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How To Paint Your Car Within A Set Budget?

Traveling with your partner on a windy highway gives you a romantic feel because a highway trip voyage using your car with your partner is everyone’s dream. However, while you are dreaming, there is a pause in your dream. Your car has turned old, and the paint of the car is coming off.

To paint your car on a budget means you’ll need to do most of the labor yourself. Instead of sending the car paint and body center, you can paint your own car. All you have to do is to follow the procedures prescribed.

By using the specified procedures, painting your car is easy and simple, and everything comes under your budget. On the other hand, you just need patience and perfection while doing the job. Thus, it is your part to make your car look sexy.

How to Paint your Car within a Set Budget?

To paint your car, just follow these simple steps:

  • Remove the rust from your car
  • Correct the car panels
  • Follow the safety measure
  • Seal the unwanted area of the car
  • Get primed
  • Fuse the paints and spray them on your car
  • Unseal your car

A good tolerance level and accuracy should be noticed; or else you will spoil the good food.

1. Remove The Rust From Your Car

Remove The Rust

The foremost enemy of any metal is rust. Yes, it is the term for the oxidation process of steel. It normally occurs when the metal is exposed to a moisturized surface. A rust surface of any car can put the car to death.

The best solution to stop the rust permanently is to eliminate the rust from your car. The process of removing the rust accomplishes a change in the panel of rust surface. Sometimes, the entire panel needs a complete replacement.

Weld the panel to stick firmly on the body of the car. Cut the defective area, get the panel placed there, and finally weld the panel to replace the rust one. In some phases of metals, the rust is removed with a chemically treated process such as POR-15.

This is the very first step before stepping into the painting process. These are the best rust remover for cars.

2. Correct the Car Panels

A panel with a straight texture will give an elegant look to your car. Therefore, to make the panel straight, we need to correct the panel. To get a straight design to your car body, you need fillers. High-quality filters can elevate the car’s layout.

Do not use cheap or low-quality fillers. It may lead to the defectiveness of your car panel. Thereafter, applying the filler to your car panels prepare your car for a sandblast. The final step is blocking and sanding the entire body alignment of the car.

Block sanding is a precarious step. It makes the car panel align straight. You need to spend a lot of time on this step. Because this process alone can give you a glamorous look to your car.

3. Follow the Safety Measures

Paints may harm your skin and your eyes. Therefore, it is necessary to protect your body from danger. Prevention is better than cure. Use all the safety elements to safeguard your body from danger.

Wear an undercoat from the stains of paint on your skin. Wear a face mask to prevent the paint from falling on your face. Above all, don’t forget to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from the chemicals.

4. Mask Areas of the Car

Having done with your safety measures, take a choir of paper, especially thick paper. Paste those newspapers so that the unwanted area of the car gets protected. Paste it in such a way that you can remove it very easily.

Now you are covered with all the safety elements, and your car is covered too. It’s time to proceed with the next step. Your next step is priming the car for fair paint without any flaws.

5. Primed Your Car

Get Primed

Priming is a process in which we apply a layer to the body of the car. Before the process of priming, you must need the perfect ratio of the primer and thinner. If you don’t know the ratio, then you can suggest the paint cans. Usually, the paint cans are provided with a chemical ratio to mix with the paint.

The ratio varies from paint to paint. This is an important note to be taken. Once you got the accurate mixture ready, precede your priming work. Always start the priming work from the top of the car. Make a note that you are applying the primer with an equal thickness (layer).

The priming must be even. Generally, we advise applying a minimum of two coats and a maximum level of three coats. Once finishing the priming, give it some time to dry out. Soon after it dries, now you have to sculpt it like a sculpture.

With the help of 2000-grit sandpaper, the sandpaper must be dry. Rub the surface of the car for an even and fine smooth finish.

6. Paint and Seal Your Car

Now comes your deep desire! Every person has their wish and choice of colors. The taste of colors is different in any individual. Take the color that you like the most or your dream color that you want to see in your car.

To check the exact color of the paint on your car, just give a touch-up paint to your car. Once you check with the color, mix the paint with an exact proportion. Fuse the thinner and the paint with the prescribed ratio.

The ratio of the proportion is given in your pain can. As said before, the ratio changes according to the paint’s chemical properties. Once the mixture fuses, start your spraying process on your car.

As you did with the base coat, repeat the same procedure with the spraying. Apply the spray from the top of the car to the bottom. Normally, the paint also is suggested to go with two coats for firmness on your car body.

Once all your processes in the painting are done, give some time for the car to dry up. After some time, the paint fixed firmly with beautiful color.

7. Uncover The Masking Your Car

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When everything is finished, remove all the covered items that you have wrapped around your car. You can find undisturbed clean, and clear glasses in your car. Not only that, along with you is a glamorous color painted on your car.

It’s great to have your car painted without giving a labor charge. Give the car a cool bath to chill the paints painted on it. It is advisable to remove all the papers when your paint is dried.

Give an accurate wash to your new baby.

Once you have done your painting. Now, your gorgeous car is ready to go out into the world with its stunning finish. Of course, your dream ride with your partner will become true. You can save money by this method and spend on a date with your partner.