10 Essential Tips to Choose GPS Tracking System For Your Car
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10 Essential Tips to Choose GPS Tracking System For Your Car

GPS is the abbreviated form of Global Positioning System. This system, developed by the US, is composed of 31 satellites. The GPS trackers get signals from these satellites for tracking the location of any device. The GPS vehicle tracking system can locate the exact location of your car at any point of your journey and can guide you to your destination.

The Geo-Fencing feature of the system alerts you, through email or text, if a vehicle, a person, or an object enters or leaves your area. The system can also track the speed of a fast-driving car and can find out if the driver of that car is in trouble. The following are the ten essential tips for choosing GPS tracking system:

1. Tracking in Real Time

This is the first feature you should look into. The wireless network system attached to the GPS enables you to process information about your car’s location. This will be shown on a map indicating the speed at which your car is moving.

The map makers will indicate the current status of other vehicles that are in motion or are parked. It can also group and manage multiple vehicles simultaneously by using the simple interface. You can also verify if you are taking the correct turns while driving your car

2. Particular Trips Made

By using the system, you should be in a position to track all the trips undertaken by your car. This will be displayed graphically on a map. You will also be enabled to get all information like kilometers traveled, average speed, stoppages, engine time, and idling.

In case your car has over-speeded, the same will be exhibited on a map, along with the overdrive stretches. The more advanced system has the option of having a view of the replay of the whole of the trip.

3. Alerts

GPS tracking system

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As a car owner, you must be concerned about fuel usage and the behavior and actions of the driver. You will be able to fulfill these needs by analyzing various alerts such as speeding alerts, route deviation alerts, excessive stoppage alerts, tampering alerts, and alerts related to maintenance and fuel pilferage.

Such alerts will be of great value to you if, instead of self-driving, your car is given to a chauffeur to drive independently. The maintenance alerts will enable you to take your car for maintenance at the right time. This, in turn, will add to the life of your car.

4. Accessing Chauffeur-Driven Car

You are subjected to concern and anxiety when your children are sent alone by car to school or any other place. The GPS system should be able to locate the position of the car anytime and anywhere. You can have this access through your user-friendly apps. In case you apprehend anything undesirable in the action or behavior of the chauffeur, you will be in a position to take immediate remedial action.

5. GeoFencing


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Geofencing is an advanced level of customized alerts. Under this feature, you are enabled to create boundaries, termed ‘Geo-Fences,’ on the map surrounding a specific landmark. The Geo-Fencing feature of the system alerts you, through email or text, if a vehicle, a person or an object enters or leaves your area.

Through this system, you will be enabled to make use of the information for monitoring in various ways and elevate the safety and security safety levels during the movement of your car. It also increases the operational efficiency of your car.

6. Dashboard Summary & Historical Reports

This feature of the GPS will be of immense use to you if you have deployed a large fleet of cars for commercial purposes. You can get access to locations and reports related to the specific event. You can get information related to your car for the past 90 days.

You can analyze the information to make an informed decision that will add significantly to your ROI. You can get a solution for GPS Tracking on the dashboard in the form of reports represented on a graph. The information displayed includes the total distance traveled, over-speeding, idling time, utilization, and stoppages.

You view the metrics related to other groups of cars and covering different periods of time. With these metrics in hand, you can monitor the performance of your workforce to the optimum level. You will also be enabled to take appropriate steps for fuel economy, adding to the profitability of your business.

7. Access Control & User Management

If you are an owner of a fleet of cars, working on the commercial end, access control, and user management are important features of vehicle management in your day-to-day business activities. With these features, you will be enabled to make additions and modifications to the profile of the user.

Also, you can manage your access privileges through roles. You will be enabled to assign one or more roles, defined in advance, to a user. You can categorize certain users into a group and can view information related to the whole group.

8. User-friendly Interface

User-friendly Interface

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The GPS system you choose should have an intuitive and simple user interface that provides features such as GroupWise access without having to open multiple accounts. You can get a brief and concise view of the entire fleet of cars. Real-time information can help keep you updated with the current location and status of different cars. The historical report can help you in planning the movement of your cars and also for future investment.

9. Ease of Installation

While choosing a GPS for your car, you should give due consideration to the ease of maintenance and installation. It should be a handy device that could be installed beneath the dashboard of your car. There are four broader types of GPS; such as Car Navigation GPS, Marine GPS, Portable Outdoor GPS and the GPS/PDA hybrid. You should opt for the Car Navigation GPS, which can be easily installed.

10. Voice Instruction and Analytics

When you are driving your car, it may not be possible to make use of the visual location maps. You should, therefore, choose the one that has the provision of giving voice instructions. Also, look into the provision of analytics in the GPS that integrate the system with cloud computing for making actionable fleet data. These will enable you to take the predictive performance of the fleet.

Dash Cams or Dashboard cameras, when fitted to you, can provide evidence of what exactly happened when your car collided with another. It first became popular in Russia for checking insurance fraud. In case you apprehend, falling victim to an accident and intend to have a documentary footage to provide to the police or the insurance company, you should go in for the best dash cam.

Benefits associated with GPS Tracking System

Use of a dash cam is one of the best car technologies that provide the following benefits to car owners:

  • It provides evidence that is more reliable than eyewitness of a car collision
  • It accelerates the process of reporting an accident to police and insurance authorities
  • It checks any effort by an insurance company to evade payment of the sum assured for your car on some pretext or other
  • It provides an indisputable alibi
  • It saves money for the damages caused by accident by providing solid proof to the insurance company.
  • You can monitor the driving habits of a teenager
  • It documents everything that happened in front of it in a wide-angle view

The GPS has made car driving easier and safer arrival to the destination, even for a teenager. It helps a business that operates a fleet of cars or vehicles by displaying various factors that affect the operational performance of the vehicles as well as of the workforce. The dashcam provides you with financial protection in the event of an accident.