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Must-Read Buyer’s Guide Before Purchasing The Best Cobalt Drill Bit In The United States

Are you looking for an apt drill bit set for domestic use? Or are you willing to replace your current bit set, which is producing too much heat? If you are planning to purchase the best cobalt drill bit set, then consider some factors and specifications, which are described at length in this buyer’s guide.

This will be handy to pick the best cobalt drill bit set out of the rest. Moreover, you will get an idea of the star products that are currently running in the industrial market of cobalt drill bit sets.

What are Cobalt Drill Bits?

There are plenty of bits available in the market for the various surface materials. Some are apt for the metals; some are suitable for wood drilling, whereas some are appropriate for rough and even surfaces as well. Cobalt drill bits are made from steel alloy, which contains 5-8% cobalt.

Normally, the cobalt drill bits are made from M42 and M35 grade cobalt steel. If steel alloy has an amount of 5 percent cobalt, then it is called M35-grade cobalt steel. M42 cobalt steel contains 8 percent of cobalt. The key purpose of adding up the cobalt is to enhance the heat resistance capacity and durability of the bits. The bits gain the property of endurance against the high temperature due to cobalt metal.

How to Buy the Best Cobalt Drill Bit for Yourself?


Consider the below specifications for the best cobalt drill bit before you go for purchase:

  • Material used: Material is the essential factor that affects the selection of the cobalt drill bit. Higher cobalt content in the steel alloy enhances the sturdiness and heat resistivity of the bit.
  • Length: The durability of the bit also depends on the length. As the length of the bit increases, its durability and toughness decrease. All in all, shorter cobalt bits withstand breaking, spinning, and twisting.
  • Size: Make sure you get a variety of sizes before purchasing any drill bit set. The availability of different diameters will make your drill machine work for multiple jobs.
  • Tip point style: Tip style will determine the penetration capacity of the bit through the material. There are many tip styles of drill bits, such as split drill point, V- point, tapered point, brad point, and fish point, available in the market. The 135-degree split point style is most commonly used in cobalt drill bits.

Top 5 Best Cobalt Drill Bits 2017 Market​

Product (Amazon Links)Brand  

Irwin Tools 3018002 Cobalt M-35 Metal Index Drill Bit Set, 29 Piece



DEWALT DW1263 14-Piece Cobalt Pilot Point Drill Bit Set



Drill America DWD29J-CO-PC Qualtech 29 Piece

Drill America


Craftsman 9-64085 Professional Cobalt Drill Bit Set, 21 Piece



Cobalt Drill Bit Set M42 HSS 29pc USA Drills



Below are the best cobalt drill bits, which are available in the market:

1. Irwin Tools 3018002 Cobalt M-35 Metal Index Drill Bit Set, 29 Piece


Are you looking for a drill, which can penetrate through rough surfaces to its fullest extent? Then Irwin drill bit set is an apt pick to meet your requirement. It is sturdy and strong enough to withstand against the wear and tear effects. Moreover, you can use it in various jobs as it comes in large range of sizes.

Key use of cobalt into M35 steel eliminates the heating problem during the job to some extent. It also enhances the durability and life of the tool. You can effortlessly complete the heavy duty job using Irwin dill bit set. Moreover, the feature of 135 degree split point keeps the drill balanced on the surface during operation.

Main Features

  • The case comes up with 29 pieces of the bits
  • It is made up of M-35 steel with 5% cobalt
  • Highly scratch resistant and has super drilling speed
  • Apex of the bit with the 135 degree split point
  • Size of the bits ranges from 1/16 to ½ inches


  • It is designed for highly rough metals
  • The use of cobalt increases the efficiency of the cutting edge and lessens the maintenance
  • It also does not produce heat during the operation
  • 135 degree split pointed apex reduces the efforts of the operator when performing the task
  • It can be driven into the rough surfaces with less troublesome
  • It is easy to carry on work places


  • Few smaller bits can break after certain number of holes
  • You need to oil the bits frequently to avoid the breaking of bits during the operations

2. DEWALT DW1263 14-Piece Cobalt Pilot Point Drill Bit Set


Many a time your drill can not perform the job accurately due to the inapt tip of bit. Well, as the name itself says DEWALT pilot point drill bit set omits the problem of poor grip, spinning and twisting of drill from the rough surfaces. It performs the operation with high accuracy.

Moreover, DEWALT is made from the alloy of steel and superior cobalt, which is normally used for industrial purpose. Hence, it gives the swiftness and sturdiness to the drill bits. You can easily carry the set without any concern of damage as its case is constructed using ABS material.

Main Features

  • Size of the bit ranges from 1/16 to 3/8 inches
  • The bits come up with durable and lasting case consisting of ABS material
  • Skidding rubber lock for the safety of bits
  • Bits are comprised of the alloy of cobalt and stainless steel
  • Apex of bit with 135 degree split point
  • Set contains 14 piece of bits


  • The certain amount of cobalt in the alloy enhances the durability of the bits
  • Skidding rubber lock keeps tight the case whether the bits are in use or not
  • Apex with 135 degree split point reduces the manoeuvre
  • They can be drilled into wood and metals with ease


  • These bits have pilot tip, which means you cannot sharpen the tips as possibly we do in regular bits to enhance the life and efficiency of the bit

3. Drill America DWD29J-CO-PC Qualtech 29 Piece


Is your drill producing heat at major extent during job? Are you looking for the better substitute, which can eliminate this issue? Then consider the bellow specification of Drill America DWD29J-CO-PC Qualtech. The glazing of gold oxide over the cobalt steel surface enhances the heat resistance capacity of the tool.

