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Why Are ATV Owners Glad They Have A Winch [What Pull Power Do I Need?]

Having an ATV is a good thing, but one thing that makes this even better is having a powerful and reliable winch. With an ATV winch, you will be able to easily pull off almost anything from the ground and get yourself out of a bind.

An ATV winch is important when you need pulling power to help pull yourself and others out when stuck. It can help you when you are on and off-road, working around your property, and when pulling just about anything.  

Most owners are glad they have one once they or others get stuck in the mud, snow, or rocky terrain. They love how versatile it is and how they can use it to move just about anything. 

Why Do Owners Love Their Winches?

Most owners love their winches because of how versatile they are. They can use it to do just about anything. 

Many owners feel very happy that their winch helped them get unstuck from mud or other situations. 

For heavier ATVs, you can pull smaller vehicles and lots of objects that might need to be pulled down, pulled out, or pulled onto something else. 

  • You could pull an ATV from a ditch.
  • You can pull up a tree root or pull a tree down. 
  • You can pull a load onto a trailer.

When working out on your property, you might want to work on the following:

  • Pulling fencing wire
  • Pulling out large rocks
  • Pulling a log
  • Pulling car parts or pieces of metal from overgrown grass and vegetation
  • Pulling parts for building structures on the property.

The options that are available are limited to your imagination. keeping in mind that safety is very important. Follow safety procedures and never pull when something dangerous could occur. (See this article)  

What Winch Pull Power Do I Need? 

Pulling Power ATV Winch

You may never need to use a winch if you only drive on paved roads. Yet, once you get off your regularly maintained roads, there’s a chance your ATV could get stuck regardless of how great its tires and power are.  

Most winches that are available to buy can pull ATVs out of the mud or snow. The reason you may need more power is for heavier vehicles such as side-by-side or a truck. 

  • Try a 2,000 lb. winch for smaller ATVs
  • Try a 3,500 lb. winch for larger ATVs
  • Try a 4,500 lb. winch for side-by-sides and UTVs
  • Try a 10,000+ lb. winch for a truck

Be careful to get all the size measurements for your vehicle and the winch to see if they are compatible with each other. 

Many winches are universally compatible, but if the winch is too large, it isn’t going to fit onto your ATV. The sizes above should be approximately how big your winch should be for the vehicle you have.  

Essential Factors to Consider

In looking for an ATV winch, make sure to consider the factors that will be mentioned below.

  • Line Pull: This is one of the technical specifications that should be given emphasis. This is indicative of what the winch and your ATV will be able to pull out. If you want one that can deliver better line pull, expect to find them in the more expensive models.
  • Motor: A powerful motor will improve the line pull of the winch. However, more powerful motors have higher prices. Pay attention to the specifications and design of the motor, making sure that it is perfect for the intended applications. Pay attention to the specified horsepower of the motor, which is one of the best ways to gauge how it will perform.
  • Material: This will refer to what is used in the rope of the winch. It should demonstrate unrivaled strength, which will also determine what it can pull. A tough material is steel, but one problem is that it is prone to snapping. Synthetic is not prone to snapping, but it is less durable. It is alright if it needs frequent replacement since it is cheap. At all times, pay attention to the weight limit of the rope so that it won’t break.
  • Safety: A good choice for an ATV winch is one that comes with various safety features, which can provide you with peace of mind when it is used. This will give you an assurance that it will not accidentally break, even when pulling a heavy load. Load holding and dynamic braking are some of the most important to avoid the slippage of the rope. Also, make sure that it is made from a strong material to make sure it is safe.
  • Feedback: If you are having a hard time differentiating the possibilities, you should consult with what other people have to say. By reading online reviews, you can learn from the experiences of other people and use this to narrow down the possibilities.
  • Price: This should be the least of your concerns, basically because you should never hesitate to buy an expensive product if this means that you will be able to enjoy premium quality and functionality. Expect that the best options will be expensive. Nonetheless, if you research carefully, you can be lucky and find the best deals.

Recommended ATV Winches

In this section, we will have a look at five winches you might want to consider.

1. Superwinch 1130220 LT3000 ATV 12 VDC Winch


Among other things, the 3,000-pound line pull of this winch is one of its most impressive features. With the latter, you can be confident that it will be able to easily pull even heavier objects without worrying that they will snap.

To make it even more powerful, the line pull is complemented with a 1.2 HP sealed permanent magnet motor.

For your safety, there are also several features that are sure to provide you with peace of mind. For instance, it has 100% automatic load holding, which is one thing that will eliminate the possibility of rope slippage. The circuit breaker protection is also a plus, which guarantees its safe functionality regardless of the weather conditions.

Lastly, we also love this ATV winch because it is made by a reputable brand. The name of the company is already more than enough to gain the confidence of the buyers.


