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Best ATV Battery: A Concise Buying Guide

ATVs often sit unused for long periods. If you forget to run them at least a couple of times a month, your battery will likely not last too long. If your battery is dead, you might need a new one.

Getting a good ATV battery can make the difference between having a battery that lasts and one that quickly stops functioning. Quality batteries are made well and may cost a bit more, but that might be worth it in most situations.

In the rest of this guide, we’ll help you choose an ATV battery. We will have a quick look at some of the factors you should consider and four of the products you might want to include in your list.

Factors to Consider When Buying an ATV Battery

To begin with, in this section, we will tackle some of the most important factors that will have an impact on the choice you will make.

Types of ATV Battery

Here are the different types of ATV batteries that you can see in the market:

  • Absorbed Glass Mat Battery: Also known as AGM battery, this is one of the best options. There is a glass mat that is specially designed for wicking electrolytes. Even if it is expensive, it is popular because they do not degrade as quickly as other batteries.
  • Wet Cell Battery: With this battery, there is water and sulfuric acid inside. This type of battery is available in two types – maintenance-free and serviceable.
  • Gel Cell Battery: In this type of battery, there is a silica-type gel inside. This is also where the electrolyte is suspended. It has a lower discharge rate compared to AGM batteries.

Technical Specifications

For beginners, the technical details may seem overwhelming. Nonetheless, you should spend time taking a look at these details and understand what they mean. Here are some of the most important terms you should know:

  • Cold Cranking Amp: Often called CCA, this is a measurement of the amp that can be produced by the battery at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. This is important if you live in an area that is often cold or snowing. In lower temperatures, a higher number will make sure that it will easily start regardless of how cold it is.
  • Cycle Life: This refers to the total number of complete charge and discharge cycles that can be handled by the battery. A longer cycle life means that you will be able to use the battery for a longer period.
  • Amp Hour: Expressed as AH, this is indicative of the total number of amps that can be supplied by the ATV battery within a specific hour.

Other Factors to Consider

Aside from those mentioned above, here are other factors that are important to consider:

  • Maintenance: Ideally, you should look for a maintenance-free product. This means that it will remain in its tip-top shape without requiring effort on your end.
  • Mounting Options: You must be able to mount the battery depending on the position that is required by your ATV.
  • Compatibility: Check the requirements of your ATV to be sure what best battery should be chosen, such as with regards to the size and types of connector.
  • Reviews: If you are clueless about what makes the best pick, it will be best to rely on the opinions of other people and use them to narrow down the possibilities.

Top Picks for the Best ATV Battery

To make things easier, limit your choices to the four products that will be mentioned below.

1. Odyssey PC545 Powersports Battery


Among other things, the service life of this battery is one thing that can convince you to choose it above all others. It has a service life of three to ten years, which is longer than most of the competing models in the market.

The mounting flexibility is another great benefit of using this ATV battery. You can have it installed in different positions and be sure that it will deliver optimal functionality. Regardless of how it is positioned, there will be no spilling.

It should also be noted that it is temperature-tolerant. However, there are some users who noted that in colder environments, this could be harder to use because of the low CCA, which is only 150.

The Good

This is a user-friendly ATV battery, which means that mounting will be an easy task. You do not need a helping hand to complete the installation of your new battery. It is also a good thing that it has a high reserve capacity and can withstand wear and tear.

The Bottom Line

This long-lasting ATV battery can offer the best bang for the buck. The cold cranking amps may not be the highest, but other than such; it can be impressive in more ways than one.

2. Chrome Battery YTX12-BS IGEL AGM Battery


In terms of technical specifications, this can prove to be an impressive choice. It has 12 amp-hour and 200 cold-cranking amps. Meanwhile, it can deliver 12 volts of power, which will make it deliver optimal reliability.

The durability of this battery is also a good thing. Even through the years, it will function at its best. It is totally sealed, which means that it will never spill. Regardless of the vibration and movement of your ATV, the battery will not be affected.

It is also an exceptional choice because it is maintenance-free. Adding water will never be required throughout the functional life of the battery.

Lastly, it has advanced lead-calcium technology. The latter is the one responsible for allowing the battery to hold its gravity three times better compared to traditional batteries.

The Good

The mere fact that it is made by an established brand is already a good reason to choose this product above its competitors. The digital display can help you troubleshoot problems with the alternator or battery. It is maintenance-free, which will allow you to retain its best quality even after years of use.

The Bad

The battery life is not consistent. It can be longer or shorter than six months. Sizing may be an issue for some, so add a bit more to the measurements of the battery size. 

The Bottom Line

Quality-wise, this is another top pick within the product category, especially given its impressive technical specifications.

3. Weize YTX14 BS ATV Battery


This 12-volt battery comes with a cold cranking amp of 235, the highest in this group. It has an estimated weight of 9.46 pounds. It has a non-spillable formula, which will make it an excellent choice for an ATV battery.

Among other things, the size of this battery can fit many types of vehicles measuring 5.9″x3.42″x5.7″. It has just the perfect amount of cranking amps for some ATVs, yet it promises to deliver excellent functionality.

The spill-proof design of the battery is one more thing that we love. Even with extreme vibration and movements, you can be confident that it will never spill or break. This also speaks a lot about its durability.

The Good

It can deliver good performance. It is a sealed lead-acid (SLA) absorbed glass mat (AGM), so it’s maintenance-free. It is also commendable that it can hold the charge for an extended period.

The Bad

When it comes to the battery terminal, this may not be the best one that you can find on the market. Some people noted that this battery doesn’t last long. 

The Bottom Line

In sum, this ATV battery is a good option if it fits your vehicle and you need a sealed battery. You can expect it to deliver good functionality, but screws and terminals might be difficult to work with.

4. Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS Battery


This 12-volt ATV battery has 18 amp-hour and 270 cold-cranking amps. With the latter, you can be confident that you will be able to use it even in cold temperatures.

The battery comes with an acid bottle and is supplied dry. This means that there is no need to worry about having liquid spilling all over the surface.

It is also worth noting that it has advanced-lead calcium technology. The latter is an innovative feature of this battery that allows it to hold gravity three times better compared to what you can expect from conventional batteries.

The Good

One of the best things about this battery is that there is no maintenance required. There is no need to refill with water. Also, it is spill-proof. Even vibration will not damage the battery. This will help to make it long-lasting.

The Bad

If you are buying this product from a third-party seller, you should be careful. This is because the warranty will not be honored by the manufacturer if it is not purchased directly from them.

The Bottom Line

Made by a reputable brand, this is another excellent choice for an ATV battery, especially because it is maintenance-free and spill-proof.

Benefits of the Best ATV Battery

You need to invest in nothing but the best because of the following reasons:

  • It provides a reliable source of power, making sure that you can use your ATV in a variety of situations, even when the external temperature is too cold.
  • It makes you confident about your safety. A high-quality battery makes sure that it will not be a risk in any way.
  • It maximizes the performance of your ATV. If you choose an inferior ATV battery, expect that its performance will be dismal.


With the abundance of available options, looking for the best ATV battery can be an overwhelming task. With this, we hope that this buying guide was able to extend a helping hand. At all times, you should look beyond price. Pay attention to the quality and functionality of the battery. Even if it is expensive, if it is well-loved and given favorable feedback, it will be worth your money.