How To Clean Your Car Tires
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How To Clean Your Car Tires Like A Pro?

Don’t you get that itchy feeling by looking at your dirty wheels? When I was with my car, my main concern is always that how I am going to clean car tires. Car looks nice, completely shining but the dirty wheels take away the charm.

Cleaning the tires won’t only make your car look nice but also protects them from cracking and weathering by removing the corrosion. Clean tires let you know the correctly the best time to replace car tires and whether you need to balance your car tires or not? The blog will take you through three different methods to help you out to clean car tires like a pro.

Type 1: Clean Your Tires using Efficient Tire Cleaners

What will you need?

  • Tire Cleaner
  • Brush
  • Water
  • Tire Gel

Step 1:Why to use tire cleaner rather the soaps available to wash the car? The answer would be very simple. The car soaps are specifically designed to clean and to protect the car paint but not to clean rubber. So numbers of tire cleaners available in the market are used.

wash and clean car tires

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  • Also, tire cleaners hurt the paint of the car, so try to avoid spraying the cleaner on the paint. 
  • Now start by spraying the tire cleaner over the surface of the tire.

Step 2: After spraying the cleaner, aloe it to get settled down for a minute or two.

  • The surface of the rubber id porous and that it gets difficult to take off the dust and the Grimes off the tires and the braking system.
  • Allow the cleaner to remain on the surface for this period, allow it to soak and dissolve the major grime and dust particles off the rubber.
  • If you find it necessary, spray some more cleaners and wipe the old with the fresh rag.

Step 3: If the surface is still a brown color that means that the tire still has grim particles over the surface. It is advisable to brush with stiff hair rather than the one with steel teeth.

  • Steel tooth gets penetrated through the rubber and can result in a leak.
  • So, use one with the stiff hair and apply as much pressure use has to scrub off the grime from the wheel.
  • The direction in which you scrub is not a question. Go to and fro in any direction you want.

Step 4: Once you are done with scrubbing, clean the tires with the water.

  • Use an outlet with great pressure, so that the water coming out of the hose is sprayed to the tire with a pressure that removes even the hardest particles stuck onto it.
  • It is safe to let the cleaner + water mixture to run down your yard as they are environmentally
  • But do wear a safety protection for your eye while cleaning it

Step 5: After the cleansing is done if you still feel like the wheels aren’t cleaned, repeat the process again.

  • Spray the cleaner again and allow it to settled down, scrub it and rinse it thoroughly again.
  • But an important note, some cleaners comes with an instruction that the cleaner can only be applied to a dry wheel. So, it is important to let the wheels get dry and then apply the cleaner again.
  • There is not a limitation on cleaning the wheels in a day. You can use cleaners and clean them as much time as you want till you get satisfied.

Step 6: What if your tires are still brown and have grim particles all over, even if you have cleaned them multiple times? Use tire or rubber gels that bring back the original black shade of the tire.

  • Apply the gel using a sponge on the whole sidewall of the wheel and then rinse it off.
  • Do one tire at a time, because you cannot let the gel to get dry while on the tire.
  • Always apply tire gel after cleaning the tire.

Type 2: Clean Your Tires using Clear Coats or Tire Dressing

What will you need?

  • A towel
  • Tire dressing
  • Tire coat
  • Sponge

Step 1: Use a towel to dry the tire from every end.

wash and clean car tires

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  • The trodden part is very hard to clean, so try to clean at least the sidewalls perfectly.
  • An important note: Use a towel that you are not going to use to clean the car. If you do so, the dirty towel will result in spoiling the paint and scratching the coat due to the dirt already present on the towel.

Step 2: It’s time to use the tire dressing! Before buying the one, take care that the tire dressing doesn’t include silicone as its content. Always choose water based dressing which will help to get an ultimate shine over the wheel.

  • Use a sponge to apply the dressing on the sidewalls thoroughly. Apply them in a way to create a thin coating by wiping over the walls.
  • You can apply it multiple times to get the same shining that you would have gained using the dressing having the silicon content.
  • Different brands have different methods of application. Apply as per directions on the cover.
  • At last, allow it get dried before you drive your vehicle.

An Alternative to the Tire Dressing is Tire Coating!

Step 1: Many of them use tire coating instead of dressing. It is used to create a glossy and protective layer on the rubber tire. Some of the coatings don’t wear off even for months like creating a permanent layer. These coatings protect the rubber even in the bad weather.

  • Use a sponge to apply tire coating on the sidewalls and the whole rim. It is specifically important to create thin layers of the coating.
  • Applying it multiple times won’t get you the shininess you want. The shininess you get on the first application is the final.
  • See the back cover of the coating to see the directions for the application.

Step 2: After applying the coat, allow it to settle down and get dry. The period of drying solely depends on the brand that you choose. It may even take few minutes or an hour before it gets dry.

  • After the tier gets dry, buff it with the help of a towel or by using buffing pads in the circular motion.

Type 3: Cleaning of the Tier before Washing the Car

What will you need?

  • A scrubber
  • Bucket full of water
  • Tire cleaner

Step 1: Clean the grime and the dirt off your wheel before you clean your car.

clean car tires

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  • What will happen if you clean your car first? After cleaning your car if you clean your tier, there are chances of the dirt and grime splattering over the car’s body and even the tier cleaner being sprayed on the body.
  • Cleaning the tier first helps to clean all the grime splattered on the body and even the cleaner sprayed by mistake to prevent the wearing of the paint.

Step 2: Use two different buckets, towels and sponges for cleansing the body paint and the tire and brake system separately. If only one material is used, it will result in the dirt from the wheel on the towel to create scratches on the paint.

Step 3: Try not to get the tier cleanser been sprayed on the body paint as it may dull the paint and even remove the coating over the body.

  • Spray it with great precision and even if by mistake it gets sprayed on the paint, rinse it off

After spending so much money to buy the car, it is very important to maintain it, isn’t it? So, follow the methods very precisely and properly to maintain your car, and it will be an icing on the sugar; you get to impress everyone with the nice shiny car!! Avoid mixing up things to clean the tires and body of the car. Feel free to suggest different methods to our users by commenting below and do share your valuable feedbacks.