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Ignite Your Ride Performance With The Best Glass Pack Muffler – Complete Buyer’s Guide

A glass pack muffler is made of aluminized steel, and most of the mufflers available are constructed with a wide-open performance design. Through the automobile muffler, the exhaust gas gets right inside the muffler’s center.

The basic design of a glass pack muffler is it consists of a small tube placed inside a large outer tube that swells in between. The gap between the swollen parts of the large tube is packed with fiberglass. There are a few things to be kept in mind while buying the best glass pack muffler for your vehicle.

Top 4 Best Glass Pack Mufflers​

Product (Amazon Links)Brand  

Cherry Bomb 87522 Glasspack Muffler

Cherry Bomb


Flowtech 50252FLT Red Hots Glass Pack Muffler



Thrush 24205 Glass Pack Muffler



Jones Exhaust A3518s5 Glasspack Muffler

Jones Exhaust 


What is a Glass Pack Muffler, and What are Its Uses?

  1. A glass pack muffler is present in all vehicles. The exhaust enters through the middle portion of the pipe, and the pipe creates vibration and sound. The mufflers will have rounded bullet-shaped ends with a mellow sound when the engine of the car is raced.

The mufflers remain a great addition to your vehicle since they not only improve the performance of your vehicle but also give it a show-stopping look. They are specifically developed using a deep tone sound. They are proven to increase horsepower and torque.

  • Glass pack mufflers are available in different lengths and sizes to create the sound.
  • The mufflers come with one chamber or multiple chambers.
  • Chambered ones are used in vehicles to reduce noise when driving on the street, and they will make you feel a car growl.
  • The performance depends on the muffler, as it can be a low, throaty, growl, or roaring.
  • Youngsters install them on their vehicles to produce powerful roaring sounds.
  • The ceramic designs can lower the temperature under the hood.
  • The increase in flow will help in your vehicle’s fuel economy.
  • The best glass pack muffler will be constructed of aluminized stainless steel.
  • They add value to your vehicle.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Glass Pack?

Glass packs are the simplest form of mufflers used on performance rides. The sound created by the car engine will be passed through a material that can absorb sound before it is released. By using a glass pack, only less sound is allowed to escape through the muffler.

The sound creating the capacity of a glass pack remains excellent. By installing them in your vehicle, you will get better fuel mileage. They have low back pressure and excellent tone quality. They have better sound muffling abilities, and this remains one reason for many people choosing a glass pack instead of others. They don’t allow sound to resonate.

When sound is produced, it reduces the pressure on the engine by dissipating the pressure of sound waves through glass particles. One of the best advantages of using glass packs is they are available at a cheap rate.

The main disadvantage of glass packs is that they can’t be used on every vehicle. When it gets old, the muffler will start making a bad sound. You must always check with the experts before installing a used one.

How to Choose the Best Glass Pack Muffler?


The main aim of using a muffler is to reduce the powerful sound to a tolerable level. Few things have to be kept in mind to buy the best glass pack muffler.

  • Search for the correct fit and diameter – First, you must check for your vehicle’s present exhaust system and choose a muffler style according to that. Find out whether it is a single or a dual system. It will help you to decide the number of inlets you need in your muffler. A single exhaust needs a single muffler, and a dual exhaust will need a dual inlet muffler. Find the diameter of your exhaust pipe. For this, you have to compare your inlet and outlet with the present exhaust diameter.
  • Find the room needed for the glass pack – The outer side dimension of your muffler should provide proper clearance below the vehicle. Choose the correct length for quick installation and proper clamping. To fit properly within your vehicle, you must choose the right casing size and shape.
  • Pick up a style you need – There are three main styles available: chambered, glass pack and turbo. Chamber mufflers are suitable for muscle cars. They reduce noise by providing throaty performance. Glass pack mufflers are designed to provide horsepower and maximum flow. They are straight, and the perforated pipe is wrapped in fiberglass packing. They are a popular choice for racing cars. Turbo mufflers have S design allowing the gas to travel through the tubing. They offer better noise reduction. They are good to be used for street applications.
  • The construction – Mufflers are built to handle high-pressure gasses that exhaust and should be able to resist corrosion. They are available made of aluminum and stainless steel. Aluminized steel is quite affordable than stainless steel. Stainless steel glass packs provide greater corrosion resistance and durability than the aluminized steel version.

