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How Bad Is Push Starting A Motorcycle?

Push-starting a motorcycle is one of the ways to get your bike going again if it suddenly stops. It is also referred to as clutch starting or crash starting. However, a lot of motorcycle owners are afraid to push-start their motorcycle even if it is necessary.

Contrary to what most people think, push starting a motorcycle is not bad at all as long as you do it correctly. Both the clutch and transmission should be in good condition if you want to push-start your motorcycle. However, address known issues first and establish if you can handle the motorcycle weight before push starting.

So, if you find yourself in the middle of the road and your engine won’t start, then do not hesitate to push start your bike if you can handle the weight safely. Let us talk about some reasons why it is not bad to push-start your motorcycle for you to have peace of mind in case you are still skeptical about doing it.

Why Push Starting Your Motorcycle Isn’t Bad

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Just like what was mentioned earlier, push starting a motorcycle is not bad at all as long as it is done properly. One important thing to remember when you do push start is to set your motorcycle on second gear. If you do this, it will limit the drivetrain shock that is felt in the motorcycle as compared to using first gear.

Most people think that push-starting creates a gear clash that can be very damaging to your transmission. This is why it is important to set the transmission to second gear to avoid any clashing that can damage your transmission.

However, this action can still put tension on the transmission’s gear, but healthy transmissions will never get damaged even with the slightest scratch.

When it comes to the clutch, push-starting a motorcycle will wear out the clutch but only a little bit. You will never even notice this tiny wear which means that it does not do significant damages to both your transmission and clutch as long as you follow the proper guide in push starting a motorcycle.

Also, when you own a motorcycle, it is very important to keep note of various things like washing your motorcycle once a week so that it stays clean and avoids any malfunction. Moreover, it is also important to have the best motorcycle chains so that the vehicle does not stop in the middle of the road.

In the blog below, you will learn how to push start a motorcycle like a pro:

Step 1: Check What Causes Your Motorbike To Stop

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To help you save time, you must check for things that might stop your motorbike from running in the first place. In addition to saving your precious time, it also helps you check the things that are either not working or in poor condition.

For example, it will take you only two seconds to check if your vehicle has gas or not. What you will have to do is to check the gas gauge to know your gas level. After checking for your gas, there are more things that you have to check that might cause your bike to stop running.

  • Do you still have gas?
  • Is the petcock turned ‘ON’?
  • Check if the kill switch is set to ‘RUN’
  • Check if the kickstand is up
  • Is your bike in neutral?

It is better to check the things mentioned above before you push start your vehicle to know the main reason why your bike stopped running.

Step 2: Push Start Motorcycle Only In 2nd Gear Or 3rd Gear

To push start your motorbike like a pro, you should remember to put your bike in 2nd or 3rd gear. Do not use the 1st gear! If you engage the 1st gear to start your bike, you can risk locking up the rear tires, which can cause a crash.

So, you’ve got the motorbike ready to roll down a hill or on a flat surface. Always remember to use the second or third gear and not the first. And now we will move on to the next step, so be ready for the fun part!

Step 3: Hold The Clutch And Push To Start Motorcycle

Most of the guides that come along with the bike recommend getting the bike at a speed of at least five mph initially. It will help you in the successful push start of the bike. To do this, you need open space in front of you, so it is recommended to clear the space ahead of the bike before you start the vehicle.

Also, it is recommended to clear the space on either side of the bike so that if you lose your control over the bike after it starts, nothing gets damaged.

It is very easy to reach the push starting speed of the bike. Just ride the bike downhill, and you will reach that particular speed. For this, you do not have to either push the bike or run beside the bike. It is very important to take care of your control over the bike when you are riding the bike downhill to reach the jump start speed.

Another option for you to do is to ask a friend to push the bike while you are riding it. Tell your friend not to stop pushing the bike until the engine starts.

Step 4: Release The Clutch and Hit The Motorcycle Starter

When you finally reach the jump start speed for the bike, you must release the clutch and hit the starter button at the same time. It is important to note that when you hit the start button, you have to hit it in a smooth motion as the bike is already rolling. If you do not hit it smoothly, there is a chance that you might lose control over the bike.

Now, when the bike finally starts, it is very important to engage the clutch once more to make sure that the bike does not go away from you, leaving you behind, which might result in some fatal accident.

Step 5: Rev Motorcycle Engine To Prevent It From Stalling

Keep Your Bike Running

When your bike finally starts, you do not want it to stop again. If this happens, you will have to redo the steps from one to four which can be very inconvenient. So to make sure that the engine does not die, you have to rev up your engine at a very moderate speed. By doing this, you can be assured that your bike will not die soon.

Also, when you rev the engine of the vehicle, it charges the battery of the vehicle, given that your charging system is not faulty.

Step 6: Start Riding Your Bike To Keep It On

Once your bike starts perfectly, you want it to keep working. It is important to note that if the battery of the vehicle does not have enough charge, revving the engine or riding your bike alone will charge the battery of the vehicle.

Also, before you turn off the bike and start it again, it is advisable to inspect it to know what was the reason why the engine died in the first place. It is also important to note that when you have to push start the bike, it is sometimes an indication that there is a problem with either the battery or the fuel of the bike.

It is a whole different feeling when you get your first bike. When you start riding your bike for the first time, it is important to note vital things about the bike. Also, it is essential to keep the bike always clean and maintain the chains of the bike properly. And most importantly, you have to know how to start the bike in the correct manner.

There are various ways on how you can start the bike, but when all the simple ways fail, you have to resort to push starting your bike. This is why it is crucial for you to learn how to push start your bike.

What Not To Do When Push-Starting A Motorcycle

Now that you already know how to properly push start a motorcycle, it is also vital that you know the things that should not be done when you try to push-start your bike.

The most common mistake done by many bikers when push-starting a motorcycle is a misdiagnosed battery. For example, if your motorcycle suddenly stops in the middle of the road and you decide to push-start your bike because you thought it has a faulty battery, but in fact, the culprit is your empty gas tank.

In this scenario, your battery will be damaged if you continue push-starting your bike without gas. And additionally, push-starting will never help you if you are out of gas. What you will need is to fill your gas tank, start your bike like you normally do, and your problem is solved.

Next time, make sure that you diagnose the real problem first before you jump to conclusions. Another thing to watch out for when push-starting your bike is to do it in a place that has enough space for you to push the bike and ride on it. For instance, a long empty road can be a great place for push-starting a motorcycle.

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