How Do You Know If Your Car Amp Is Blown?

How Do You Know If Your Car Amp Is Blown

Do you love listening to rocking or soothing songs while driving your car? If you are fond of mellifluous music, then you must be well aware of how important good audio system is for that. Well, there are different parts of any car audio system, which contribute to the melodious sound you seek.

However, there is one part, which plays the main role in it. That part is known as an amplifier. If you try to look into your car audio system architecture, then you will find that it is very convoluted. Due to this complexity in design and structure, it is very difficult to figure out, which part of your car audio system is not working properly.

However, you can always blame your car amplifier for it because it plays a vital role for it.

How do you Figure Out that your Car Amplifier is not Working Properly?

There are plenty of signs, which are easily manifested by the sound, when you turn on your stereo system. They can be listed below:

  • There is a noticeable distortion in the sound.
  • There is no sound even if you have already turned on your audio system.
  • Your stereo system starts making bizarre sounds such as farting sound.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, then get one thing straight in your head that your car amplifier is responsible for that. There are chances that other components in your car audio system cause such distortions, but your car amplifier always has to do with it. Therefore, fixing car amplifier is always the best way to solve issues along with other affected components.

Which are the Reasons, which Cause the Damage to your Car Amplifier?

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Sometimes, you might be wondering that you have audio systems at your home too. Why that audio system does not blow out so often. Well, there is a difference between a home audio system and a car audio system. You must get one thing in your head that your car audio system works under different environment. It has to face issues as quoted below.

  • Continuous vibrations
  • Different stresses on a road
  • Temperature extremes

Your home audio system does not bear such extreme conditions. These are the reasons why your car amplifier blows out more frequently than the one you have in your home.

You must be wondering by now how you know if the amp is blown. There are many troubleshooting ways to figure that out. Just simply go through the information presented below.

Is the Protection Mode of Your Car Amplifier on?

First of all, before assuming anything about the situation, check the protection mode of your car amplifier. There is a provision in an audio system that if amplifier encounters something wrong, then it will switch to the protection mode.

Such suspicious situations include the condition when the wires of speakers are touching each other and short-circuiting. By placing itself in protection mode, car amplifier assures to avoid any more electrical damage in an audio system.

Is Blue Wire Connected to Right Part of Wiring Harness?

The blue wire is being used in the audio system to access the amplifier remotely when power is turned on. If it is not connected properly to the right place, then it will fail to provide the adequate voltage to the amplifier. Therefore, you may think that the amplifier is not working, whereas that is not the case.

Do you find Fuse Blown out Already?

Every car audio system includes the fuse to prevent damage to the audio system in case of any short circuiting. It is placed in between the power line. So, if the fuse is blown out then there will not be any supply of power to the amplifier, and it will not turn on even if you have turned on the power supply.

Therefore, check the small metal wire in the fuse and if you find it snapped then you need to replace this fuse with the new one.

Have you checked the Input of Amplifier and Output of the Amplifier?

Well, the input of the amplifier is coming from the head unit. Now, if you are bothering about how to check if the input is just fine, then it is very easy. You have to disconnect RCA cables and connect a new set of them, which are working perfectly.

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If your amplifier can be turned on easily after being replaced, then you need to change it. However, if you get input from one edge but not from others, then there are some issues in the head unit.

Now, everything works fine, try to disconnect your current speakers and connect a new set of it. If your amplifier gives right output, then it will work well. So, if this is the case, then you need new speakers for your audio system and not the amplifier.

What are the known Benefits of Car Amplifier and Subwoofer?

You will certainly miss all the features and benefits of car amplifier and subwoofer mentioned below if you do not have an amplifier and subwoofers installed in your car audio system:

  • Enhance audio quality
  • Higher volume
  • Good efficiency
  • Best design and organization
  • Various audio files adaptability

In a nutshell,

Every car stereo system includes different parts in it. If your audio system does not produce good sound, then there can be any reason out of numerous possibilities. It can be in the head unit, wiring, or speakers. So, before concluding that your car amplifier is blown, meticulously read all the tips presented above to know what the exact reason is.

However, there are no second thoughts that car amplifier the vital part in any stereo system. It plays a crucial role if you find sound distortion. Therefore, it is very important that you choose the best car amplifier for your car audio system. There can be many other ways to figure out whether your car amplifier is blown or not. You can also go through user’s manual for it. Thank you!