How To Polish Motorcycle Chrome
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How To Polish Your Motorcycle Chrome-Like A Pro?

You may be amazed to know that the chromed parts of your motorcycle have the utmost sacrificing characteristics.

  • Firstly, the chromed parts give shining and glittering look to your motorcycle, which job no other parts do.
  • Secondly, they provide protection from corrosion to the materials beneath it.
  • Thirdly, while protecting others, they get damaged by scratches and other mechanical forces.

Are they not enigmatic?

Need for Chrome Polish

The first need arises because you want your motorcycle to look brightening, and the chromed parts contribute majorly in this aspect. Secondly, if there is the slightest damage to the chrome surface, the iron materials beneath it come in contact with the atmospheric oxygen and start rusting.

If left unrepaired, that particular part will be fully corroded, needing replacement. That is the reason why you must know how to chrome polish motorcycle.

Chrome and Bare Metal

Chrome and Corrosion are arch rivals because chrome protects bare materials from corrosion. If there is light corrosion, you can scour it away by chrome polishes or cleaners that are abrasive.

They can remove a small amount of metal and enhance the sheen of the base materials. However, you cannot remove the deeper scratches because the chrome layer is too thin. Therefore, you can remove the scratches by polishing down the base materials.

Wire Spokes & Plastic Chrome

For polishing wire spokes, soak a tough cloth with polish and wrap it around the spokes. Instead of polishing, clean and wax the surface. If the screw heads are damaged, you can paint them with chrome or chrome-finished paints, with a cotton swab or fine brush.

Coated Materials

There are certain parts of your Motorcycle that look like metal but have a plastic coating. Your wheels and fork slicers have such a finish. If you use a harsh cleanser meant for bare metal, it will strip the coatings off.

If you find a plastic coating damaged, remove it completely and polish or chrome the underneath part.

Steps for Chrome Polish

Before taking up the chrome polishing work, take out your rings or any jewelry. Don’t wear a motorcycle jacket and see that you have closed your zip. Otherwise, any of these may cause a scratch on the metal portion of your motorcycle. Avoid taking up the work when it is too hot or under direct sunlight. Otherwise, you may burn yourself by the rocker cover.

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1st Step: Keep All Materials at Your Nearest Reach

The following materials are the materials required for chrome polishing

  • Motorcycle Cleaner and Degreaser
  • Shampoo
  • Chrome and Aluminum Polish
  • Polishing Wax
  • Ultrafine Brush and a toothbrush
  • A bucket of clean and warm water, along with a hose and sponge.
  • Fine Polishing cloths with microfiber

2nd Step: Preparing for the Work

Position the bike properly so that you can reach to every nook and corner of your bike, and the possibility of making any scratch is fully avoided. Start with spraying the bike cleaners onto the wheel and the compartment holding the engine, so as to remove any dirt or loose debris. You should agitate the soiled and oily parts using a soft brush or toothbrush

Before the drying off the cleaner, hose your bike down. Add a good amount of shampoo to the bucket of warm water. Wash it down using a clean and soft sponge. Remove every trace of shampoo with clean water. By using chamois leather, dry off the water from the parts that are exposed.

3rd Step: Polishing the Metal Parts

To protect your eyes, put on your sunglasses. Start with polishing the aluminum parts because this usually takes a longer time. Take a small amount of aluminum with a polishing cloth and start polishing.

First polish the aluminum portion by moving your hand circularly, followed by a straight movement. Finally, by using a fine cloth, polish the surface till it gives the maximum shining, to your satisfaction. Next, take up the chromed portion and use chrome polish.

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Choose the Best Motorcycle Batteries

1. Brand Options

You have a wide range of brands of batteries to choose from. The following are your options. Each claims to be the best. Therefore, don’t take a hurried decision and never compromise on quality. Saving in price may lead you to regret later. Consider that you are buying a battery as a long term investment. Of course, the brand is one of the criteria for selecting the best motorcycle batteries.

The most well-known among these include Aprilia, Buell, Benelli, Ducati, BSA, Big Dog, CCM, ATK, Derbi, Kasea, Excelsior-Henderson, Gas Gas, Harley-Davidson, Gilera, Husaberg, Honda; Hyosung; Husqvarna; Indian; KTM; and Cagiva.

The other brands that may be included are Kawasaki, MuZ; Cannondale, Can-Am, OzBike; Panda Motor Sports; BMW; Polaris Victory, Piaggio; Triumph, Puch; Moto Guzzimaha, Bimota; YaKymco, Norton; MV Agusta; Kymco; Moto GuzziKymco; Moto Guzzi; Royal Enfield; Suzuki; and Titan.

2. The Need for a Good Motorcycle Battery

The following are the three basic reasons for having a good Motorcycle battery.

  • It ignites the fuel and starts the engine of your Motorcycle
  • It supplies power to your headlights and backlights
  • It absorbs high electric surges and becomes functional when the surges in electricity are high

3. Types of Motorcycle Battery

Types of Motorcycle Battery

The Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) comes with a special mat that has the chief functionality of being able to wick the electrolytes coming from the battery. The second type is Gel Cell battery. It is built with a silica-like gel that is responsible for the suspension of the electrolytes.

It enables the electrons to flow freely in the plate. It can also provide a guarantee for non-leakage, even if the battery breaks.

4. Technical Specifications

While buying a battery for your Motorcycle, never forget to look at its technical specifications. Look for the cold cranking amps that indicate that the battery can start even in a cold environment. Pick up one with higher CCA if you live in a cold place.

Also, check the reserve capacity of the battery which indicates the number of minutes, during which it can be discharged at a particular temperature. The longer the reserve capacity,the better the quality.

5. Other Considerations

  • Seek for opinions of others, who have used a particular type and brand of the battery; you may look at the online reviews too.
  • Look for extensive warranty
  • Minimal maintenance

Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

Since the lubrication plays an important role in the performance as well as longevity of your Motorcycle engine, you must go in for the best Synthetic Motorcycle oil. You should opt for the one that cleans and protects the engine parts of your Motorcycle. At the same time, it should reduce the volatility, facilitate smoother shifting and ensure the best overall performance of your Motorcycle.

Other feature for considerations is that the oil boosts the horsepower of your bike, improves the shear stability and adds to the life of the engine. The oil should inhibit corrosion and protect the clutch of your Motorcycle from slipping.

Oil Changing

Although being a very important aspect of maintaining your Motorcycle, this may too often be overlooked. If you don’t put ‘one’ stitch at the right time, you may have to put ‘nine’ stitches later. But, as a prudent Motorcycle owner, follow the guidelines given above, in respect of chrome polish, battery, and synthetic oil.