How To Test The Amplifier Of The Car
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How To Test The Amplifier Of The Car?

Cars are the dreams of everyone. Yes, when you listen to music while driving your car, there you can feel the paradise inside it. We know that music is the soul-puller of every living creature. The melody can be in any genre. Every living creature loves music.

For good, pleasant, and mind-relaxing music, all we need is good sound quality. Of course, you might interrogate that, what are the needs of a good sound quality? For a crisp sound quality, all you need is a good amplifier and pulsive speakers.

Sometimes, we might fall into confusion about how to give a sound check with this electronic equipment. Don’t worry. We will encourage you to test the amps of the car, the benefits of car amps, and the best car amplifiers.

How to Test the Amplifier of the Car?

The fact is that many people have no idea how to test the amplifiers of the car. If you’re one among them, then you are right on the course. Here, we are going to see the simplest and the finest ways to test the car amplifiers. Moreover, you can soon try these tests with your car.

Just read the guidelines carefully and follow the procedures given. However, you might think that testing an amplifier is a kind of rocket science. It is absolutely a wrong thought. Just stick to the instructions. After reading this, obviously, you would like a sound engineer.

Only some basic consumption needs to be kept in mind. It is obvious that when working with the electrical parts of a car, you need to be more careful. Working with electricity may turn violent in the case of carelessness. It can also spoil your car’s condition and the circuits present.

More importantly, if you can see any melted components or burn marks, then you ought to remove the amplifier from your car. Or else your car will be at risk if you are testing with the amplifier fixed in the car.

Check List to Test your Amplifier

To give a test with your car amplifier, first of all, you must need some preliminary accessories. Otherwise, you cannot test the amplifier.

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The components mentioned above are more than enough to test your car amplifier. Then after that, you can move your car with a pulsive groove.

Phase: ONE

The ultimate purpose of testing the car amplifier is to check its working condition. To check the amplifier’s working condition, you have to put everything in the right way.

When you surf the amplifier, you can find two wires connected to the amplifier, one with red color and the other with a white color. The red color symbolizes the power cable or the positive wire. The black is the negative wire or the ground wire. Connect the red wire to the power source (the positive side) and the black to the other side (the negative side).

To check the amplifier, indeed, you need a power source. Thus, you can utilize the car battery for the power to check your amplifier. For a sound check, you need a 12-volt of the power source. If the power falls below 12-volt, then your speakers surely won’t work.

When your battery is set, connect the wires from the amplifier to the battery. The connection should be made in such a way that the red wire is connected to the positive side of the battery, and the black wire is connected to the other side, which is the negative side of the battery (grounding side).

If your connection is perfect, the light of the amplifier will turn on. This indicates that the amplifier is in a working condition.

This is one method to check your amplifier. Of course, it’s a very simple method.

Phase: TWO

Now, we are ready to test the amplifier quality to work on with the sound. Since we have already connected the wires of the amplifier to the speakers, testing the sound quality is easy.

Now, you will turn on the amplifier to invigilate the sound. Though the amplifier is on and the speakers don’t go on with the sound, then obviously, the amplifier has trouble in it. If the sound comes in a good decibel, then the amplifier is in good condition.

You might get confused with the speaker connections. Because some of the amplifiers are given with red and black cables, and some are given with RCA cables. Know the type of cables and then connect them accordingly.

Yes, this technique in testing the amplifier is a piece of cake, not rocket science. You are invigorating yourself into a sound engineer.

Phase: THREE

If nothing is working, then go for the next analysis of the amplifier. Every amp has a fuse inside it while it is manufactured. This is attached to disconnect the connection between the amp and the power source when high voltage occurs.

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If your amp is not working, then you must check the fuse inside the amp. If you can find the problem in the fuse, then an immediate replacement of the fuse can give you the best solution. It makes your amplifier back into form.

In some cases, we have to check the inline fuse of the amplifier. The damage in the inline fuse cannot make the amp work.

Phase: FOUR

If you can see no problem inside and outside of the amp, then you have to check the above-said guidelines once again. The moment you check if you can come across any flaws, especially in the connection of wires and the fuse. Try to make the thing right.

Still, that you can find no flaws certainly means the circuit board in the amp has some serious problems. If not, then you can replace your amplifier with a good one instead of correcting the flaws in the amp.

However, before replacing the amplifier, recheck the power connection, the cables, and the voltage.

Finally, when everything is finished, replace everything where it has to be. Give the perfect connection without any interruption with other connections in the car. Screw up the battery which you took from your car and fix the new amp in the place of the old one.

Give a fine screw to the new one along with perfect wirings. Then you can have your world of music in the car.

Additional Tips and Precautions

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  • Before starting your work, make sure that you wear a glass
  • Remove the amp to test it properly
  • Never test it in a narrow area; choose a wide area to test the amp.
  • Have a knowledge of the connection with regards to the electricity
  • If you don’t know the connection, never make an unknown attempt
  • To avoid short circuits, never join the cables together.
  • Stand on a rubber sheet to avoid catching electricity.

Always read the instructions carefully. We have shown you the easy ways to test your amplifier. In the case of any misconduct, try to sort out the problem with the provided methods. The only major case is replacing the circuit board of the amplifier.

When everything is corrected, what else do you need? Start your drive with good music.