Here are given a product review of some best glass pack mufflers, which will help to choose according to your need.

1. Cherry Bomb 87522 Glass Pack Muffler


The 12-inch long muffler weighs 3.5 pounds. The 8-inch body will have 2.5-inch size inlet and outlet. They featured straight through design and constructed of aluminized steel. They produce a sound louder than the norm with a unique deep tone.

It has a high temp red finish, and they are designed to be reversible for easy installation. They weigh less than 4 pounds, and they are small, allowing them to be installed on a wide variety of vehicles.

Major Features

  • It has a unique compact size
  • The exterior resembles a resonator
  • The straight through construction emphasize performance
  • It weighs less than 4 pounds and considerably smaller than other mufflers
  • Most manufacturers provide warranty against artistry


  • The fully welded body offers maximum durability
  • It improves throttle response and offers a great sound
  • They are easy to be installed
  • They are available in a compact size
  • Most manufacturers provide warranty against defects in artistry


  • They can crack when water hits them when they are hot
  • The fiber inside the muffler will shrink and becomes brittle when cold water hits it

2. Flowtech 50252FLT Red Hots Glass Pack Muffler


Red hots glass muffler from Flowtech is considered to be one of the best mufflers when compared with others. They have a classic design, including long-lasting, thick, high heat ceramic wrapped around a power louver baffle.

They sound red hot and boost power. The backpressure will be decreased to increase flow. They are available in red, rich finish with a diameter 3.5-inch case. The outlet diameters are available in your choice of 2 inches, 2.250 inches, and 2.5 inches.

Important Features

  • They provide excellent rust and corrosion protection
  • They are powerful enough to lower down under hood temperature
  • They offer more horsepower
  • They provide great appearance
  • They have a longer life


  • They have a stylish design and deliver a powerful hot sound
  • The backpressure has been decreased to increase the flow
  • They are well constructed
  • Great quality for the money you spend


  • You have to be careful with installation
  • The direction to install the muffler is not provided
  • Sometimes it rusts quickly

3. Thrush 24205 Glass Pack Muffler


Thrush muffler is a dual outlet model, and they provide a unique combination of classic design with today’s power enhancing engineering enhancement. They are good to be used for muscle cars and trucks.

The muffler comes with an inlet and outlet size, 2 1/4 inch and a body size 3 and a half inch. The overall length of the muffler is 31 inches, and they are available in red color. They can be used for custom applications.

Salient Features

  • They have expandable bushing for custom applications
  • They are constructed of stainless steel
  • They provide maximum flow and power
  • They provide maximum durability


  • Due to the presence of heavy gauge shell, it provides maximum durability
  • They look attractive and can add value to your vehicle
  • The straight through design provides maximum power and flow
  • They are reversible for maximum flexibility
  • The fiberglass matting provides better sound control
  • They are made of 100% extended construction for lasting life


  • They are not specific to any model, as they are custom fit part
  • Make sure there is enough room to fit the muffler because it is long

4. Jones Exhaust A3518s5 Glass Pack Muffler


Jones offers a variety of mufflers in a different style, size, and material. They are engineered to reduce in-cab and exterior engine noise. They are constructed of aluminum steel for durability. They are designed to provide long service life. The product features in and out diameter 2.250.

The overall length of the muffler is 23.00, and it weighs 5.9 pounds.

Key Features

  • The Jones muffler is designed with high-quality material
  • Each muffler provides you the option to choose standard flow or reverse flow
  • They offer maximum engine performance
  • They are available in a wide variety of size and style
  • The round shaped muffler gives you a smooth sound


  • It is a great product made of high-quality material and meets the highest quality standards
  • You have the option to choose standard flow or reverse flow
  • They provide maximum engine performance
  • They are available in different size to suit your exhaust system
  • They appear good and can be installed easily


  • They are not suitable for vehicles that are looking to produce big sound

The job of a muffler seems to be easy enough. All it has to do is to reduce the exhaust and to produce a sweet noise. Performance mufflers are designed for horsepower, torque and noise control. Out of the various types of mufflers, glass pack is considered to be highest in demand, and this is mainly for those people who focus on sound.

To know what muffler sounds the best, you must first know what each one does. The straight through muffler comes with basic style and they are usually used in performance cars and trucks. They are good, and they offer value for money. Share your views about the best glass pack muffler available today so that our reader may benefit.