Best Carport Kits: Choosing a Temporary Shelter for your Car

Sep, 2017
Best Carport Kits

You have a car, but you have no garage. What is the best thing to do? I believe that you should be looking for the best carport kits that are available in the market and consider investing in one. This will provide a portable garage, which can even double as a tent where you can gather with family and friends while enjoying the outdoors.

Not all carports, however, are created the same. Do not make the mistake of buying one only because of its aesthetics or its low price. You have to be responsible enough to carry out an intelligent evaluation of the possibilities, such as through the materials that are used and their functionality.

If you have no idea on which carport kit is best to purchase, keep on reading and we’ll share some useful insights that will help you come up with the right decision. Aside from discussing the most important considerations, we will also tackle five of the best options available in the market today, as well as the features that make them exceptional.

Essential Factors to Consider

To start our discussions, let us first have a quick look at some of the most important considerations in choosing a carport kit that will work best for your needs:

Palram Arcadia 5000 Carport & Patio Cover 16 x 12 x 8


  • Ease of Assembly: Most carports can be assembled by two persons. It is best to have a helping hand so that you can safely complete its installation. Pay attention to the instructions from the manufacturer as well.
  • Size: How big is your car? How big is the space available in the yard? These are two of the most important things that will help you to decide on the size of the carport. More often than not, a bigger carport is a better option since this guarantees better protection for your car.
  • Durability: If you want the best value for money, see to it that the carport is made from premium materials that will last for a long time. Powder coating is important for steel frames, which will allow the latter to resist rust and corrosion.
  • Versatility: In most instances, a carport should not only cover your car, but must also double as a covered tent. This can be used if you have gatherings with family and friends, such as for lunch in the garden.
  • Portability: Lightweight carports are good in terms of portability, but make sure that the stability will not be compromised. Standalone carports are better than those that are attached to a fixed structure. This means that you can easily disassemble it and install in a different location.
  • Warranty: This is an important consideration as it will provide you with peace of mind. The standard warranty is one year. Some can have up to ten years of warranty. A longer warranty is a better choice since this means that you can expect support from the manufacturer in case the product proves to be defective.

Top 5 Picks for the Best Carport Kits

Below are five of the products that can provide the best bang for the buck. To convince you that they will make great choices, we will also list down their main features.

1. Caravan Canopy 10 x 20 Feet Carport

Caravan Canopy 10 X 20-Feet Domain Carport, White

Among other things, this is a well-loved option for a carport kit because it comes with an affordable price, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious buyers. It comes with a white top made from a strong material that delivers heat and water-resistance. More than just being functional as a temporary and movable shelter for your car, it can also double as a tent to provide shade and protection from the rain during outdoor parties. The steel frame is also known for its durability. With powder coating, it can resist peeling and corrosion, among other problems.

Main Product Features:

  • Spacious 10x20 feet covered space
  • Polyethylene top is heat and water-resistant
  • 7 feet of maximum height clearance
  • Stake and rope kits are included
  • Stakes have a diameter of 1 and 3/8 inch for stability


  • Has a spacious covered area
  • Putting up the carport can be accomplished in a snap
  • Open sides make it function as a tent
  • Comes with an affordable price
  • Top part is heat-resistant


  • Metal parts are prone to making screeching sound
  • May not be able to withstand extreme wind

2. The Shelter Logic Shed Box Auger Anchors

ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box with Auger Anchors, Peak, Gray

While this may not be the easiest in terms of assembly, once you get the hang of it, you can easily put the pieces together. One feature that makes it stand out against its competition is the ShelterLock 3X steel stabilizer, which is an innovative technology. With the latter, it will remain rock solid amidst the external conditions. The cover has undergone heat sealing, unlike many other carports that are only stitched. This provides an assurance that water will be kept out. The cover is also made from a material that is thick enough to be tough, yet it allows light to pass through to provide illumination.

Main Product Features:

  • Fitted with a 1-3/8-inch steel frame
  • Frame has DuPont powder coat finish
  • Shelter-lock patent-pending stabilizer
  • Heat-sealed construction
  • Easy-slide cross rail system


  • Has side walls to keep your car away from prying eyes
  • Comes with a sturdy and durable side frame
  • Excellent wind resistance
  • Sturdy anchor system to keep the carport stable
  • Has a bright interior


  • Assembly can take quite some time
  • Instructions are quite vague

3. American Phoenix Portable Commercial Shelter

American Phoenix 10x20 Multi Color and Size Portable Event Canopy Tent, Canopy Tent, Party Tent Gazebo Canopy Commercial Fair Shelter Car Shelter Wedding Party Easy Pop Up (Black, 10x20)

If assembly of the carport is your main concern, this is one product that you might find to be an excellent alternative. It can be put up in a few minutes and without the need to deal with complicated instructions. Best of all, there are no tools that are necessary. It is also a carport that is open on the sides, allowing it to function as well as a tent. The problem with this design, however, is that it is not good if it rains. Your car will not be protected from the sides. Also, it keeps your vehicle exposed to the public because the sides are open.

