Why Is My Car Making A Whining Noise When Accelerating?

Why Is My Car Making A Whining Noise When Accelerating?

This is certainly a question; most of us dread to ask. We often come in this fixed sort of a situation; however, we never like being here, to be honest. Your car has certainly been more than just a mode of transport to you. Much like a priced possession that is always closer to you, by all means. Especially men who love their rides, they tend to pay attention to a single detail, make sure things remain updated and all th

However, the truth shall remain that along with regular use over the time, wear and tear, the various components of the car tend to fluctuate and this certainly affects the proper functioning of its various parts.

There could be a mixture of things that might get interrupted, and the entire mechanism gets troubled. At times this could all be because of small factors and there could be times, when the issue is deep-rooted and big too. There is a possibility of a few shattering sounds or a faulty component that could interrupt your smooth rides.

Sometimes, the car makes a whining noise when accelerating, while there could be several reasons for it. Let us dig a bit deeper into the causes and also discuss the various precautions or treatments to treat this problem and enjoy long drives, sitting in the comfort of our cars.

This is a common problem that is extremely annoying and irritating, without second thoughts. But have you ever wondered about, “Why is my car making a whining noise?”


This is rather quite common for a question if you drive a car. But most of the times, most people suffer this kind of trouble in their cars and you awake and inform your neighbors, each time you come and go! The car cringes each time you start, and this phase is certainly a bit disturbing as well as embarrassing for you, as well as your neighbors.

When answering the question, there could be several possibilities and aspects included resulting the same annoying noise. At times, the low fluid of the steering wheel causes the car to make such creaky noises, while your car could have transmission problems too. The low and inadequate transmission fluids commonly result on the noisy car rides.

There is another common factor that leads to the various noises around; your car is making. For instance, you might just look for the wheel bearing, as it could be tapered to cause creaky noises, while you accelerate your car.

At the same time, you can experience whining noises when accelerating your car; it could be because of one or many factors and car components to be precise. It is often a bit tough to determine the exact cause until you get it all examined by an expert. This might as well turn into a mysterious trouble and might take up days before you would be able to figure out the exact cause for it and the precise faulty component.

No matter how expert or experienced a driver you might be, finding out the accurate cause or the exact faulty part could be a bit tricky, no matter what! So, let us discuss and list down a few common reasons that might result in whining sounds in your cars:

Transmission Issues


This is undoubtedly one of the major reasons that lead towards the rising noises in your car, once you speed up. While the gears of the car wear down with constant use and also, the transmission fluid gets low, you could avoid such hassles, by getting your car examined on a regular basis. This aspect can anyways be tested after you speed your car up and then bring it to a halt to experience and note down the exact time your car is making the noises.

We highly recommend a thorough transmission check-up to determine the precise cause.

Your Steering could be at Fault

You need to check about the noise, if at all it occurs when the steering wheel is turned, then it could be possibly at fault. The belt of the steering might have gone loose, being one of the reasons for the noise. You can get the belt tightened to solve the noise problem.

Engine Issues

Car Making A Whining Noise When Accelerating

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There could be numerous troubles and faults in the engine that could also lead to the various whining noises in the car. This all the more depends on upon the kind of car, its model and engine make. So getting it all check by an expert could be the best solution.

Apart from the above mentioned there could be countless other reasons, as to why the car makes whining noises. However, you can’t comment until you get the entire systems checked for quality and apt fitment.

Some of the other major reasons that lead towards whining noises when accelerating your car could be:

  • A leakage in the exhaust system
  • Loose Belts
  • ​The power steering pump could be faulty or carry low fluids
  • Leak in the power steering system


There are no sure short diagnostics made ever, as the car is all made up of numerous complex components and mechanism. All you can do about it is, record the various noises and determine the exact location is getting derived from. You must get your car, properly checked at an engineer to analyze the whole unit and determine the precise reason and location it is coming from.

Most experts have recording devices that would all certainly help in to get to the actual cause and pen down the precise reasons for the same. No matter how hard you wish to get through the precise cause with ease, the whining sounds are certainly not at all an easy aspect to catch and repair.

However, keeping in mind all of the possibilities, you must take adequate steps and also invest time to get your car checked for quality, wear, and tear and also get the regular maintenance chores done. This would ensure that you are making sure apt prevention is done, way within time to ensure the well-being and updated operation of the car.

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