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Get Car Insurance Online [Where to Look?]

Getting Insurance Online

It can be fairly easy to get insurance online. You can use a website to get quotes from various companies or you can go to a specific insurance companies website directly and sign up for same day car insurance. 

You’ll need to have:

  • Your car’s year, make, and model, current mileage, and date you purchased car
  • License plate number
  • Vin Number
  • Car registration 
  • Drivers license
  • Social Security Number
  • Your name, birthday, address, driving history, gender, marital status, if you rent or own a home, and information about any tickets or accidents.   
  • Current Insurance information – Declaration page
  • Banking Information – account number and routing number 

You might not need all of these for each insurance company but you will likely need most of them when you are getting insurance online.  

Most companies will need to call you to verify information and confirm your phone number. So having a phone will be important when getting your insurance. 

Where to Look for Insurance

There are a lot of places online that can give you a quote for auto insurance. These websites will give you quotes from different companies and then they may get a commission if you sign up with an insurance company. 

These websites will ask information about yourself, your car, and your personal information, which usually includes your email and phone number.

You can expect to get a call and or email from several insurance companies after you get your quotes. They usually have a statement explaining that they are sharing your information with others. 

Here are a few examples of places that offer quotes from multiply companies.

Each website has a different approach and some might be more user friendly than others. You can look at their home page and see if any of them catch your attention better than the others.

Types of Insurance

Liability Limits


Insurance liabilities include bodily injury and damage to the property. If your debt cannot meet expenses following an accident, you may be forced to use your personal assets to pay for damages unless you are bankrupt. With so many lawsuits, prosecution lawyers are some of the richest people in the US.

You can increase your liability limits to be on a safer side. Alternatively, taking a personal liability policy to increase your liability limits is considerable in case the unknown happens.

No Fault Insurance

Many states have a Personal Injury Protection (PIP), also known as the no-fault law. Under this cover, you can get plea compensation to specific limits directly from your insurance company in case you are involved in the accident instead of filing a case to claim that the opposite party caused the accident.

  • If you are in a state with the no-fault law, you are supposed to file a case against the opposite party regardless whether it is insured or not, and you will only be compensated if the driver is proved to be at fault.
  • If you are not the cause of the accident and can verify it beyond a reasonable doubt, then ensure that you inform the insurance company you are associated with so that you don’t suffer by losing your efficient driver discount.
  • ​If PIP is compulsory, it usually caters for bodily injury and not property damage. Drivers who are under this PIP insurance can request for return from the related insurance companies, but they have limited rights to sue for generic damages.
  • If you are in a state with such liability laws, ensure that your insurance covers you when traveling where there are no-fault laws.

PIP Cover


If you are under PIP cover, you may get the benefits of the hospital and medical expenses depending on the level of your policy. The cover may also extend to lost wages and replacement services; survivor’s loss/death, as well as funeral expenses. Replacement services and lost wages are only outstanding up to a maximal amount for a maximum time span.

Insurance Coverage Terms


There are various motorist insurance coverage you can select from:

  • Uninsured Motorist Insurance: This caters for hit-and-run cases for motorists who are walking or driving. Though mandatory in some states, you don’t need this insurance if you have collision insurance.
  • Under-insured Motorist Insurance: It is just like uninsured motorist insurance that covers you if another party is responsible for the accident but have insurance that is not satisfactory to cover bodily or property damages.
  • ​Collision Insurance: This covers your vehicle damages regardless of who is liable for the accident. The expense of the car should determine whether you should have collision insurance. However, you should have a comprehensive and collision insurance if your car is leased or loaned.
  • ​Comprehensive Insurance: This only covers your car loss from catastrophes like theft, fire, vandalism, explosions and others. However, it does not provide specific covers against damages caused by objects or vehicles, whereby you need collision insurance.
  • Miscellaneous Extra Insurance: This covers you against costs that you may incur, such as car repair, towing. Consider this insurance cover if you usually use cars on rent.

Insurance Premiums

You may have to pay higher premiums if you are a man below 27 years who drives inside the cities with more hazardous driving conditions or robbery car theft is prevalent. Here are some factors you should consider when selecting your insurance premiums:

  • Your car model (repair expenses)
  • Insurance cover required in your state
  • ​Value and age of your car
  • ​Gender and occupation
  • ​Main use of your car
  • ​Driving experience
  • ​The record of your accident
  • ​Driver of the car
  • ​Your health status
  • ​The place you stay and whether you locked the car
  • Distance covered each year

Insuring Your Car

It’s recommendable to explore several insurance companies to find the one that is affordable and convenient for your car. Inquire from your friends, family, and workmates about their experiences with insurance companies. To cut down your insurance expenses, try the following:

  • Explore and compare insurance covers from various companies.
  • You can insure the car along with your usual insurance company. You can attract an allowance of about 5%-10%.
  • ​Opt for insurance companies that allow quarterly installments if you are financially challenged.
  • ​Go for insurer’s discounts of its premium
  • ​Avoid under-insured motorist cover if not compulsory in your state
  • ​Go for “low-profile” insurance cover if your car expenses are not high
  • Do not decrease your limits of liability to cut insurance expenses.

Insurance Proposal Form


It is imperative to state about previous accidents and driving offenses when filling your insurance application form. This will shield you against the failure of your insurance company to pay in case you make an accident. 

If you are a restricted driver due to the drunk driving or hazardous driving, some insurance companies may demand that you pay a minimum amount that is twice the amount of the standard premium prices for about three years.

Please note that your policy can be canceled in the event you are found guilty of reckless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or speeding resulting in injury or death.

Interesting Facts About Car Insurance

Are you aware that car insurance is not compulsory in few states like Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Alabama, Iowa, and others? In such states, you are supposed to add cash deposit or a bond to cater for damages in case you get into an accident.

In New Hampshire and Virginia (if you pay the state $500) you can also go without insurance but still have to pay for damages in case of an accident. (

On the other hand, you should provide proof of the insurance in other states where it is compulsory. Before you decide the kind of insurance cover you should take for your automobile; you should consider the following factors:


When it comes to insuring your car, there are certain factors you should put into consideration. This is mainly because there is no relation between the insurance policy you pick and the service quality you will receive.

In other words, going for expensive premiums is not a guarantee that you will get better services. You should, therefore, you can call your state insurance person to find out information on premium rates.

Note that your premiums are maximized at return time, especially if you have made a claim within that period. It’s also paramount to contact the Insurance Information Institute for more information on car insurance.