How To Change The Oil In Car Like A Pro
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How To Change The Oil In Car Like A Pro?

A car needs periodic maintenance, so you need to know more than filling gas and cleaning it before a long drive. The oil change is the most basic maintenance need of a car, so you need to know how and when to change the oil in your car. Regularly changing filter and oil in your car is the most important thing to keep your car working well.

Over time, car filter becomes clogged with dust, dirt and other contaminants, and the oil breaks down. Sometimes you find it difficult to reach a mechanic to change the oil and filter, but you don’t need worry. Before you head off to oil change shop, you need to consult your owner’s manual for the weight and the type of oil for your car. It is very important to follow manufacturer’s recommendation on oil viscosity.

Changing filter and oil is very easy, and you can try it at home. If you want to save money and change the oil yourself, then it can be very easy for you. If you want to extend car’s life by thousands of miles, then you need to change oil regularly. Your car manual can help a lot and can tell what type car oil to get. Learn how to change the oil and filter easily and quickly without spending time and money. You can do it yourself without getting dirty.

Before you start the process, you need to know some important things about your car including year, make, model, oil type, engine displacement size and so on. You can find this information easily in your car’s manual. This information helps you decide the type of oil filter units and oil you need to buy. So let’s start the process of changing car oil at home:

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1. Start with Warming Up Engine

Warm up your car engine for two or three minutes. Start by warming up helps the gook flow out of car’s engine quickly and easily. The hot engine may burn you so don’t try to work with the very hot engine. You can touch it when it becomes slightly warm. Now shut off the car’s engine and follow the given tips that follow.

2. Find the Drain Plug

You can find the plug under your vehicle. This large plug is located at the bottom of car’s engine under the oil pan. You can easily find it. But if you are not able to find it, you can crawl under the vehicle to find out oil drain plug. This is a very first step that you have to follow to continue the further process. Once you find out the plug, you need to follow the next steps given below:

3. Use a Container

You should push a container under oil drain plug located at the bottom of the engine. This container is used to catch oil and ensure it is big enough to catch the oil.

4. Unscrew the Plug

Now you need to unscrew the oil drain plug. Once you unscrew the plug, the oil will drain out the car’s engine and pour into the container. You should protect your clothes and hands with paper towels or rags while unscrewing the plug. It helps you keep clean during entire oil changing process.

5. Unscrew the Oil Filter

You need to remove the cap from the top of the oil filter hole. You can easily find oil filter hole as it is located at the top of your car’s engine. You can easily and quickly unscrew the filter. This can be done by hands. But if you don’t want it to do with hands, you can use a wrench to unscrew it.

You need to twist the filter counter-clockwise with hands or wrench. Sometimes, the filter may have oil in it, so be careful not to spill the oil while you are removing it. You should also remove all the remnants of car filter’s rubber seal on your car’s engine before proceeding further.

6. Empty the Oil from Filter

You need to use a drain pan to empty oil from the filter. You can wrap the filter with newspaper after make it empty, then set it aside to take it to the auto shops or recycling centers with the old oil.

7. Open a New Oil Bottle

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Now, it’s time to open a new oil bottle and dip a finger in the oil. The oil would be used to wet the gasket on new filter’s top.

8. Screw the New Oil Filter into Car’s Engine

You need to screw the new filter into the engine where old oil filter was. You need to follow the directions on new oil filter. You can fix it with hands also. If oil drains out during the process, you should clean around the place where the plug goes.

9. Replace the Oil Drain Plug

Now, you need to replace the plug with the help of a wrench. If your car uses a gasket, ensure that old one should be removed and replaced with a new gasket before replacing the oil drain plug.

10. Pour Fresh Oil in Engine

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You need to make use of a funnel to pour fresh engine oil into oil filter hole. You need to pour oil slowly and allow it to run or settle down. You should use the best diesel engine oil for your car, as it matters.

11. Replace Oil Filter Cap

You need to replace oil filter cap and run the engine for thirty or sixty seconds. During the run, check for any leakage around the oil filter and from the drain plug.

12. Shut-Off Engine

You should shut off your car’s engine for five to ten minutes. It helps the oil to settle or run down in the oil pan. You can also check the oil level after some time. Now you need to remove oil dipstick and wipe it with a clean, lint-free rag.

13. Keep Adding Engine Oil

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You can add oil in small quantity at a time. You should also check the oil dipstick after adding oil every time. You can add oil again and again after a fixed interval of time until you note the full line on the oil dipstick. It may take time, but this is very important part of the oil changing process in the car.

14. Remove the Drain Pan

Once you are done with oil, you need to remove drain pan. Now you can take your vehicle for test drive.

15. Let the Engine Oil Settle Down

You need to allow oil to settle or run down in the engine. Let it settle down again for five to ten minutes and recheck the oil dipstick. If it shows full, then you have done a great job. You can use your car and go for a long drive.

People cannot repair their vehicles, and they need the help of mechanics for it. But some routine maintenance like oil and oil filter change, adding oil in AC compressor can be perfectly easy for you if you follow the above tips. Changing your car’s oil and filter can be the easiest thing for you. It helps you save your money and time. It just needs self-confidence, practice and your time. Hope you find this post useful, make comments if you have any query.