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6 x 9 Car Speakers [10 Things To Know Before You Install]

A drive without music can get dull. Playing music in your car can lighten up your mood and energize you for the rest of the day. You need to have the perfect speakers in your car to have maximum satisfaction.

Installing new 6 x 9 speakers can be easy, but at times it can be a difficult job. Carefully research, learn about your car’s stereo system, and make a plan about how to install the new speakers.

There’s a lot to consider when placing new 6 x 9 speakers into your vehicle. What’s the perfect fit? Do you need more bass? Would it help to add an amplifier or subwoofer? The 6 x 9 speakers you choose will make your music sound different, hopefully in a good way.

To make the process easier we have identified 10 items to check before you install your new 6 x 9 speakers:

10 Things To Know Before Installing 6×9 Car Speakers

Not all speakers are built the same. There is a wide variety of variations in size, sound, and price. Some speakers need more power while others are fine with the factory stereo unit that is installed in your car.

Here are 10 things you’ll want to know before getting new 6×9 car speakers to install in your car.

  1. Always measure – The speaker depth is the most important measurement you’ll likely need when installing 6×9 speakers.
    • Some car doors have limited space. Measure the old speaker depth and ensure it is the same size or less. Some door may accomidate deeper speakers, but be sure to measure the depth in a couple places to ensure new speakers will fit.
    • You may need a speaker adapter to fit your speaker in your car correctly.
  2. Know Your Stereos Watt Outpout – Most standard car stereo units don’t have much power. If you plan on putting in high power speakers, they might not sound the best with higher volume.
    • An amplifier can help speakers sound better at higher volumes.
    • Higher watt speakers can handle higher power, so you can turn up the volume high, and low watt speakers are good without an amp at normal listening volumes.
    • Just remember the quality and kind of speaker makes a difference.
  3. Coaxial or Component – Most standard car speakers use coaxial cables to connect speakers. They have two wire you need to connect to the correct terminal. Yet, you will find some cars are wired for a component speaker system. These are usually higher end speakers that may have several separate speaker and hook up easily with preinstalled plugin car wiring.
    • Be sure you know what wiring is installed and how best to hook up your speakers.
  4. Crossovers – A crossover is used to help your speakers sound better. If you are installing new speakers a preinstalled crossover could make your speakers sound bad and may need to be replaced.
    • For example: Install a 2-way speaker, not a 3-way speaker, if you have a crossover already installed for a 2-way speaker. Many times a new cross over is included with your new component speaker set.
    • Alternatively, you can remove the crossover for speakers that are 2, 3, or 4 way speakers, and the speakers should passively work fairly well to filter signals.
  5. Grill and holes – Once you take off the car speaker grill and remove the speaker, check any new speakers before you buy them to see if any thing might block the proper fit for speaker hole alignment and placement of the grill.
  6. Is soldering Needed? – You might find some older car that have the speaker wires soldered on. This mean you will need to install an adapter, crimp terminal ends, or solder the wires onto the speaker yourself.
  7. Check Your Windows – Once you install your speakers, if they are on any of your car doors, make sure you can roll your windows all the way down. If a new speaker is deeper than the previous on, it could make contact with the window.
    • Remember that your speakers may also be exposed to the elements if your window striping lets water into the door.
  8. Speaker Fit – You may need work around some issues that can’t be accounted for when buying new speakers. It’s best take out the old speakers so you can see what possible issues you will be facing before buying new speakers. Then you can likely see how well a new speaker could fit.
    • Then you may need to make custom adjustments to get everything to fit correctly and work well together.
  9. Parasitive Draw – If you’re installing a new stereo and or amplifier with your new speakers, sometimes they draw electricity when the car is off. Once in a while they draw too much power and drain your battery.
    • Make sure the draw on your car battery is under 30 miliamps when the car is off. (see video)
  10. Cheap vs Expensive Speaker – If you want to have a good listening experience but aren’t going to blast your speakers much, getting cheaper speakers can work just as well as expensive speakers.
    • Check around for speakers that match your cars speakers with ohms and watts. Find good quality ones. (If the watts are 5-30 more that should be fine.)
    • If you play loud music a lot, get higher watt speakers that have a amplifier. These will cost more if they are good quality speakers, made with quality parts.