You do not need to make a pilot hole before the starting of the operation as the bits have self- focusing 135 degree split point. These bits are used in large range of machines. There is no concern of bending of drill bits due to the provision of twisted area. It can be used for various duty jobs as it comes in variety of sizes.

Main Features

  • Highly heat and scratch resistant
  • Length of the bit is 29 inches
  • It is made up of cobalt steel with the finishing of gold oxide
  • Apex of bit with 135 degree split point
  • Drill America comes up with plastic case, which has 29 piece of bits
  • Size of the bits ranges from 1/16 to ½ inches
  • Round shank of bit


  • Use of cobalt steel enhance the life and the efficiency of the bits during the operations
  • Cover of gold oxide increases the heat resistance capacity of the bits
  • It comes up with the size index so you can easily choose an apt bit for the operation
  • There is no need of pilot hole on the rough surfaces due to 135 degree split point


  • The quality of case material is not much satisfying

4. Craftsman 9-64085 Professional Cobalt Drill Bit Set, 21 Piece


Craftsman 9-64085 Professional Cobalt Drill Bit Set is indeed handy for the heavy duty jobs. If you are dealing with heavy metals and rough surfaces everyday then use of this guy will certainly reduce your efforts during operation. Moreover, the bit set comes with size index so that you can easily pick the suitable size of bit for the operation without getting confused in sizes.

The feature of split point enhances the accuracy during drilling. The bit set is easy to carry as it comes in plastic case. Moreover, you can have many options in sizes of bits. Hence, your tool can perform multiple jobs at once.

Main Features

  • Size of Craftsman ranges from 1/16 to 3/8 inches
  • Set of 21 piece bits come into plastic case
  • Suitable for variety of materials and surfaces
  • Enhanced split point


  • It is quite handy for the heavy duty jobs where high pressure drill is required
  • It is apt for machines such as hand drill and drill press
  • Its enhanced split point eliminates the concern of pilot hole and makes the bit balanced on the surface
  • It is used for rough surfaces and all sort of metals


  • The absence of side notch at the end of the bit, which results in insecure grip and need of constant pressure to penetrate through the rough and tough surfaces

5. Cobalt Drill Bit Set M42 HSS 29pc USA Drills


Are you looking for a sturdy drill bit for your drill machines? Are you sick of the twisting of the bits in the middle of operations? Then Cobalt Drill bit set M42 HSS is an apt option to resolve your problem. It is made from superior cobalt M42 grade steel.

It is indeed a valuable product in the industrial market due to its high melting point, durability and enhanced cutting speed. Moreover, its tri-flat shank feature makes the bits stick to the surface. All in all it prevents the bit from the twisting and spinning.

Main Features

  • Use of Premium solid CobaltM42 grade steel with advanced speed into the formation of bit
  • Size of bits ranges from 1/16 to ½ inches
  • Provision of 135° split end point
  • High melting point of 2853 °F
  • Provision of tri-flat shank


  • Provision of tri-flat shank prevents the bit from twisting from the position
  • Use of M42 cobalt steel enhances the penetrating speed of bit
  • It has highly heat resistance due to the high melting point


  • The only con is the use of worse material in casing of drill set

What are the Different Types of Cobalt Drill Bits available in the Market?

Below are the types of cobalt drill bits on the basis of their tip style, length and shank style:

1. Twist cobalt bits

Cobalt twist drill bits are used for all sorts of surfaces and materials. This is the most preferable type of cobalt drill bit, which is used for variety of operations. It comes in different sizes to perform multiple jobs. Moreover, the sturdiness of the cobalt twist drill bit enhances with the shorter length of bit.

Hence, there is no concern of breaking or spinning or twisting for the shorter twist bits. Few bits have coatings of gold oxide, bronze oxide to increase the heat resistance capacity of bit.

2. Counter bore cobalt bits

Counter bore cobalt bit has flat bottom with a tiny middle hole, which cuts the surfaces thoroughly. Counter bore cobalt drill bits are used to cover the apex of fastener. These bits are commonly used for the wood and plastic surfaces. They are not suitable for the metals. Moreover, these bits are made from high speed steel and do not have any sort of coatings.

3. Countersink drill bit

These bits are normally used for the drilling in wooden surface. These bits make small pilot hole initially with the help of small middle hole, which pierces the material thoroughly. Moreover, countersink drill bits can sit properly without twisting from the surface due to its tapered fastener head.

4. Cobalt step drill bit

Step drill bits are generally used for the metals. This bit can penetrate up to 0.25 inches inside the metal. You can easily drill various diameters of holes with using a single bit due to its stepped design. Moreover, you can also use step cobalt drill bit for the wood material due to its good penetrating capacity.

You may always combine this tool with other useful tools such as car buffers, which can help in polishing and buffering the car exteriors and anti-corrosion remedy, the grease guns that help in avoiding corrosion process in cars.

There are so many options available for the cobalt drill bit set. Before choosing a cobalt drill bit set, you should keep in mind some factors such as durability, length, availability of the sizes, tip point style, material used into the making of bit, material of case and the endurance of bit against high temperature.

Cobalt Drill Bit Set M42 HSS 29 pc satisfies many qualities at some level, which are described above. It is made from high speed steel M42. Moreover, it comes in variety of sizes so you can use it for multiple jobs. Its tri-flat shank feature prevents the bit from twisting and spinning. Hence, Cobalt Drill Bit Set M42 HSS has good enough features to opt for purchase.