Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 Full Synthetic Oil Review



Motor oil (engine oil or engine lubricant) is a necessary fluid for internal combustion engines of vehicles. This type of oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine, whether it’s gas, diesel, or any other power plant used. The Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 is a fully synthetic engine lubricant that is the choice of most vehicle manufacturers around the globe.

There are two types of motor oil: one that is derived from petroleum products, and the other is the synthetic (meaning man-made) kind. The T6 5W-40 grade engine oil is of the synthetic variety that has low ash additive, allowing for a clean engine operation.

While most engine lubricants are made and blended with several additives, which are mostly acidic, this oil has low emission and maintenance, saving you more than other brands. To know more about this product, we have discussed here some of its qualities.

Product Features

1. Acid, Deposit and Wear Control

This oil protects 3 critical areas of your engine which protects your engine under any driving condition such as steep, muddy, dusty, hold or cold environment. For extended operation, you really have to demand for better protection.

The oil primarily protects your engine from acids formed during combustion and as the oil ages. The oil also keeps the engine free from dirt and other solids making it last longer and with optimum performance. The T6 also helps keeping metal moving parts well lubricated for longer life.

2. Heavy Duty Use

Designed and formulated to give your engine the utmost protection ever conceived for oil of this type, this product is low-ash, multi-functional and highly responsive to adapt to the changing times and situations. The advanced formulation makes this oil a heavy duty performer that is reliable and safe for any engine.

3. Fully Synthetic

As this oil is not made from high carbon petroleum products, you are sure of its capability to adjust to any driving condition compared to petroleum-based products that have difficulty to adapt. Durability is never compromise when this oil is use as this synthetic-base kind further energizes its safeguarding capability allowing for a more economical performance. Synthetic base oil is primarily low-ash and this contributes much to the performance and efficiency of an engine permitting you to have more mileage.

4. Low Additive

Aside from being low ash, this oil has also reduced level of sulfur and phosphorous enabling a more smooth operation and this also gives you the lowest maintenance you ever need for your engine. The emission has also the lowest carbon content so you are sure you are not degrading the environment as much as high-additive oil of other brands.

5. Cold-start Viscosity

The Shell Rotella T6 is primarily low-viscosity motor oil that gives you quick and easy warming start-up even in cold weather. The oil has the capacity of engine start-up of up to -30F temperature. This unique characteristic is not readily seen with other engine oils of this type.

6. Improved Low Temperature Flow

Aside from having a cold-start viscosity, this oil is also adaptable to any weather condition. The oil remains liquid even in extremely cold environment and could maintain its relative flow in high temperature setting without stalling your vehicle. A truly great oiling experience!

7. Extended Drain Capable

Being with low maintenance trait, this oil will not give you headache of giving your engine the proverbial change-oil activity every now and then compared to conventional oils. You don’t have to change your oil more frequently if the engine remains clean and dirt free. To be sure, you could request your mechanic or do it yourself, by checking your engine’s oil strainer.

8. Meets API CJ-4 and API SM Specs

The Rotella T6 meets the stringent API CJ-4 specifications required by some car manufacturers. The oil is also suited to meet the standards for DPFs (diesel particulate filters).

The oil also exceeds the specifications for API SM applications which is usually or gas engines.

9. For Diesel and Gas Engines

This oil is formulated and designed mainly for new and old vehicles powered by diesel fuel. Whether you are using an old pick-up truck, a minivan, bus fleet, tractor and trailers and other heavy duty equipment for multi-purpose projects and the likes of Cummins, Caterpillar, Mercedes Benz, Detroit Diesel, Volvo, Ford and Mack among others, this oil is the best option.

For gasoline engines, the best applications are for those with API SM specifications such as some US, Asian and European car manufacturer. You can check your vehicle’s manual if it is compatible with this oil.


So, whether your vehicle is gas or diesel drive, you can take the advantage of using the Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 where applicable. This is also true when you own more than one vehicle powered by different fuel, rely to the best motor oil that is popular and of high quality.