12 Common Car Cleaning Mistakes That You Can Avoid

12 Common Car Cleaning Mistakes That You Can Avoid

Car cleaning has always been a bit of a tiring job, generally for all. But their love for their cars, keeping their cars shiny, and maintaining their cars have got them going. All of us are novices when it comes to cleaning or washing our cars. Hardly any one of us knows the correct procedure for washing.

There are many car cleaning mistakes that people normally make if they are completely not aware of car cleaning things. But this can get you into trouble someday.

Car cleaning is a simple task if you are not a novice, plus if you use the right tools to clean your car. Did anyone of us know that there are the right tools to clean your car? And if you do not use these tools properly, you might end up damaging your car.

There is a list of common detailing mistakes that you might make, but by using these tips, you can avoid making these mistakes.

1. Using a Drying Towel

Use your drying towel to remove the dirt accumulated on your car. Are you missing out on anything that might make your car shiny? Are you using an old towel that you use yourself to wipe off the dirt and dust off your car? If you are a novice, you might make this silly car cleaning mistake of using an old towel of yours to clean your car, but this might cause scratches on your car.

Never make this mistake of cleaning your car with your old towel, this will surely chip the paint off your car or make scratches. Instead, always use the best car dusters that are available in the market for your car. You can avoid using this to dry out the dirt, thus saving your car.

2. Washing your Car in Direct Sunlight

This can cause the paint to wear off. Plus, if you wash your vehicle where sunlight is direct, then the soapy water will dry off so quickly that you will not get time to wash it off your car.

3. Using Wrong Detergents

As these dishwashing agents and laundry detergents are caustic and are hard on your car, they will surely prove to be harmful to your car and its paint. These home/laundry detergents are not meant for washing the car. Many of us make this silly mistake of washing our car with home detergents but then regret later.

4. Using just a Bucket Full of Water

Using just a Bucket Full of Water

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To get that gorgeous glow on your car, make sure you squeeze out all the dirt from the Wash Mitt into a separate container before dipping it again into the soapy water. Never use the same bucket for washing the car. Normally, we tend to use only one bucket of water, rather than the same bucket for washing /rinsing the car.

Always use two separate buckets, one with soapy water and one with clean water to rinse your car. You will require one bucket of soapy water to rinse your car thoroughly and the other bucket to wash off that soap from your car. This mistake of using only one bucket for rinsing can be avoided.

5. Wiping Off the Dirt Spots if Seen After Washing

If you ever spotted grime after finishing your washing, clean the area once again. What mistake we tend to make is that we wipe off the spots with a dry towel instead of washing it again. Wiping it off with a towel that is dry could insert dirt particles into the paint of your car while scratching the surface.

6. Using the Same Cloth for Different Purposes

Do not make the mistake of using the same cloth for different purposes. By doing this, you might end up leaving the residues of the earlier used product onto your car.

7. Applying Too Many Rounds of Wax

Applying Too Many Rounds of Wax

Photo Credit: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/cleaning/a35060/car-cleaning-mistakes/

If you apply unwanted, excessive wax on your car, it doesn’t mean that your car will start shining like a jewel. In fact, the excessive wax application is hard to wipe off. Using an adequate amount of wax while you buff your vehicle’s surface will save your precious time, effort and money.

Only two rounds of thoroughly applying wax polish are sufficient and enough to bring back your ride’s luster and shine.

8. Not Cleaning your Car from Top to Bottom

Yes! This is the biggest and most common of all mistakes that we tend to make while washing or cleaning our car. Normally, we wash our car thoroughly, but we do not do so from top to bottom. The mistake that we make is we forget to wash the car tires and its flips.

You are making your car shine like a new brand, just taken out from a showroom. But you tend to forget to clean car tires, which will, at last, take the eyes off your car. Do not haphazardly wash your car. Avoid doing that.

9. Forgetting to Clean Your Car’s Tires

Tires are the dirtiest part of your car. The reason is very clear and simple that the entire is run on wheels only. Hence it is of utmost importance that you wash the tires thoroughly before you touch the body of your car.

10. Using Unbranded, Local and Cheap Products on your Car

It is essential that you apply that branded product/polish on your car that is right for your car. Pouring wax directly onto the surface of your car, pouring polishing agent directly, or any other chemicals in the form of liquid directly on your vehicle’s surface will damage your ride’s polish or shine. It will also prevent you from supervising the product amount that you have to use for cleansing, thus causing uneven paint streaks. Always use sufficient product on a sponge instead.

Using Unbranded, Local and Cheap Products on your Car

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11. Using Glass Cleaner that is Ammonia-Based

This is the biggest common mistake that we tend to make. We do not inquire about the product while purchasing it to clean the car. Mostly, these glass cleaners contain ammonia and are thus hard on the surface of the glass of your car. Avoid using such cleaners.

Always inquire about the density of the product before you make nay purchase. Chemical ammonia is present in almost all the sprays that are available in the market. Ammonia sprays can damage the glass of your car or can even discolor the posh interiors of your car. Hence, avoid using ammonia-based sprays.

12. Rolling Down the Windows before They Dry

Never make the mistake of rolling down the windows of your car before it dries out. The moment you wash your car glass and roll down the windows, you have made the biggest mistake. There might be scratches on your car’s glass or streaks of water. Avoid doing this.

When we talk about car detailing tips, you should know what you shouldn’t do as it is crucial. Car detailing is indeed important, and you wouldn’t like to start from the middle. Always start from scratch. Detailing your ride at home is a tedious job, but you can still get professional results if you use the proper tips for cleansing and washing.

Then it can be all the easier for you, and you can also say that it has never been an enjoyable task. From polishes to waxes to washes to cleansing products, today’s car cleaning products have been engineered to safeguard your car, and your painstaking and diligent efforts aren’t remembered as paint-scratching errors.

A radiant glow like a diamond and pristine interior are completely yours if you can avoid some common car washing mistakes. The key thing to remember is that the best ways to detail and wash or cleanse your car involve both care and patience.