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Why Is Pink Fluid Leaking From My Car? What Should I Do?

When the engine of the automobile starts leaking, one has to pay serious attention to the same. If one runs a vehicle that is quite severely low in a particular fluid, then it can result in severe damage to the vehicle.

Once all the information regarding the leak of fluid from the engine of the automobile is known, one can follow the blog below on how to stop the flow of fluid that is leaking from the automobile. It is to be taken care of that if the person is not able to perform certain tasks, then he or she has to seek help from the professionals.

Firstly, it is important to know about the different kinds of fluids that can leak from the engine of a car. The six fluids that can leak from a car are as follows:

  • Engine oil: light brown or black
  • Transmission fluid: dark red or brown and thick in nature
  • Power steering fluid: red or light brown
  • Brake fluid: brown and sticky in nature
  • Coolant: yellow, green or pink and slimy in nature
  • Water: clear

If the vehicle does not have a protective shield under its engine area, then below is a method that describes an easy way to check whether the engine of the automobile is leaking some fluid or not.

Parking the Vehicle on a Clean Patch

Parking the vehicle overnight on a clean patch or a white paper should be your first step in deciding whether the automobile is leaking some fluid or not. For this, one can tape white sheets together on the ground or simply roll out the white wrapping paper. As per the experts, newspapers should not be taken into consideration as they are too absorbent and might change the color of the stain.

Placing Marks on the Paper

pink fluid car leak

Photo Credit: http://autorepair.about.com/od/glossary/ss/fluids-ID.htm

After placing the white paper under the engine of the car, the second step is to mark all the four wheels of the car and also indicate the front and the rear ends of the car.

Looking for Some Puddles

After performing the above two steps, it is advisable to move the car and look out for the small puddles or some traces of any fluid on the paper and the ground. Also, it is advisable to touch and smell each fluid that is present to justify the type of fluid.

pink fluid car leak

Photo Credit: http://www.toyotaofnorthcharlotte.com/service/auto-service-for-leak.htm

After tracing the evidence of pink fluid leaking from the car, it is important for the person to know that this might have three meanings: transmission fluid, engine coolant, or power steering fluid. To determine what kind of fluid it is among the three is not very hard and is a simple process that can perform by the person himself or herself with some extra care.

About Transmission Fluid

If the liquid is transmission fluid, then it is usually seen that the fluid slips out of hand, and if the leakage of the fluid is ignored for a long time, then the car might stop working. The transmission fluid is usually seen as thick by nature, having an oil-like consistency, and is of either red or pink color.

To confirm whether the fluid is transmission fluid or not, one has to check the transmission dipstick. If the dipstick is below its minimum level, then one needs to pour transmission fluid to get back to the normal level.

It is advisable to check the dipstick after every two days, and if the level is always seen to be below the minimum level, then probably the pink fluid leaking from the car is transmission fluid. After it is confirmed that it is the presence of transmission fluid, then one must immediately run to the service center as the leakage might result in some severe damage.


About Engine Coolant

Engine coolant is one of those liquids that are designed to keep the engine temperature normal by flowing around in the different parts of the engine. The engine coolant is of two colors, namely red and pink. If the traces of the leaking fluid have quite similar looks and consistency to water and smell sweet, then it is likely to be engine coolant.

Also, the traces of the fluid are most likely to be found in the radiator or the engine. If the leaking fluid is engine coolant, then one must first check the reservoir, and if the engine coolant is below the minimum level, then one must check the car’s radiator. After removing the cap on the radiator, if one is not able to see the coolant inside it, then the engine coolant is probably leaking from the car.

After suspecting the pink fluid leaking from the car to be engine coolant, one must immediately call for the experts to stop the leakage.

About Power Steering Fluid

pink fluid car leak

Photo Credit: http://www.autobytel.com/car-ownership/maintenance-repair/identifying-automotive-fluid-leaks-103457/

If the leaking pink fluid is neither engine coolant nor transmission fluid, then it is likely to be power steering fluid. A power steering fluid is a fluid that is helpful while turning the steering wheel in an easier manner. If power steering fluid starts leaking from the car, then one might suspect that while cornering at lower speeds, more resistance is required than ever.

The leakage of this fluid will most likely be seen near the front bumper. This pink fluid has a consistency like water, and it smells like that of burnt oil. The power steering fluid in a car is always packed and sealed with proper care, and if it is leaking, then one must immediately consult the car specialists.


No matter what type or color of fluid flows from the car,it is not a good sign. If one notice some pink color fluid from the car, then the first thing that the person is advised to do is to suspect the type of fluid and then call the specialists or take the car to the nearest service center.