How To Repair Wheels With Curb Rash And Scratches On The Car

How To Repair Wheels With Curb Rash And Scratches On The Car?

Do you want to repair wheels with curb rash and scratches? If yes, then you are right here! You might have observed that your wheel is damaged and requires repair. You can easily repair it by yourself, although there are many service centers that can repair curb rash and scratches.

But doing it yourself can save a lot of money and time. This tutorial will help you to repair the wheel of your car. You can easily fill scratches and curb rash. It focuses on repairing the wheel. This tutorial will help to rectify even the deepest scratches.

Your rim of the wheel can be rectified by following the simple repair techniques. By the stated simple steps, you can get the solution to your problem. The steps range from cleaning, sanding, and finishing the wheel rims. In this way, you can easily eliminate the curb rash.

In this tutorial, various things are required to repair this damage. The things that are required are:

  • Filtered water to dampen the sandpaper
  • Coarse and fine Sandpapers of various grades like 80, 220 to 2500 grit
  • Gloves and protection for eyes
  • Soft clothes for cleaning
  • Wheel paint
  • Automotive primer spray
  • Glass cleaner
  • Paper and tape for masking
  • Scuff pad
  • Automotive clear coat spray

1. Analyze if the rim of your car has a clear and clean protective coating

Analyze if the rim of your car has the clear and clean protective coating

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  • This is the first step. You can use paint thinner to clean the damaged. You must wipe the surface thoroughly before painting it.
  • The focus is required to the damaged area. So, the clean surface is the prime requirement.
  • Take the sandpaper. It must be approx. 220- grit and coarse-grained. With the help of sandpaper and damaged spots situated on the rim.
  • If dust is produced in white color, then the coating has to be removed. The removal of the coating is required to reach to curb rash. If dust is produced in gray color, then follow further steps.
  • Remove the coating from the rim. You are required to clear the coating around the rim. It is required, so that treated spots have the same texture and color as rest of the surface.
  • With the help of sandpaper, buff your wheel by using strong strokes. With your grinding, if the dust converts in gray color, then the coating is removed.

2. Now, smoothen the curb rash

Now, smoothen the curb rash

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  • Take sandpaper and smoothen the scratches on your wheel rim. You can smooth the scratches and curb rash with 220- 80 grit sandpaper. You must clear all the gouges and scratches.
  • After completing this process, take a sand paper of 400-grit. In the feathering motion, blend the curb rash with the remaining surface of the wheel rim.
  • You must blend it by applying moderate to steady pressure. All the ridges must be at the same level. Use the sandpaper by applying angular strokes.
  • Now wipe the dust from the rim with a clean and soft cloth. You must repeat this process in every five minutes.
  • Now in order that the surface is refined around the repaired, take 2000-grit dry sandpaper. Apply this sandpaper in a circular motion with gentle pressure on the spots.
  • The edges must be perfectly blended and smooth. This process will take a more time as compared to previous steps.
  • Now sprinkle some water on the same sandpaper. Move the sandpaper in the circular motion for 5-10 minutes. You must complete the process of final finishing in 2 minutes.
  • Finish the repaired spots and scratches with dry sandpaper for a minute. Then, do it the final finishing with wet sand paper for a minute.
  • The process must be completed by using 2500 grit coarse sand paper. Wipe the repaired spots with a soft wet. Finally, remove the metal dust with a soft dry cloth.

3. Mask and Primer

  • Cover and mask your car with a sheet. Use a primer to fill the scratches and spots. Spray the paint on your car or primer and let it dry. You must not spray primer to the area that was not sand.
  • If the primer is sprayed, then scuff it by using your pad. In the case of bumpy spots, you must wait for ten minutes. Sand them by using fine sand paper. Clean the dust.
  • Clean the spray from the spokes of your wheel and area inside the rim. The primer is used to repair the curb rash and scratches.
  • After the primer has dried, sand it by using 400-600- grit sand paper. You must scrub wheel and tire with the solution of soap. This is required to remove the silicone from the wheel and tire.
  • Use a soft cloth to clean the wheel of your car. The extra primer needs to be removed to make the surface glossy.

4. Paint car wheels and apply clear coating

Paint car wheels and apply clear coating

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  • Before using the paint, carefully read the instructions on the packing. If the paint is used in cold or humid conditions, then it will be a mess. You must shake the can for a minute.
  • Push the nozzle by releasing the end. You must keep spraying and spraying from different angles. Spray by moving around the wheel.
  • You must apply a fine coating. Don’t make it too glossy. Allow the paint to adhere to the surface for 15-20 minutes.
  • Again spray the paint and allow it to dry. You can place your car wheel in the sun so that it can dry completely. Remove the overspray.
  • When the color coat has got dried, apply two layers of clear coat. The layer must be thin. Maintain the time of 20-30 minutes in between the two coats. With the help of damp 2000-grit sandpaper clear the extra spray.
  • Clean the surface– Remove the extra polish with the soft cloth. You must keep in mind that the polishing or spray needs to be uniform.
  • The paint must be uniform and smooth. You can also blend the spray with the coating on the surface of the rim. It can be done by applying high pressure by rubbing the paint or polish.
  • The repaired spots must glow and look smooth as the remaining wheel rim. Finally, apply the best wheel locks to the rim.

This is a complete tutorial that will help you to fix the problem. You can easily repair your car wheels with the problem of scratches and curb rash. I hope that this article is helpful to you. I have tried to explain the process in the simple language steps by steps. If you have liked this tutorial, please share the article with your friends.