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Synthetic Oil V/s. Mineral Oil – Which Option Will You Choose?

Motor oil is among the very popular topics to discuss. Modern oils and engines are engineered for proper emission, good fuel economy, and long engine life requirements. Car owners should know everything about the utility of motor oils, as it helps you decide which oil is better for your vehicle.

Here, we are going to discuss the differences between synthetic and mineral oil. You are advised to use mineral oil when your vehicle is new, and you need to use synthetic oil when it has completed a considerable number of kilometers.

Synthetic oil has become the first choice for many car owners, and they used to prefer to use it for their car engines. Mineral oil is also in demand, but the demand for synthetic oil has suddenly increased in the last few years.

There are many reasons for its increased use, but you need to understand the basic difference between synthetic oil and mineral oil. There are various factors and points where synthetic oil wins, and in some, mineral oil wins. But we are here to discuss which oil would be beneficial to use for the engine. We have two options to use; now we need to decide which is better or which option you would choose.+

1. Origin of the Oil

The main difference between these two categories of oil is the way they are available for use.

synthetic vs mineral oil


  • Mineral oil is derived from petroleum, or I must say this is the liquid by-product of a distillate of petroleum.
  • Synthetic oil is made in factories; this is not naturally derived. This is manufactured by using different chemicals. But it is more popular than mineral oil and widely used for car engines.

Synthetic oil has two further classes: semi-synthetic oil and fully synthetic oil. Semi-synthetic oil is made by converting natural oils into suitable base oils. This process is known as hydrocracking.

It is made up of the perfect blend of various chemicals. Fully synthetic oils are made up of group 1 base oils and blended with many additive packs to get the required viscosity for your car engine. You can look for Shell Rotella or Full Synthetic Oil for better performance of your car.

2. Cost of the Oil

Mineral oil is cheaper than synthetic oil. The high cost of synthetic oil is due to different chemicals used to make it. Synthetic oil is human-made, but still, car owners and mechanics prefer to use synthetic oil as it offers various benefits for engines.

3. Performance of the Oil

The performance of your car engine depends on the preferred oil for cars.

Synthetic oil provides more lubrication than mineral oil, and it is higher and better in performance than mineral oil. Synthetic oil is good to use for long drives, as it helps to create more friction without producing much heat.

You can have a smooth driving experience and enjoy your long drive by using synthetic oil for your car engines. It helps keep drivers comfortable for a long route. It offers the highest level of protection to the components of the engine.

synthetic oil v/s. mineral oil

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Mineral oil can lose its lubricating properties upon breaking down. Friction can increase, and the car can get damaged. If you drive the car for a long route and long time, friction will increase and the car parts can touch each other and cause car damage.

It becomes the main cause of increased heat, and mineral oil does not have the capability to resist high temperatures, as it cannot maintain its lubricating properties. But it does not happen in the case of synthetic oil, as it can withstand high heat and temperatures.

4. Longer Lasting

Every car owner looks for engine oil that lasts for longer. If you are also looking for it, you should choose synthetic oil over mineral oil. As we discussed above, it has heat-resistant properties and can withstand high temperatures. It has the capability to survive under high temperatures, heat, and friction.

  • Synthetic oil does not lose the lubrication property and works for a long time. On the other hand, mineral oil loses its lubricating property and breaks down under high temperature, friction, and heat.
  • You may have to change engine oil from time to time if you use mineral oil. But synthetic oil lasts much longer than mineral oil, and it is not often changed.

It is up to you how to choose best synthetic oil for cars.

5. Cost Effective

Synthetic oil is a little bit expensive than mineral oil, so those people who cannot afford it, they can look for mineral oil. Many people still prefer to use synthetic oil and consider it the better option regarding its cost.

That you need not change it often means you have to change it less than mineral oil. But the oil usage also depends on the car usage, so both options can be considered. If you are on long drives, then you should choose synthetic oil.

For those who are on short trips only, they can look for mineral oil as an affordable option. Both oils are used for car engines, but a few differences need to be considered in order to choose one of them for your car.

Basic Difference between Synthetic Oil and Mineral Oil

synthetic vs mineral oil


Synthetic Oil

Mineral Oil





High Resistance Power

Low Resistance Power

Can withstand high temperature

Cannot withstand high temperature


No Long lasting

Good to use during long trips

Good to use for during short trips

High performance

Moderate performance

Both oils are good to use. Synthetic oil is better in resistance power and performance than mineral oil. But if you are concerned about price, mineral oil would be a suitable and affordable option for you. So you better understand the differences well and choose the appropriate oil for your car engine.

Mineral oil is a fractional distillation product, while synthetic oil is a manmade product. We have mentioned all the benefits of using synthetic as well as mineral oil; you can read them out to decide the best oil for your car engine. I hope you like this post and make a comment if you have any queries about motor oils.