Which Equipment Should You Put In RV Tool Box

Which Equipment Should You Put In RV Tool Box?

When you are in an outing in your RV, particularly on a long trip, you are at the mercy of uncertainty and unpredictability. You may come across any unwanted eventuality on the way or during your camping that may cause unwarranted adverse situations.

Shield against the Unpredictability

Think of the nightmares you will be subjected to, along with others accompanying you. In order,, therefore,, to make your trip hassle-free and to have a safe journey back home, it is essential to put everything in your toolbox, be it small or big. Leave nothing to chances. Below is the comprehensive list of the tools and ancillary items that you must put into your toolbox.

Essential Automotive Tools

Essential Automotive Tools

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  • Complete set of standard and metric Socket Wrenches to loosen or tighten machine nuts and bolts
  • Small, medium, and large screwdrivers; flat-bladed and Philips’ head so as to loosen and tighten screws and to pry apart different parts and components
  • Set of standard pliers to firmly hold machine nuts while removing, squeezing, or installing different parts
  • Medium and large-sized Channel-lock pliers to handle over-sized machine nuts or to turn pipes
  • Complete set of small drill bits of sizes from 1/16 inch to ¼ inch that should work for both wood and metal
  • Cordless Drill along with a spare battery so that you can turn the drill bits to make holes and raise or lower the trailer stabilizing jacks
  • A sturdy claw hammer that can straighten any bent item or vice versa. It can be used to drive stakes and nails and also to pull them again.
  • A Combo of Hammer-Hatchet. The hammer end encourages the hitch coupler latch to lock into the exact place. Moreover, it can drive stakes into the ground. The hatchet end can be used to split firewood and to defend against intruders.
  • A pocket knife that can be used to cut twine and rope can strip the insulation of the wire.
  • A Hobby knife along with extra blades that can be used to make precise cuts on vinyl, canvas, paper, tape, plastics, or wood
  • Wire Cutters to cut electrical wires or to turn metal-coated hangers into marshmallow skewers.
  • Small Measuring tape to measure the length of the electrical wire you need
  • Mini Hacksaw along with additional blade for sawing the twisted bolts, thicker plastics, or damaged metal work
  • A small Two-way Bubble level for properly leveling your rig
  • A Folding Tree Saw to cut trees that might have fallen and obstructed the road
  • All-inclusive Leatherman Multi-tool that contains regular pliers, wire cutters, wire strippers, can opener, ruler, file, electrical crimper pliers, serrated knife, bottle opener, screwdrivers of different sizes, needle nose pliers and saw


  • Vinyl Adhesives to fix tears
  • Super glue for high-strength mending
  • Multi-purpose adhesive to re-affix door seals and loose trim
  • Thread locker glue to fix vibrating screws and bolts
  • Silicon Sealant to prevent rainwater from creeping in
  • Seam Sealer tends to keep the dew away
  • Duct Tape for any repair

Hardware and Fasteners

Hardware and Fasteners

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There are chances that adhesives may not repair some broken or damaged things. So it will be safer to put in your toolbox, assorted sizes of machine screws and bolt with matching nuts and washers. Also, put their wooden versions.

Set of sockets of sizes ½ inch, ¼ inch, and 3/8 inch, along with extensions and adapters

While in the forest, you may need to keep things cinching together. A bundle of removable and permanent plastic zip ties will serve the purpose.

To prevent your toiletries scattering in the bathroom, while you are traveling, put into your tool box a couple of cabinet door catches.

Light & Bulbs

  • Assorted fuses of different ratings of amperage to replace blown-out fuses on power panels or power converters.
  • Assorted spare bulbs for turning and running lights, brake lights, and also for interior light
  • A small and handy voltmeter to trace shorts and measure voltages of the battery
  • A roll of electrical tape to prevent sparks or fuses from blowing
  • A roll of 10 gauge or 12 gauge insulated wire for bypassing a problem area
  • A soldering iron and solder, operated by battery to make electrical repair
  • A Head-mounted flashlight to facilitate working with both hands in the dark
  • Weatherproof Safety match box for lighting a lantern or fuel for a campfire

Hand Protection

For performing any dirty job, while in the campground, you need to carry a dozen pairs of rubber or latex hand gloves. Also, carry a sturdy pair of leather hand gloves for performing any rough and tough job. Don’t forget to carry some waterless skin cleanser or pre-moisturized wipes for getting refreshed after the dirty and rough job. You can get these items from home improvement centers.

Hand Protection

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Miscellaneous Items

These aren’t mandatory; however, they may be useful when no one is around. Therefore, other items that you may want to add up to your toolbox include:

  • Ball hitch lubricant for minimizing the grinding at the time of towing
  • A can of spray lubricant
  • Washers for Water hose
  • A roll of Plumber’s tape (Teflon)
  • The best generator for RV that is useful for any emergency purposes
  • Two-way radios to back your rig into a site. It can monitor the kids and hitch up the trailer. Carry the headphone type so that you can keep both your hands on the wheel while driving  
  • A kingpin lock or a coupler for locking your trailer safe from being stolen
  • Permanent felt marker to make signs, to mark your belongings and to keep track of the wires

It is essential that you have a dedicated set of tools for your RV because you don’t know when which one will be needed. Whether you are a veteran camper or a newcomer, never leave anything to chances. If your RV tool box is intelligently planned and equipped, you can get the real pleasure of camping.

Every bit of the items mentioned above has an important role to play while you are outing in your RV. Go through the essential tips for maintaining an RV to work on it like a Pro!