Main Product Features:

  • 10 x 20 feet covered space
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Top is made from oxford cloth
  • Water-resistant


  • Lightweight construction, making it possible to be easily used anywhere
  • Open sidewalls for versatile functionality
  • Perfect even for commercial use
  • Set-up can be easily accomplished
  • Economical price


  • The legs can be easily prone to bending
  • Not enough protection from the rain

4. Palram Arcadia Carport Patio Cover

Palram Arcadia 5000 Carport & Patio Cover 16 x 12 x 8

If budget is not an issue, this is one carport kit that is worth taking into account. It may have a ridiculous price tag, but the main reason for the latter is the fact that it comes with premium features that you will not find in the cheaper alternatives. Its strength is one of its defining features. It is not one of those carports that will be easily blown by the wind. The roof is also shatterproof, which makes it even stronger even amidst inclement weather conditions. Best of all, you will have peace of mind with this product since the manufacturer is offering a 10-year warranty.

Main Product Features:

  • Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 8 feet
  • Frame made from a combination of aluminum and steel
  • 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate roof
  • Offers 100% UV protection
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer


  • Made from high-quality and durable material
  • Not only a carport, but doubles as a covered outdoor space as well
  • Does not require maintenance
  • Can resist even strong winds
  • Offers excellent UV protection


  • One of the most expensive carports in the market
  • Lacks portability

5. Gazebo Penguin 45506 Season Carport

Gazebo Penguin 455006 ACAY All Season Carport with Gutter

Similar to the one that we have mentioned above, this is a ridiculously expensive product. Nonetheless, the price can be easily justified by the fact that its quality is hard to beat. It is made from materials that are built to withstand the test of time, especially the roof. One thing that makes it even better is the fact that it already comes with gutter, making it easier to make sure that water will be kept out of the carport.

Main Product Features:

  • Base Dimensions: 3.55m x 4.51 m
  • Height: 2.36 m
  • UV-treated polycarbonate roof
  • Comes with gutter and drains


  • Roof comes with high-quality design
  • Open side walls allow excellent air circulation
  • Generous space
  • Perfect for use throughout the year
  • Great height clearance


  • High price
  • Minimal product reviews

What are the Different Types of Carport Kits?

It is important to be familiar with the different styles and types of carports that are available so that you can easily make the right decision. There are different ways to categorize the carports that are available in the market, such as through the following:

1. Material

  • Some of the most common materials that are available for carports include steel, metal, aluminum, and wood. Steel and metal are two of the top choices. They tend to be heavy, which is why some people opt for aluminum since they are lightweight.
  • Wood is the least preferred option for a carport. It requires heavy maintenance and may not be as long lasting as its counterparts.

2. Design

  • In terms of the design of the carport, there are some that are independent and movable structures, such as those that we have mentioned in this guide.
  • There are also some carports that function as an extension of the house, garage, or any other permanent structure.
  • Some carports are open on the side, allowing air to pass through. There are some with side walls. The latter hides the vehicle from the prying eyes, but can be prone to condensation because of the lack of air circulation.

At the end of the day, there is no universal answer on which one is the best. It all boils down to personal needs and preferences.

Quick Tips in Using Carport Kits

To make the most out of your carport kit and to make sure that it will offer the protection that your car needs, below are some of the most important things that you have to take into consideration:

  • Make sure to choose the right position of the carport. Do not place it in the street or in an area that is already beyond your private property. In some places, you will need to secure a permit before you can proceed with the installation of a carport.
  • Keep it clean to make the carport last longer. Even if they are made from the best materials that are available, they still need proper care and maintenance to extend their functional life. More often than not, soap and water will be enough to keep it clean.
  • You also need to pay attention to the anchoring system. They may already be included, but in some instances, you have to purchase them separately. This will be necessary to keep the carport stable amidst strong wind.
  • Pay attention to condensation as well. One of the possible causes of the latter is poor ventilation. With this, see to it that there is enough opening to let air come in. The material used for the carport can also lead to condensation.
  • Do not attempt to set it up on your own, especially if it is a large one. Do not hesitate to ask for a helping hand so that you can prevent injuries and be sure that the carport is set up the right way.


In sum, while all of the products that have been mentioned in this review are excellent, Caravan Canopy 10 x 20 Feet Carport stands out from the rest. If you are searching for the best carport kits, especially ones that are affordable, this will make an excellent choice. It is simple, versatile, and portable, making it almost everything that you will need for a carport.

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