How To Install Racing Seats To Improve Your Driving Abilities
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How To Install Racing Seats To Improve Your Driving Abilities?

If you are driving at the usual speed, the seat provided by the manufacturer may be all right. But if you want to race your car, you must have experienced how important it is to have a secured seat. Besides improving your driving abilities, it keeps you safe and secure. Your right choice will be installing an aftermarket bracket, either with or without sliders. Here is how you can make it.

You need the following materials and equipment for the installation of your racing seat:

  • Brackets: You need seat brackets, specifically fabricated to match the seating dimensions of your car, one for the driver and the second for the passenger.
  • Slider: Although the installation of the slider is optional if installed, it eases reaching the pedal and steering at varying distances. You can slide forward or backward at your needs and convenience
  • Side Mount Brackets: Determine if your car seats have mounting holes for the bracket. If you find them on the sides of the seat, you need to install side mounting seats. If the holes are on the bottom, go in for the bottom mount seats.
  • Hardware for Installation: Pick up four sets and match nuts and bolts, each for the seat bracket, slider, and side mount bracket.5. Tools and Equipment: Choose the right kind of ratchet you need for your car. Keep in handy different sizes of flathead.



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1. Assemble New Seats

  • First, you have to attach the seat bracket and slider to the new aftermarket seats. Set the seat down on its side onto a soft surface. Find out the holes in the corners of the sliders and match them up with the seat. After inserting the bolts, tighten them up. You can skip this step if you are not opting for the slider.
  • Access the holes that match the seat bracket, and after they are lined up, insert the bolts through them.

2. Remove the Factory Seat

  • After removing the original seat, slide it forward and find the two bolts located at the back of the seat. Then, remove them by using a ratchet and set offf the socket.
  • After removing the front bolt, slide the seat back and then find the two front bolts. Remove them by using the socket and ratchet.
  • After unplugging all the seat connectors, tilt back the seat to look underneath the seat. Disconnect all the electrical connections.
  • After removing the seat from the car, remove the seat physically from your car.
  • After removing the set buckle, remove the bolt that holds it in place.

3. Install Your New Seat

  • Attach the new seat buckle to your factory seat car by using nuts and bolts.
  • Once again, maneuver the new seat and take care to see that it does not scratch your car.
  • Reconnect the electrical connections to your new seat. If any of these connections can not be connected, don’t plug them in.
  • For lining up the seat bracket, find out the four holes that hold the factory seat and line them up with those of the seat bracket of your new seat.
  • For bolting down the seat, put the original bolts in the reverse position of removal. Slide the seat back for installing the front bolts. After that, slide it a little forward for installing the rears. Don’t overtighten them.
  • Before finishing, put yourself on the seat in a sitting position and make sure that it is comfortable and easy for you. If you experience discomfort, pull the seat out and put it on other holes on the brackets and sliders.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

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You must have been aware of the various technical and commercial benefits of the latest and popular auto technology, called Geographical Positioning System or commonly known as GPS. Vehicle owners are finding it most beneficial because it gives different information about the tracked vehicles, just as something happens to the vehicles.

It is therefore called Real Time GPS Tracking System. If you install a GPS and take up a monthly subscription for a SIM Card, the card sends information about the vehicle, through the satellite.

If you are operating a fleet of cars or other vehicles, your best option will be to install GPS tracker. By accessing the real-time performance of your vehicle, your effectiveness of your vehicle management system will be amply improved. You can detect any undesirable activities such as fuel pilferage, stoppages, movement of the vehicle to unordered destinations.

At the same time, depending upon the information gathered through the GPS, you can provide an incentive to the drivers of the vehicles and thus improve their productivity. You can also track a lost vehicle. If your child is journeying without your company, you can track the movement of the car and can take corrective action in the event of any trouble.

Consistent cushioning is essential for comfort while traveling by car. Improper cushioning may bring a number of physical problems for you such as disc damage, hip pain, shoulder pain, neck strain and much more discomfort and pains caused by the mechanical effect of jerks and body movements, while your car is in motion. It is therefore essential that you select the best car seat cushion. Before opting for the one, you need to consider the following

  • Source of Pain: Car cushions mostly targeted at taking care of posterior or lumbar back and cervical spine. You should opt for the one that takes care of the pain; you usually experience while moving in your car. The shape of the cushion improves your sitting posture. If you experience pain in your legs, buttocks or lower back, go in for more than one type of car cushion.
  • Car Temperatures: Cushions with Gel will suit you live in the warmer climate, and if you are in a cool climate, foam and fabric seat cushions will suit you. You should take into consideration, the heat retention capability of the cushion. Memory foam is ideal for the comfort of your buttocks, spine, and thighs.
Car Cushions

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5 Best Car Cushions

In order to have a better racing in your car, you need to replace your factory seat with customized and fabricated seats. For tracking the movement, your car goes in for a GPS tracker. Choose the best car seat cushion for utmost comfort while driving your car.