How Often Should You Rotate Tires
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How Often Should You Rotate Tires Of Your Car?

Do you own a car? Are you aware of all the possible ways of taking care of different parts of your car? Those who own a car for a long time know most of the things. However, if you are new to it, then you need to gather all the information, which concerns you.

Now, the most important part of a car is its tires. If you are driving over ice or rocks, then all you need is good quality tires. If your car does have ones, then there are so many chances that you will meet an accident. I do not think that you would like to drive any car with such kind of tires.

If you drive for at least 7500 miles in a year, then your tires need to be changed twice in a year. If you do not do that, two of the tires will have superior threads, and rest of them will have worn treads. It is very important that all of the tires wear evenly.

So, if you do not pay attention to your worn tires, then they can cause different conditions of wear and tear; we have listed the two most important of them below:

  • Hydroplaning: It is a condition when there is a layer of water between the tires and the surface of a road. This leads to a loss of traction, which stops the car from performing instructions given by a driver.
  • Fishtailing: It is a condition, which appears when rear wheels lose. Due to the oversteer, it becomes very difficult to control your car.

Therefore, tire rotation is the only solution to equalize tread wear of all tires to spread out among them. Now you must be wondering how you should do that and how often you should repeat it, right? Well, do not panic about it and simply go through all the information given below.

How frequently should I Rotate my Tires?

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Well, there are so many criteria to determine that. The single thing which is important to consider is the model of your car. The most common idea about the time span is to rotate your tires as many times as you change oiling of your car.

However, you need to check the time interval of the oil change in your car. Some of the companies allow waiting for six months or 7500 miles, which are perfect for rotating your car tires along with a change of oil. However, companies like BMW make provision for doing so after 15,000 miles. You cannot wait for that long to rotate your car tires.

Therefore, it is very crucial to check the period in your car’s manual to make sure you are rotating it within a required time span.

Why should you rotate your Car’s Tires?

Tires are a part of your car, which maintains traction with the road. If your tires are going on a right track, then your car is safe. So, they are the ones who keep you going in a direction you aim to go. If your tires fail to follow your control instructions, then there are so many chances that you will meet an accident due to slide and skid.

With time, tires of car wear. Although every tire wears with time, there is a difference between the front tires and rear tires. Front tires go under more pressure due to engine transmission, turning and all. That is why they wear more in comparison with rear tires.

To evenly spread out wear among tires, it is paramount to rotate the tires from front to rear and vice-versa. By doing so, you can easily aggrandize the lifetime of car tires. After all, there is no sense in buying new tires in a short span of time. Widely known myths about tire rotations, which are not true:

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  • Some of the people believe that there is no need to rotate tires. Instead of rotating them, buy new ones and replace these tires with old ones.
  • On the other hand, few people suggest that new pair of tires should be mounted on the rear side, and tires which are at rear side should be replaced with front side tires.

Whatsoever, these techniques are myths because of many reasons. It is also because the difference between the wear tires would be still there. That difference will create a loss of traction, and that makes the control over wheels disturbed.

What are the Benefits of Rotating Tires of Your Car?

There are several benefits of rotating tires. It is the vital step of the maintenance procedure. That is why you cannot overlook the merits of this.

  • It helps to balance traction between every tire of your car.
  • While car’s wheels are off, you can inspect frequently.
  • If all tire’s tread wear is even, then it helps to reduce the strain on wheels.
  • Due to tire rotation, wheels will drag less and it will improve the mileage of your vehicle.

How can you rotate your Wheels?

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There is no need to rush to your car company. You can simply go to any professional mechanic. Or else, any tire repairing company can do it. Before approaching anyone, just make sure whether that place is liable or not. It is very important that rotation of tires takes place very perfectly.

If you are an owner of a car, then it is very vital that you take care of its maintenance. Just go through owner’s manual and figure out, which are the maintenance procedure. After going through all the information presented above, you might get an idea how important it is to rotate your tires on time.

Just remember one thing that there is no harm in doing that more frequently. Also, choose the best tire chains to enhance the life of your car’s tires. But do not extend the time span of rotating it and try to do when you change the oiling of your car. Otherwise, you will damage your car to some extent.