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Tips For Resetting Service Engine Soon Light

Do you have your own car? Do you have the basic knowledge about car repair to deal with emergencies? Do you know how to reset service engine soon light? While having a car, people try to know the basics so that they will be able to restart the vehicle in emergencies. If you have some knowledge about the engine, then it can truly help you in difficult situations.

Now, modern automobiles are equipped with onboard computers that keep track of the performance of the engine and store the data and error codes when problems are found. The service engine soon light of your vehicle will turn on if the computer notices some defects in the engine. If it still remains on even after the required repair, then you need to reset it to clear the error code. You do not need any expertise to reset the service engine soon light. Anyone can do it with minimal knowledge. You just need to know t how to do it and when to do it.

Do you want to know how to reset the service soon light without the help of a mechanic? Do you want to know more about the engine soon light? If yes, then you can go through this article. In this article, you will get the details of the service engine soon light, such as what it is and what you need to do to reset it on your own.

Before knowing how to reset the service engine soon light, first, you need to know why the light is on and what the possible causes are. In some cases, you might need some repair and replacement. It might be the sign of some major repair and replacement work. Hence, it is important to find out the true cause.

Why is the engine light on?


The light is on, which means you have some problems with the engine of your vehicle. When you see the light on for the first time, you will certainly be worried about the unexpected expenditure. You might think of some damage and repairs that might cost you thousands of dollars. Instead of relying on negative thoughts, first, you should try to know what might be the possible causes of the light-on. If you think that there is no reason for any major or minor damage, then you can try to reset the engine soon light on your own.

How to start


Even if you know that your vehicle is in good condition, still you need to some primary check to ensure that your engine is working well and you do not need to visit a servicing center for the repairing.

Gas Cap


You might have some problem with the gas cap. It might be loose. Hence, check the gas cap to ensure that it is in the proper position. You can tighten the gas cap and check inside to make sure that it is more than half full. After this, you can drive for half an hour to check the condition of the light. If it is still on then you can install a new gas cap. But if you notice the same problem after the replacement, then you can consider visiting an expert to know the exact problem in the engine.

Other problems


Your vehicle might have some other problems, like some issues with the oxygen sensor, a dirty and defective MAF sensor, or a problem with the service engine light itself. The experts will try to find out the true cause. If there is any, they will try to fix it. If the light is still on, then there might be some problem with the code. In this condition, you can do it on your own without the help of any mechanic.

How to reset service engine soon light on your own


To start the process, you will have to disable the service engine light of your vehicle. You can use the scan tool or you can disconnect the battery of your car as well. But the easy and effective way is to use a scan tool. You will need a pen, paper, and a scanning tool to reset your engine soon light.

Before starting, you should understand your car’s system well. Right information will help to get the proper scanning tool to clear the error code. After having the proper idea about the scanning tool, you can either borrow it from someone or buy it from the market. For the basic requirements, cars made before 1996 normally use the OBD System, and cars after 1996 use the OBD-2 system. You can decide the tool depending on the year of manufacturing of your vehicle. In case you have any doubts, you can go through the car manual.

Once you have the scanning tool, get the scanning tool interface in your vehicle by checking under the driver seat, the left side of the dashboard, and under the hood in the engine compartment. If you are unable to find the scan tool interface, then go through the owner’s manual. It will help you to locate the scanning tool interface.

After locating the interface, connect the scanning tool to the interface and then turn it on. If it displays any code, then write down the code for future reference. Now, you can use the erase function on your scanner to remove the codes. To achieve this, you need to select the scanning tool menu click check engine light, and then select erase. You are done. Now, you can disconnect the scanning tool from the scanning tool interface. After finishing the job, you can restart your vehicle to ensure that now the light is off. It is simple and will take only ten to fifteen minutes.


Before erasing the codes, you need to write it down on a paper. If the problems occur even after clearing the codes, then you might the codes to diagnose the problem and sort out the issue.

You can follow these simple steps to reset service engine soon light. In the case of any doubt, you can take the help of any expert.