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Why Should You Use Car Covers? [6 Reasons]

Your car is your most personalized expensive possessions. You have a personal attachment to it. Just as you take extra care to keep your external look, attractive, fresh and appealing, you have the same attitude towards your car.

But since your car is always exposed to external environment, it is vulnerable to dusting and theft. Hence, you need to use car covers. Below are some specific reasons why you must cover your car when it is not in use.

1. Protection from Storms and Weather

Weather Protection car cover

High winds, tornadoes, hail, ice storms, hurricanes and heavy winter storms, mudslides, heavy rain, and floods can cause extensive damage to the external as well as internal parts of your car. Heavy winds can cause blowing of twigs, small and large particles of dirt and pebbles may have abrasive effects on your car.

Consequently, there may be wearing down of the clear coat of paint. During warmer weather, the sunlight and heat may cause damage to the interior, and the UV rays may damage the exterior paint.

2. Environmental Nuisances


When you park your car in a public place, nuisances such as bird droppings, pollen, sap or other sticking materials may cause the external portion of your car look disfigured and bizarre.

3. Theft Deterrent

Theft Deterrent

The Car Cover provides a thin covering of coating over your car. Car thieves often do their jobs of car stealing within the quickest possible time. Therefore, to avoid uncovering, they don’t make theft attempt on covered cars. If you use a lock and cable to your car cover, your car will be most safe and secure, when it is out of your sight.

4. Parking in Garage

Parking in Garage

Even if your car is in your garage, a thick layer of dust may cover it. Consequently, you may find paint fallout, strong liquid spillage, and falling objects, causing damage or contamination your car. It will be expensive and time consuming for repairing or replacing the same.

5. People

Sometimes, unconcerned people may also cause damage to your car. They are construction workers who are mixing cement or cutting concrete, just adjacent to your car. An inadvertent fall of thick cement or brick dust may cause huge damage to your car.

Similarly, a careless neighbor, while painting their fence or house may contaminate the exterior of your car with over-spray or paint specks. Even your kids may make scratches on your car, just out of inquisitiveness. The accumulated effect of these inadvertent human activities may corrode, oxidize, degrade and bring premature aging to the exterior parts of your car.

6. Animals

Animals Near Car

Cats are most comfort-seeking and may try to invade the interior of your car seat. Even if the windows of your car are locked, their attempts to invade may cause scratches on your car. The same is the case for squirrels, chipmunks, and mice.

Car covers need a small investment that aids to you to save nine stitches if you make one in time. Therefore, go in for the best car cover that can give you protection from all the above eventualities.

Benefits of Portable Car Garage

When you buy a new car, you immediately need permanent space for building a sturdy garage. You have yet another alternative of safe-keeping of your car in a portable car garage. While providing parking and protection, it is cheaper and affordable. The following are the benefits; you can derive by having a portable car garage.

use car covers

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  • Portability: It has the ease of re-position that helps you to keep your car, in certain outside location, for a comparatively longer period. You need not have it up all the time. You can keep some essential equipment which you can keep underneath your portable garage, particularly, during the winter. You can relocate the same when the season is over.
  • Simplicity: It has a simple design and can be installed by anybody, anywhere at any time, with a sturdy anchorage system. There is no need for digging or drilling. It is hassle free.
  • Affordability: Compared to the permanent garage, it is cheaper. The price, however, varies with options, size, materials, and design and of course, the quality.
  • Weather Safety: It keeps your car away from hazards of exposure to different weathers; winter snow, harmful UV rays of the sun, rain, and sleet.
  • Ease for Solitary Dwellers: If you are living alone, you can keep your car, even close to your front doors and you can have a round the clock watch over your it.
  • Protection against Burglars: The permanent car garages are usually built much away from your living rooms, and hence there are more chances of theft, particularly, if you are not at home, and your car is left alone.
  • Adds to Home Value: If you don’t have a permanent car garage, you will be disadvantaged, if you decide to sell your home. The portable garage will add to the décor and value of your home.

Rusting is an outcome of a chemical reaction arising out of the combination of iron (Fe) and oxygen. The reddish rust is a chemical compound, known as ferric oxide. That is the reason, why a coating of paint or chromium is put on automotive and other metal (iron) parts so that the atmospheric oxygen does react with iron to give rise to rust and thus to disfigure the parts and to reduce their longevity. It is, therefore, essential that all car owners use the best rust remover to keep their car metal parts, without rust and shining.

There are numerous rust removers available in the market. You can use them for removing the stain from various metal surfaces of your car. These products are biodegradable and harmless to humans and provide long-term protection from rusting.

Water is a chemical combination of 2 molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen. Therefore, if the metal parts of your car come in contact with water, the oxygen of water attacks the iron to make a ferric oxide. The best rust remover converts the ferric oxide to ferrous oxide, which is detached and removed from the surface

You can choose any of the trade names of best rust removers such as Evapo Rust, Unrest Rust, Magica, Boeshield, Bull Frog, Workshop Hero, Citrisurf 77 Plus and much more.