleaners
  • Using the towels that comprise polyester threads
  • Wiping the dusty car with a towel
  • Using a duster that already has too much dirt on its surface
  • Not washing the car completely before you start drying it
  • Not making use of a clean cover

The most common areas where you can see the swirl marks clearly are the hood and the trunk of the car. Also, the cars that have bright colors do not reflect much light, so you can hardly spot any marks on them, but the same is not the case with black color cars. You can easily spot all kinds of marks and imperfections if it is a black color.

You can easily remove the swirl marks by just polishing the paint on the car, but at the same time, polishing without any electric car polish machine is too hard, and the results are not much appreciated.

How to Remove the Swirl Marks from your Car?

To make sure that you remove all the swirl marks and scratches from your car, it is important to follow the procedure with utmost care. The steps that you have to follow for the same are as follows:

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1. Making Use of a Paint Cleaner

To remove the scratches, i.e., the swirl marks from your car, you can make use of paint cleaner that is rasping. While you apply the paint cleaner, make sure that you apply it only in one particular direction; otherwise, it might result in making the scratches too messy.

If you are selecting a rasping paint cleaner, then it is always advisable to start with a less abrasive paint cleaner and then upgrade it as needed. Also, you can make use of chemical paint cleaners to make sure that you remove all kinds of marks from the car.

2. Polishing the Scratches


It is one of the most important steps in the removal of swirl marks. When you make use of a polisher, make sure that you start with a polisher that is less abrasive in comparison to more abrasive polishers. This is because if you start with a more abrasive polish, there are chances that it might leave a froth of haze on the car.

Also, it is important to note that you apply only a small portion of polish at first. If you apply a large amount of polish at the beginning, then it might also cause a froth of haze on the car. It is always important to take special care when it comes to removing the marks from a dark colored car.

When you polish the surface of the car with a polish, the surface of the car tends to become silky and glossy. If this is not the case, then it probably means that either you did not polish the car properly or that the polishing is still incomplete, and you need to polish it more.

Once you finish polishing the car, you have to start wiping off the extra polish with the help of a soft microfiber towel. This entire process will help you get rid of the swirl marks as well as the scratches.

Always be sure that you use the proper brand of polish. It is recommended to read all the instructions carefully on the bottle of polish before you buy it.

3. Waxing It

The last step in the removal of swirl marks from your car involves waxing the car. Most of the people who start the procedure in a correct manner tend to stop at the second step only. It is highly recommendable to perform the last step as it will give you an assurance that the swirl marks will never return to your car.

Lastly, start by applying a low amount of wax to the car. After you finish applying the wax, make sure that it dries out completely before you perform any further steps. After the wax completely dries out, you have to start removing it with the help of a thin cloth. You can also remove the wax with an electric machine.

Some other important tips for removing the swirl marks:

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  • Always make two separate buckets, one for dirty water and the other for clean water, while removing soap from the car. It is important as it prevents the contaminants from entering the paint.
  • While washing the car, always start from the top portion and then slowly come towards the bottom portion of the car.
  • Never make use of a detergent while washing the car. The detergent, without any doubt, will remove the lubricant and clean the car, but it will also remove the wax from the car.
  • Make use of paint cleaners and polish that are high in quality. Read all the instructions carefully on the bottle before you buy them.
  • Never drag the microfiber towel over a dry spot; just pat them dry. If you do so, it will reduce the benefits of the towel, and it will not be able to remove any more swirl marks and scratches.
  • Before you apply wax on the car, make sure to read the user manual carefully. Also, make sure to buy special wax if you have a black color car.

The swirl marks are merely scratched on the car and are sometimes not even visible to the naked eye, but you can feel them when you touch them. The swirl marks might appear because of using improper materials while cleaning the car or not using the proper cover for the car or any other such reasons.

It is important to get rid of the swirl marks at the right time because as time passes, there are chances that they might become visible. To remove the swirl marks, you can touch up the paint of the car, but there are chances that they might appear again.

If you wish to get rid of the swirl marks and scratches from your car completely, it is highly recommended that you follow the three-step procedure with utmost care.