Types of Car Speakers Available

There are many varieties of car speakers available in the market for you to choose from. Finding the right kind of speakers, which fulfill all your needs, will not only save you money but also upgrade your sound system to the next level. The types of speakers are:

1. Coaxial Speakers

This type of speaker is the most commonly used ones and is installed by the factory itself. At least two pairs are installed in new vehicles, and it emits mid-range sound as well as high frequency. These are very basic types of speakers, and the quality of the sound is good. There are 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, etc. types of coaxial speakers.

The two-way speakers have one woofer and one tweeter attached to them. By upgrading to the three-way speaker, it will add another tweeter to it and goes for four-way and so on. The main purpose of the tweeters is to give a much more clear and defined quality to the speakers. The more tweeters you add, the more detail it will give to your sound.

Without a tweeter, the speakers will emit low-frequency sounds, which will lead to degraded sound quality and distortion as they are one of the major components of the car audio system. You can easily get the upgraded version of the factory-installed speakers by installing coaxial speakers. If you just want good and subtle music playing in the background for your drive, then these speakers are the best choice.

2. Component Speaker System

This type of speaker system includes mid-range woofers, separate tweeters, and crossover filter networks. The filters attached to the speakers upgrade the sound quality to a very high level. The main task these filters do is that they transmit the higher frequency sound to the tweeters and the lower frequency ones to the mid-woofers. This way the audio is given to the best components of the sound system and the audio they specialize in. The separate tweeters and the crossover filters are the primary part of the component system, which makes you experience a very high quality of music.

They are a little expensive as compared to the coaxial system as they generate upgraded quality of sounds. They do not come in more than a three-way system as all the features are covered in this and more tweeters are not required due to the presence of crossover filters.

The 6 x 9 system is a part of the component type of car speakers, and they have three basic types. They are:

  • 6 x 9 “single” – They have good mid-range woofers with additional bass system embedded to it. The only limitation it serves is that it does not emit high-level frequencies. If you want to change your large speakers to have the experience of a fuller music, then this is a good option for you.
  • 6 x 9 “2-way” – It serves as two speakers in one. There is an additional tweeter attached to the front of the large speaker cone, which helps to catch the high frequencies as well, which the single way speaker could not do. The extra tweeter helps to give a clearer sound quality. The size makes it easy to fit in your car and produce a great sound by itself.
  • 6 x 9 “3-way” – Other than the 6 x 9 main speaker it has two different sized tweeters, which can manage high and ultra high frequencies as well. This is considered to be the best choice for a speaker as the sound is very clear with very minute detailing and instead of getting three speakers; this will do the same job just with one.

What are the Benefits of using 6 x 9 Car Speakers?

There are innumerable benefits of purchasing the 6 x 9 speakers. Some of them are mentioned below:


1. Simplicity

Many sound systems are very complicated, which makes it very difficult to operate them. If you are looking for a simple and affordable option, these speakers are best for you.

2. Variety

There are different types of 6 x 9 speakers mentioned above, which serve a different purpose, and you can choose the speakers as per your need. The single, 2-way, 3-way system can give you the type of frequency you want and are the best amplifier one can get hands-on.

Remember not to go for a high variation model as they do provide clearer quality but a very weak bass. Compromising on bass would mean that the speakers won’t be able to reproduce all kinds of music. According to us, 3-way speakers are the best speakers as they have the top most features and you don’t need to compromise on any part.

3. Compact Size

We all have storage problems, and the big speakers are just not practical anymore. With the help of new and cutting-edge technology, you can get the same features and quality of music with the help of compact speakers available.

Especially in cars we never want to compromise on the space by putting large accessories to fit in, it just makes driving uncomfortable for the driver and also the fellow passengers. The 6 x 9 speakers are compatible with almost all car models and are the perfect size to fit into the car.

4. All-in-One Purpose

With the help of these speakers you don’t need to buy a whole system to fit into your car, these multipurpose speakers will act all in one and do the functions of all the components so that you don’t get extra parts, which will take up extra space. They provide a strong base with a high amount of high bass notes and emit higher frequencies.

How to Choose A 6 x 9 Car Speakers?

