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Foggy Car Windows? 3 Buy it Vs Do it Yourself Options.

I have used my hand, tissues, clothing, rags, and a defogging spray to help remove fog from the window. I usually turn on the heat and set it to blow on the window. Sometimes these methods work better than other times. The problem is that there are no perfect solutions, but there are some good options available.  

Buying products to help with defogging can be helpful, but you can also use productions that are available in your house or the dollar store to do the same job. The one that will likely be better depends on what product and method meet your needs best. Here are 3 buy it vs. DIY options for your foggy car windows.

  1. Anti-fog Application Vs. Shaving Cream
  2. Window Cleaning Spray Vs. Water Bottle Sprayer
  3. Fog Cleaning Sponge Vs. Microfiber Cloth or Rag

Windows can get fogged up in all sorts of weather. Being ready for foggy windows is important for your safety and will allow you to react to fog in a safe and effective manner. I like to remove any fog from the windows when I am at a stop, even if that means using a tissue to clean the glass. I won’t drive if the fog impairs my vision, but I will adjust the heater and AC controls until the fog is under control.

What is Fog?

Fog is moisture in the air that condenses on the inside car windows as tiny water droplets. As you breathe, you release moisture in your breath, and that’s why cars tend to get foggy faster when more people are inside.

Fog usually occurs in colder weather, and moisture inside the car wants to condense on the cold window. In these conditions, fog can occur until something changes. 

What Should I Do if Fog Occurs?

Cleaning the window can also have a big impact on how foggy the window appears. Water droplets need something to form on, and little particles of dust or dirt make it easier for the water to condense on the window.

Bringing in dry air from outside can help. Raising the temperature near the window and car cabin can also help. Recirculating the air inside the car cabin doesn’t helpso turning off recirculate is helpful. Opening the windows a little can help exchange some of the moist air for drier air.

 (If your windows are starting to fog, pull over if your visibility gets too poor to drive. Preparing beforehand will help you stay safe and see clearly.)

Ways to Help with Foggy Windows

Try one of the following methods that can help with removing/preventing fog from forming on your windows. This video shows effective and less effective solutions.

Which of the following methods do you think will work best for you? Buy it or do it yourself?

1. Anti-fog Application Vs. Shaving Cream

BuyDo It Yourself
Effective at preventing fog.Effective at preventing fog.
Easy to apply.Easy to apply.
Easy to buy online.Readily available for most people.
Can find it at the dollar store. 

Some people have also tried toothpaste with some success. It tends to leave a slight amount of fog, though. The smell may put some people off, yet others will enjoy a minty aroma.


When you apply a product that helps prevent water droplets from forming on your windows, you will be able to drive with little worry about fog and visibility.

Clean the windows first. Then, use a clean cloth when applying your choice of anti-fog products. Last, make sure to wipe it clean with a clean cloth as well.

These products don’t last for more than a week or two and will need to be reapplied. You will need to reapply earlier if you use a cloth to wipe off the windows for cleaning or for any other reason. 

2. Window Cleaning Spray Vs. Water Bottle Sprayer

BuyDo It Yourself
Easy to use.Easy to use.
Effective and fast at cleaning.Good at cleaning.
Easy to buy online.Supplies are usually readily available.
Leaves, no streaks.Can find it at the dollar store.

When you clean your windows, your making it more difficult for the water vapor to stick to the smooth surface, and it will dissipate easier when air is blown over the window. 

A clean window is one way to prevent fog from sticking around, and it helps prevent glare when the sun is shining. 

You’ll need to clean your windows before applying an anti-fog treatment as well, so it will work effectively. 

Whether you buy a glass cleaner or mix your own solution, such as soap and water or half water and half vinegar, you’ll be able to get a clean and safe window to look out of while driving.

3. Fog Cleaning Sponge Vs. Microfiber Cloth or Rag

BuyDo It Yourself
Easy to use.Easy to use.
Effective and fast at cleaning/removing fog.Good at cleaning.
Easy to buy online.Usually readily available.
Can find it at the dollar store. 

Just like cleaning your windows with a cleaning solution, a cleaning pad or microfiber cloth helps clean the windows and remove fog at the same time.

If you press hard and remove the fog as well as the dust and dirt particles, the fog will be less likely to stick around once the air starts to blow over it from the car heater and AC.

A cleaning pad or cloth can be stored somewhere close, so when you encounter fog in the morning or at other times, you can help prevent the windows from fogging up as much. 

Being Prepared

In order to be prepared for your next fog encounter, take a few measures to ensure the best result for driving safely.

  • First, makes sure you have at least one method to help you deal with fog when you encounter it. Maybe you want to have a microfiber cloth with you at all times.
  • Second, if you have a car heater turn it on with the airflow setting to the window. This may start to fog up your windows but will help prevent some of the moisture in the air from condensing on your window later. Turn the fan setting to high.
  • Third, turn on the AC as well if you have one. Both the heat and the AC can bring faster results.  The AC brings in dry air and will help the moist air to be removed faster.  
  • Fourth, turn off the recirculate air button. You want to bring in drier air from outside and not trap all the moist air inside the cabin.
  • Last, open the windows a bit to let in some more dry air and let the moist air leave. If you use this method, the air moisture will be controlled, leaving you with no fog worries.

Essential Factors to Consider

When choosing the method for defogging, here are some of the factors that you may want to consider:

  • Time and Effort: Since defogging is a constant effort for some people each day, think about what can provide you with the most benefit with the least amount of time and effort. 
  • Cost: If you’re on a budget, you may want to try inexpensive methods for fog removal. Your house probably has the items you may need, or you go to the dollar store.
  • Ease of Application: If you’ve got things to do and places to go, you may not want to spend thirty minutes every other week cleaning and applying an anti-fog product. Sometimes a rag for fog removal and the defrost settings can work fine.
  • Health: Some anti-fog and cleaning products have chemicals that people are sensitive to. If you aren’t sure or know you’re sensitive, try something natural that you already trust.


Choosing an option for defogging your car should be an individual decision based on what works best for each person. Look for the characteristics of the anti-fog methods that best suit your wants and needs. 

The best defogging product for you should make it safe for you to drive and clearly see what’s on the road ahead of you.

I hope the information provided can help you make a decision on what you want to do. Looking for other car information? Click here for more reviews on car products.