A Snapshot On Top 10 Concept Cars In The United States
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A Snapshot On Top 10 Concept Cars In The United States

The future of technology is bright, and the coming days couldn’t be more beautiful for automobile enthusiasts who just happen to love new concepts and designs being launched by the big guns of the industry. Concept cars or cars with never-before-seen designs and features that are going to storm the future are always an attraction at Auto Expos worldwide.

As each Automobile industry strives to be the best by getting their new design more features, more excellent reliability, and enhanced experience and style, we see more than 10-20 flamboyant and marvelous concept cars of the past being released every year. Here, we will have a look at some of the most attractive and most awaited concept car designs that are soon going to be seen on the roads of the United States.

A glimpse of the Future

1. The Lamborghini SUV

Lamborghini Concept Car
Photo Credit: http://www.nydailynews.com/autos/lamborghini-family-lamborghini-urus-suv-launch-2017-article-1.1585658

Lamborghini is a name that is synonymous with reliability, sturdiness, and, most of all, speed. This company has brought some of the fastest cars and designs in the automobile industry. As it moves to introduce its very first sports utility vehicle, it is a design that is already anticipated by all car lovers.

The new design from Lamborghini is set to have a mesmerizing design, mind-blowing technical features, and an over-the-top efficient performance that is going to be a real treat for all car lovers. The car is slated to be released with its unveiling in 2017.

2. Merc Benz 300SL

When it comes to design in the automobile industry, one of the most beautiful cars, without a doubt, is the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL. Ever since the first model came out in 1954, this car design has been a dream for all car lovers who value luxury, comfort, and utility presented in one package.

The new design of the 300 SL is equally stylish and proves that the model still happens to be a legend in every sense and detail.

3. eXtremes

eXtremes Concept Car
Photo Credit: http://www.diseno-art.com/encyclopedia/concept_cars/ktm_ax.html

What happens when Futuristic concepts and style are combined with highly engineered space-age tech? The result is a mind-boggling and magical model of car, the eXtremes. The vehicle has been designed especially for extremely cold conditions that require fuel insulation.

The insulation material being used is Aerogel, which has only been used for space explorations. The material is 99.8% gas, which is why it is lightweight and effective in insulation, imparting better speed to the car even in shallow freezing temperatures.

The car is not slated to be released before 2019, but once engineered and brought to market, it is going to be one of the top contenders for the best car concept ever introduced.

4. Nissan IDS

Nissan IDS Concept Car
Photo Credit: http://www.urdesignmag.com/technology/2015/11/03/nissan-ids-concept/

The Nissan IDS concept boasts of an autonomous driving technology that will power most of its car designs by the year 2020. After the grand success of the Leaf, Nissan has invested even more resources than before and plans to improve its own IDS concept by introducing electric power tech and driverless combined into one.

Even though the IDS concept has already been introduced to the market, the masterpieces will only be released by the year 2020, which is going to mark a new journey for both Nissan and all car lovers.

5. BMW X MPower

BMW X MPower Concept Car
Photo Credit: http://autogook.com/news/10-concept-cars-which-come-straight-from-future/

The borrowing concept from the X6, the BMW X MPower uses a twin-engine system that is turbocharged, but hey, here’s what there’s new some serious whip as the system is incorporated into a two-seat vehicle marvel.

The car’s design is great to the extent that whether it is business or a party to attend, the design suits it all. An elegant styling in the front combined with the aesthetic rear makes this car one of the best-styled cars in our top concept car picks of the lot.

6. Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Lamborghini Sesto Concept Car
Photo Credit: http://www.caranddriver.com/photo-gallery/lamborghini-news-lamborghini-sesto-elemento-concept

When designing marvels, only one name stands out from the rest, Lamborghini. For quite a long time, Lamborghini has been producing a state of the art designs that have mesmerized not just the wealthy owners, but the whole car-loving, enthusiastic society.

The Lamborghini Sesto element is one of the best designs that have been introduced by Lamborghini yet, which makes it the best of the best. It results from lightweight engineering combined with the all-new carbon-fiber technology that maintains a great weight-to-power ratio. With unparalleled performance and great design, this truly is a car of the future that anyone would love to have.

7. Jaguar CX-17

Borrowing its design and some of the specifications from the amazingly built Audi Q5 and the BMW X3, the Jaguar CX-17 is a concept of crossover that is a first from Jaguar.

Since the time it introduced its CX17 crossover sports car, the industry has been abuzz about its all-aluminum design and build that will mark a new beginning, opening possibilities and design skeletons for the future Jaguar models.

Even though the Jaguar models have not yet been released to the public, they are already the talk of the town.

8. Jaguar cX-75

Jaguar CX-75 Concept Car
Photo Credit: http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/jaguar/c-x75

Another Jaguar build, the CX75 is designed to be envious of. Even though it was an interesting concept that brought a ton of features and amazing specifications, Jaguar never released it to the public, and the company commemorated its 75th Anniversary with this car.

The design of this CX75 concept is currently being used by Jaguar as a research project which will soon be developed into better and more affordable options that would soon be the main attraction of the automobile market.

9. McLaren JetSet

McLaren JetSet Concept Car
Photo Credit: https://www.classicdriver.com/en/article/cars/mclaren-jetset-your-garage-2020

Jetting all the way through comes the McLaren JetSet, which is indeed one of the cars that you would love to have a seat in. The car is a result of the single-seat concept that efficiently combines aerodynamic efficiency and lightweight features to impart speed beyond limits.

The car has specially designed fenders that help in drag reduction, and the carbon fiber tech and the ultra-modern wheel arrangement and suspension give this car a space-age look; a true peek into the future.

10. Toyota FT

So what does FT stands here for? It is the Future Toyota, or Future of Toyota, a concept that will revolutionize the very foundations of futuristic designs and concept cars.

The Toyota FT has produced an amazing design that has already been scheduled to be released in the market- Toyota FT1.

Even though most of its features and specifications are unknown, the rumors tell that it would be a low-head drive cockpit that would provide a display just above the steering wheel, which, by the way, has been inspired by the F1 standards.

The FT1 from Toyota is surely going to be one design that no car aficionado can afford to miss.


Concept Cars or the Cars of the future is a great way for all the automobile brands and companies to showcase what they would be working on, keeping the enthusiasts and car lovers hooked to all updates. Irrespective of the nations they belong to, a vast majority of the firms today are working on concept cars that involve driverless abilities, more durability, higher power, and a greater speed for an even brighter future for the automobile industry.