How To Install A Second Battery For Your Car’s Audio System
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How To Install A Second Battery For Your Car’s Audio System?

We do love to travel a long distance. By car, we would have covered a far distance with our family. Of course, a long journey aches without any fun. However, we have a healer to relieve us from those aching.

Yeah, it is the music. “Music is the universal language of mankind – Henry Wordsworth Longfellow.” It is the only remedy for the ache in your soul. To hear good music, we need some equipment. Speakers alone will help us to hear the divine music.

A car with speakers along with music can make anyone travel any distance. Now, we are going to see how to install a second battery for the car.

Guidelines to Install a Second Battery for Your Car’s Audio System

  • To install a secondary battery, you must first upgrade your alternator. The secondary battery stands as a backup for your car to start. In some cases, the battery might drain off and won’t start your car engine.
  • A secondary battery will increase your storage capacity, the perfect power storage for your car. Before installing the second battery, we must know the preliminaries in a battery. A good understanding of the battery can keep you far from accidents.
  • First, in that battery label, see the label present. When you observe the label, it is given some voltage from the battery. The batteries are of four types: AAA, AA, C, and finally, D. Each battery varies with the power discharge with respect to time.
  • The battery has a voltage of 1.5 volts. Normally, you will select the D type of battery because it is bigger in size than the AAA type of battery. Here comes the point you may not know.
  • The size is not the matter. The main function that must be noted is the power discharge with respect to time and the sustaining capacity of the battery. We have two types in connecting a battery.
  • Yeah, we have learned it in the lower grades. One is the parallel connection. The other connection is the series connection. In a series connection, the resistance in the first battery is more than that in the second battery. This series connection may end up causing heat in the first battery.
  • Moreover, the power won’t distribute equally. There will be a variation in distributing the power. So it is advisable to connect the battery in parallel connection.
  • In a parallel connection, you have equal power distribution. The power from the batteries holds some backup power in a parallel connection. To setup a car audio system with a second battery, you must need the components for car audio system.
  • The components include two blue four-gauge wires and two red four-gauge wires. Of course, two batteries, an amplifier, and some normal wires to connect the amplifier and the speakers. Finally, 6 x 9 speakers for your car a pair.
  • First of all, fix the speakers in your car. Some people fix it in the front doors of the car. Some people will fix the speaker behind the back seat of the car. After that, you fix your speakers use the normal wires to connect your speakers and the amplifiers.
  • The positive side to the positive and the negative to the negative side of the amplifier. After connecting the speakers to your amplifier, now it’s time to work on with the connection of your battery.
  • One safe way to fix these two batteries is with the battery isolator. The battery isolator will combine the two powers of the battery and make the car ignite with a stable power. It is the primary duty of the battery isolator.
  • This won’t affect any system in your car. A perfect starter and a power backup device. You need not worry about the weather. It will leave a charge left behind for the car to start again without any interruption.

Since we use a greater power discharge in a car, we use a four gauge wire. In addition to these wires, we are adding fuses for a safety precaution. The fuses will prevent any shortage inside the car and safeguard your battery from the shortage.

Connecting all the Wires and the Instruments

First, keep the primary battery at the front part of the car, which is beside the car engine. You can also place the batter behind the car back seat. But you obviously need a partition to separate the primary and the secondary battery.

Connect the battery to the alternator of the car to the positive nodes. Then, ground the negative nodes of the battery. From the primary battery, connect a parallel connection to the secondary battery.

The secondary battery may be in either front or at the back of the seat in a car. However, there won’t be enough space for the secondary battery on the front side of the car. Take a red wire of four gauges. Then connect it to the positive end of the primary battery.

Then, from the primary battery, connect the red wire to a fuse. From the fuse, connect another red wire with same four gauges, then direct the red wire to the secondary battery in your car.

After that, when you connect the battery, don’t forget to close the ends of the positive side in a battery with a cap or a cover. This is a safety precaution to stop any sparkles or shortages that come from the battery.

Now, connect to the amplifier from the secondary battery.

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To connect the amplifier from the second battery, connect the red wire of four gauges to the positive end of the secondary battery. Then, from the positive end of the secondary battery, route the wire to a fuse.

After routing the wire to the fuse, from the fuse, connect another and direct the wire to the amplifier in the car. Of course, you must cover the positive end with a plastic cap or a plastic cover.

The chemical reaction of the anode and the cathode inside a battery produces electricity from the battery. Then the power from the battery ignites the car to move start its engine.

After connecting the positive sides of the primary and the secondary batteries, the negative side of the batteries must be grounded from the battery.

Make a final check of whether all the connections are made correctly. In the case of any wrong connection, it will lead to a shortage, or the car won’t start. So, double-check your power connection from the batteries.

Finally, once your speaker and amplifier are fit into their position, check the wires from the amplifier to the speakers. Go for a sound check in your car.

Start your car with a pulsive rhythm, and drive your car with an increase in speed.

The above-instructed guidelines are a keen and observed procedure to install your second battery to your car. The 6×9 speaker is a 6-inch high and 9-inch wide speaker that gives you an oval shape.

This speaker gives you a crisp and clear sound in your car. Enjoy music without any interruption and live your life with music because music is the only medicine for your soul at any point that matters.