Best Backup Cameras: Your Guide To Making The Right Choice

Best Backup Cameras

Reversing your vehicle will be a lot easier with the help of the best backup cameras. The installation of such a type of camera will be like having an eye at the back of your vehicle, making sure that you won’t run across anything or someone. It will be vital in the elimination of rear blind spots, making driving safer and more convenient.

Thinking of what backup camera to purchase? If you have no idea on what to buy, keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll share with you some tips on how to weigh the possibilities. We’ll also list down five of the products that can offer the best bang for the buck.

Different Types of Backup Camera Systems

One of the first things that you need to decide upon would be the type of the camera to buy. They can be categorized on the basis of their connectivity. With this, the following are the two options that you will have:

  • Wired Backup Camera: As the name implies, you will have to connect the camera to the monitor through long wires. Installation can be a bit complicated. The benefits, however, is that you can expect the image quality to be better. To add, there will also be no interference.
  • Wireless Backup Camera: Most of the newer cameras sport this technology. There is no need to worry about lengthy wires, making the installation a breeze to accomplish. The problem, however, is that the presence of electrical interferences can disrupt the transfer and recording of images.

You can also group these cameras on the basis of where they will be installed:

  • Surface Mount Camera: With this type, there is a need to drill holes to make the electrical connection and to mount the camera. It will be good even for larger cameras and you will have the freedom to select its specific position in the rear of your vehicle.
  • Flush Mounted Camera: This is also popularly known as keyhole backup camera because of its setup. This is a common choice for many passenger vehicles or private cars. This will be mounted in a hole that you can find in the vehicle’s body.
  • License Plate Mount Camera: As it is named, this type of camera will be mounted in the license plate. There is no need to drill holes as the camera is already in the license plate. This camera can be more exposed to external elements.

Choosing the Best Backup Camera

If you are having a hard time to narrow down the possibilities, here are some of the most important factors that you need to take into consideration:

  • Monitor: The screen that comes with the camera system is an important factor. It should have the right size, providing you with the assurance that you will be able to see the images clearly. The display should also be bright, regardless of it is day or night. Pay attention to the image quality as you try to differentiate the options.
  • Ease of Use: From the installation to the operation of the backup camera system, it must be user-friendly. There should be clear instructions from the manufacturer. You must be provided with all the things that you need. The interface should also be simple.
  • Night Vision: See to it that the camera has a night vision capability. There should be infrared lights and other technologies that will allow the camera to record clear images even when you are in an environment with low light.
  • Audio: Most of the higher end models will have audio capabilities. These cameras have a microphone, which will make it possible to record sound. In most cases, however, this is a luxury that you will be able to do without.
  • Weather-proofing: If you want a camera that will be able to withstand the test of time, pick one that is weather-proof. Take a look at the waterproof rating from the manufacturer. If it is waterproof, it can withstand the demands of the external environment.
  • Field of View: The goal of the camera should be to allow you to see from the back as much as possible. With this, it is advisable that you pick one that comes with a wide angle field of view. This enhances your sight of what is in the rear of your car.
  • Vibration and Shock Ratings: This is one thing that a lot of people tend to ignore. It is important that you pick a product with high vibration and shock rating, which means the camera will be able to keep up with demanding use.
  • Image Sensor: Some cameras may be equipped with a CCD sensor, which is better because of its ability to record low light videos and with better quality. Those with CMOS sensor, on the other hand, tends to be a cheaper alternative, but its performance can prove to be dismal.

Top Picks for the Best Backup Cameras

To help you in deciding which product should be purchased, we will have a quick rundown of some of the top options to consider, as well as their notable features. We will also quickly list down their pros and cons, making it easier to weigh the possibilities.

1. Rear View Safety Backup Camera System

Rear View Safety Backup Camera System with 7" Display (Black) RVS-770613

With a 7-inch crystal clear display, this backup camera is one of the perfect ways to see what’s on the back of your vehicle when reversing. The universal mount is also a plus, which is one of the reasons why it is excellent in terms of being user-friendly.

This color backup camera is able to shoot at an angle of 130 degrees, which will allow you to see more from the back. There are also 18 infrared lights, making it possible to see clearly even in the dark. It has a capacity to see things clearly at a distance of up to 50 feet.

Another thing that many people will love about this product is the fact that it comes with 3-channel multiplexer. This means that you will have the option to connect two more cameras, apart from the one that is already included.

Lastly, it has IP69K waterproof rating, so there is no need to worry about its outdoor performance. This is the highest IP rating from backup cameras, which is reflective of superior quality.