Which Speaker

Before making a purchase, there are a few tips, which you need to keep in mind to have the best 6 x 9 speakers you can find. They are:

  • Style: You should check the looks and the design of the speakers so that they improve the looks of your car as well as the sound quality. There are different shapes of speakers available and finding the one, which is the best suited for your car, should be a priority.
  • Power ratings: This consists of the speaker’s ability to peak and the RMS they can emit. Check out the whole description before purchasing and select the one, which has high and clearer peak. The RMS should be high so that the music is clear and doesn’t crack in between.
  • Price: This is the most important thing to look out for and should be your topmost priority. You do want a decent sound system in your car, which doesn’t cut deep into your pockets. These speakers are affordable, but it also depends on the type of speaker you choose. If you go high on the quality and features, it may result in increased rates too.
  • Quality: In the description of the speakers, the quality of material used and other details are always mentioned. Check these materials and specifically the surround system material as it serves as the main component of emitting the sound. If you get a low-quality surround system material, then it may result in distorted and unclear sounds. The tip you need to keep in mind is that always purchase the speakers from a credible manufacturer.
  • Online Reviews: Before purchasing any speakers, do check the online reviews of the product to get the best information by the person who has already used them. This way you can find the highest quality of speakers by comparing all the products available. Don’t demotivate yourself if you find a negative online review as the satisfaction of the product also depends on the user. Enlist your requirements for the music and by that read the reviews and decide.

My Picks for 6 x 9 Car Speakers

1. Polk Audio Car Audio Speakers


This is a new component speaker system available in the market it is the 3-way type, which means it doesn’t have separate components and has additional tweeters and bass attached for higher detail and sound quality.

The newest technology used in this enhances its ability to produce accurate and clear music. It is made of materials such as polymer and silk, which makes the bass more responsive enables it to have quick responses.

Important Features

  • Dimensions: 8 x 14.5 x 4.8 inches
  • Warranty and support
  • Polymer/mica composite cone
  • Can stand extreme temperatures
  • Durable rubber
  • High input power

2. JBL Stage 9603 420W Speakers


It has a PEI balanced dome tweeter and piezoelectric super tweeter. The speaker is made out of injection-molded polypropylene.

These have strong bass and a good mid-range, with crisp high-end frequencies. These are a good substitute for factory speakers in your car. ​

Important Features

  • Dimensions: 16 x 11 x 5 inches
  • Frequency Range is between 45-20,000 Hz
  • 3-way speaker
  • 140 watts RMS
  • Clear music
  • Long lasting power
  • High-quality woofers

3. JBL GX963 300W Speakers


These are the type of speakers, which have polypropylene cone and rubber speaker surround. The tweeter is balanced and these would be a good speaker to have more output as compared to the factory-installed ones.

It is the upgraded version of the factory-installed speakers with clearer and detailed quality of music.

Important Features

  • Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 6 inches
  • Voice coil: 2.3 Ohms for richer sound
  • 600 watts per pair
  • Frequncy range is between 45-21k Hz
  • Technology: Plus one woofer cone and edge driven dome tweeters
  • Modern interiors and design
  • High-quality material used

4. Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime


These are the new 3-way full-range speakers and basically, function as the factory replacement speakers. The product includes high pass crossovers, which can filter music to a higher level and separate the low and the high frequencies. It also comes with mounting hardware to attach the speakers to any device you want.

Important Features

  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 11.5 x 5 inches
  • Silk dome
  • Grilles and mounting hardware
  • Warranty and support available
  • Surround made of rubber
  • High-end tweeter and crossover
  • Great sound quality
  • Easy to install

5. Pioneer 6 x 9 Car Speakers


These are the next-generation speakers, which offer higher-quality bass and high power handling peak. It comes with new designs and has replaced the factory-installed speakers. It produces high and improved sound quality with frequencies ranging from mid to high. The music doesn’t distort even at high volumes.

Important Features

  • 5-way speakers
  • Carbon and mica reinforced Injection molded polypropylene (IMPP) Cone construction
  • 650 watts max power (100 watts nominal)
  • Triple polyethylene Terephthalate (pet) hard dome tweeter
  • 2-1/4″ Polyetherimide (pei) film Cone midrange
  • 93 dB Impedance: 4 Ohm

Final Thoughts

According to our product review and the customer feedback, the POLK AUDIO speakers are undoubtedly a good choice for many 6 x 9 speakers owners. We highly recommend these speakers for your car if they are the right fit. They have clear and highest quality sound.

Whatever speaker you choose, remember to plan to take your time and do it right. The first step will be to see how much work and patience it will take and see if you’re willing to take on the challenge. Good luck and enjoy the music.

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