Most people love the high stated capacity of the winch, which is reflective of its powerful performance. Having a remote is another good thing, which makes it easier to control even from a distance and also improves safety.


The Bottom Line

Although not necessarily the most user-friendly option, with its impressive technical specifications and overall quality, there is no doubt that this is an impressive option.

2. Extreme Max 5600.3072 Bear Claw ATV/UTV Deluxe Winch Package


This 3,100-pound bear claw winch is all that you need to transform your ATV into a workhorse. Given this technical specification, you can be confident that you will be able to pull almost any load without worrying that the rope will end up snapping.

To make it useful for a long time, it is also completely sealed. The latter makes it water-resistant. Even if it gets wet, the internal components will not be damaged.

Another good feature of this model is the oversized free spool. This will make it easy to engage and disengage. There are also triple planetary gears, which are useful for the even distribution of torque.

It is not only the rope that is durable in this ATV winch. It also comes with a zinc-plated steel hook, which is guaranteed to withstand the test of time. This also makes it strong regardless of the load that is being pulled.


With plenty of power and exceptional quality, this is one of the favorites within the product category. A lot of people loved how strong the rope is, allowing it to pull even heavy loads without difficulty while also maintaining the highest level of safety.

The Bottom Line

While putting together the ATV winch can be a bit of a challenge, we loved almost everything about this product, especially it’s quality.

3. Warn Winch 2500 Synthetic VRX 25 Kit


This ATV winch comes with a 3/16 synthetic rope with a length of 50 feet and a specified line pull of 2,500 pounds. Because the rope is synthetic, you can be confident that it will not be prone to snapping.

The fully-sealed construction of this winch is another feature that you will find impressive. This means that it is protected from external elements that can damage the components. This is one of the reasons why it will be long-lasting.

It is also worth noting that it comes with a three-stage planetary gear train. This is an innovative feature that ensures its smooth operation, even if it is pulling tough loads. It also has a roller disc brake, a patented technology that will provide complete control.


Reliability and durability are just some of the reasons why this is a popular option in the marketplace. You can be confident that it will last for a long time, and more importantly, even through the years, you can expect that it will be able to deliver a remarkable performance. 

The Bottom Line

Someone who wants a good winch, but may have a few issues. 

4. Champion Power Equipment 13004 3000-pound ATV-UTV Winch Kit


This model comes with a 1 HP permanent magnet-sealed motor. Complemented with its 3,000-pound line pull, you can expect that it will deliver exceptional performance even if the load is heavy.

For your safety, it is also a good thing that it is equipped with a dynamic braking system. This will eliminate any risk when using the winch, especially if you use it based on the instructions from the manufacturer.

Need more reasons to be convinced to choose this product? Well, the manufacturer is offering a 2-year limited warranty to provide you with peace of mind. To add, they have lifetime technical support, providing you with the assistance that you need throughout the functional life of the winch.


It has a quality that some believe is excellent. It has features that make it comparable to higher-end models, especially when it comes to long-lasting functionality. 

The Bottom Line

In sum, this is an excellent choice for people who are looking for an ATV winch that is practical, yet the quality is not compromised in any way.

5. USA Tool N More 2,500-pound Electric UTV/ATV Winch


You can be confident that this winch will deliver a good performance. It has a maximum pull line of 4,500 pounds. It also has a 1.8 hp permanent magnet motor, with mechanical load holding and a dynamic brake. 

A load-holding brake will provide you with peace of mind that it will remain safe even when it is pulling a heavy load.

To make it simple to use, aside from the basic design that makes it easy to figure out how to install everything, it also has a wireless remote, which can function at a distance.


Of the five products that are recommended in this guide, this is the one that is excellent when it comes to simplicity, making winching an easy task. There is no wonder why this is a recommended choice for beginners. 

The Bottom Line

This is another winch option that will make the perfect choice for beginners in winching, especially because it is user-friendly.

Benefits of Using an ATV Winch

Here are some of the good reasons why you should invest in an ATV winch:

  • Towing Vehicles: One of the best uses of an ATV winch is pulling a vehicle. This can be useful in various situations, such as when the vehicle is stuck in mud or when it just suddenly stops at the middle of the road.
  • Pull Objects: Let us say that you are working on the farm and you need to pull off a large and heavy object, you can do so easily with the use of your ATV winch.
  • Plowing: Another good use of an ATV winch is for attaching a plow that will help you to get rid of thick snow on the ground. This is a lot easier than manually shoveling the snow.


Now that you are done reading, we hope that it is now easier for you to choose an ATV winch. There are tons of options in the market. 

Try to find one that has a good warranty, good customer reviews, and will fit your ATV properly.  

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