  • Solid construction for long-lasting functionality
  • Excellent night vision technology
  • Offers crystal clear images
  • Installation is effortless to accomplish, even for beginners
  • Comes in a package complete with everything you will need


  • Length of the accompanying cable is too short
  • Menu interface could be more intuitive


From its crystal clear resolution to its waterproof rating to its durable construction to is multi-camera capability, there is no doubt that this backup camera is worthy of being part of your list of choices.

2. Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera

Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 4.3" Dash Monitor

Video quality is one of the things that should be emphasized in your search for a backup camera. This product is an excellent choice because of the high-quality monitor that provides a clear display of what the camera records. Plus, it also has IP67 waterproof rating, making it even better.

The EZ install feature of the camera is also a huge point for this option. Right out of the box, all of the accessories are already included so that you can get started. There is a suction cup included, allowing you to easily mount the camera in the dashboard or windshield.

Lastly, it also comes with low light illumination, a technology that significantly improves its performance in the dark. This means that even at night, you will be able to easily see what the camera will be able to record.


  • Company has top-notch customer support
  • Mount has sturdy construction
  • Installation is a breeze to accomplish
  • Excellent night vision capability


  • Electrical connectors may deliver dismal performance
  • Narrow field of view


With the weather-proof construction and the excellent night vision of this backup camera, this makes another great option to be part of your list.

3. Hopkins 50002 Backup Camera System

Hopkins 50002 Smart Hitch Backup Camera System

This backup camera comes with a 3.5-inch monitor, which might seem to be too small for many people. The images are static-free, providing you with an assurance that it will be able to deliver clear resolution.

The dual mode display is one of the most noteworthy features that you can find in this product. You can choose from Everyday Mode or Hitch Mode. The latter is one thing that separates it from many of its competitors. Switching from one mode to another will be easy as you can do so with a single touch of a button.

The simplicity of its installation is also a good thing. Even for novices, the assembly of the camera is one thing that is sure to be easy to accomplish.


  • Provides several zones of detection for optimal functionality
  • Provides images that are static-free
  • Consumes a minimal amount of space in the dashboard or windshield
  • Plug-and-play functionality
  • Does not require splicing


  • Monitor has a small size
  • Cable provided by the manufacturer is short


The monitor of this model might be small, but when it comes to the performance of the camera, especially the dual operating mode, this is definitely a great choice.

4. Pyle PLCM7500 Backup Camera Monitor System

Pyle Backup Car Camera Rear View Screen Monitor System - Parking and Reverse Assist Safety Distance Scale Lines, Waterproof & Night Vision, 7" LCD video Color Display for Vehicles - (PLCM7500)

From the long list of features that you can find in this product, one worth mentioning is the 7-inch screen, which is one of the largest within the product category. This means that you will be able to easily see from your end what the camera sees from the back.

The IP67 marine-grade waterproofing material is also a good thing. This allows the camera to deliver optimal performance even when it rains.

To add, the screen also has digital scale lines. This improves the reliability of the camera, making it a great help when you are parking and reversing. This is sure to be a great complement for your side mirror.


  • Large monitor included in the package
  • Display is easy to see day or night
  • Comes with an innovative wireless remote control
  • Captures images clearly even at night
  • Waterproof construction


  • Instructions for installation are not clearly written
  • The mount may be problematic


One thing to love about this backup camera system is the huge monitor. Aside from this, it is also waterproof, has digital scale lines, and has night vision capabilities.

5. eRapta ER01 Backup Camera and Car Monitor System

Backup Camera and Car Monitor Camera Wired and Waterproof Rear View Camera For Truck/Semi-Trailer/Box Truck/RV When Reversing Parking Backing to Avoid Blind Area eRapta ER01

The durable and all-weather construction of this backup camera is one thing that can convince you to choose it above all others. It has IP69K waterproof rating, guaranteeing its ability to deliver commendable performance even when it rains.

It is also worth pointing out that the camera is equipped with 18 infrared lights, which will make it possible to detect objects even when it is completely dark. Even for nighttime driving, the camera is sure to be helpful.

The 5-mm aircraft-grade cable is also great. The latter does not only last long, but can also ensure better stability of the images that you will see in the monitor.

Lastly, it also has a wide viewing angle, which will allow you to see more and to prevent having blind spots.


  • Ideal option for budget-conscious buyers
  • Monitor can be mounted in several positions
  • Comes with a well-built housing
  • Excellent picture quality as seen from the monitor


  • The instructions provided are not clear
  • Some of the parts in the package are wrong


This camera comes with durable waterproof construction, low-light recording capabilities, and multi-position mount that can offer versatility.


With the best backup cameras that we have mentioned above, if there is one that I personally find to be most impressive, I would say that it is Rear View Safety Backup Camera System. The latter offers excellent resolution, even in the nighttime. It has a durable body, which also has the highest waterproof rating. Indeed, it is an investment you will not regret having.

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