How To Wax A Black Car

How To Apply Wax On A Black Car?

Maintaining your car is a top priority of every car owner, to improve the life of their car and make it look brand new even after extensive use. The exterior look always exhibits the first impression of the car. The paint should be smooth without any scratches.

Even if you use your car carefully, the exterior look is bound to degrade due to the external elements such as sunlight, UV rays, etc. and you cannot save your car from scratches, dents, and dings. The reason we have specifically mentioned black cars is that the dark color makes the scratches more visible. For this purpose, we have provided a perfect guide on how to wax a black car.

What are the Benefits of Waxing Your Car?

  • The most major benefit of waxing your car is the prevention of scratches. Even the most minor scratches, dents, dings, etc., do appear even after taking extreme care of your car. Waxing provides an extra layer of coating to your paint, which will reduce the number of scratches and give your car a fresh look all the time.
  • It is very cost-effective, as it saves you from many further repairs. Repainting and refinishing your car again and again can prove to be tiresome and also cut deep into your pockets. By waxing, you can save a lot of money and avoid much damage.
  • It also provides a new look to your car, even if it is years old. The age of your car is not a number but the way you maintain it. By waxing, you provide an extra preventive layer to your car, making it look fresh and brand new all the time.
  • It also saves the car from the damage of the external environment. Dust. Oil, sand, and many unwanted particles accumulate and destroy the paint of your car. Waxing can solve this problem and save you a lot of hassle.

What are the Things or Equipment you will need for Waxing your Car?

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  • Car wax: To give your car the best wax, you will need to find the perfect type of wax for your car. There are two types of car wax, which are available in the market, and you may choose the one that suits your car the best. The types are:
  • Natural car wax: This type of car wax gives a glossier finish to your car and is considered the best choice for many. They offer excellent protection to the exterior of your car and are made from the components of carnauba, which is often mixed with oils and other petroleum products. The quality of this type of wax is very high. They last from 1-2 months, and the only downside is that they are very expensive, and only a few people can afford them.
  • Synthetic car wax: They are the most commonly used car wax, and they are easily available. They are made up of synthetic elements and have no percentage of natural wax in them. They are very easy to apply and are cheap. This type of wax can last for the whole season without being renewed.
  • Wax applicator: You do need an applicator to apply wax to your car easily. This is available in the form of foam and should be used for application, as it reduces a lot of effort. You can also use it again and again, as it is reusable, so you don’t need to purchase it every time you need it.
  • Microfiber towel: This is a multi-purpose towel, and it provides a greater finish and polish to your car. You can simply clean your car with this and also apply it during the wax process. It requires a little finesse, but if you learn this, you will find a different dimension of your car, which is very attractive.
  • Cleaner wax: This is used as a preventive measure to erase any streaks the car wax may leave behind. It not only removes the old wax but also helps protect the finish of your car after you have applied the new wax.

Step-by-step Guide on Applying Wax to your Black Car

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  • Washing your car: The first and the most important step for waxing your car are to clean it thoroughly. By washing the car, you can get rid of the impurities, and the wax can be applied
  • Apply the first coat of wax: Remember to apply wax in a shaded area for best results as if you wax in sunlight it can potentially damage your car and make the procedure difficult. Sunlight can make the wax to dry too quickly and make it difficult to buff off later. Apply the wax gently without forming any streaks.
  • Apply the second coat of wax: Make the second coat as thin as possible as the thick coat will lead to unwanted streaks and make it difficult to remove. Make sure that the coating is thin so that buffing can be done. For best results, you can use a poly foam wax applicator, which will make the task effortless.
  • Buffing: With the help of a microfiber towel buff the finish, which will give you a stunning shine, it will also help you in removing the previous waxy residue and provide a polished look to your car giving it a brand new look. The fibers present in the towel are excellent in grabbing the residue from the wax. You don’t need to worry about the towel leaving any lint on the wax as it is lint-free. Always keep extra towels with you so that you don’t run out of them.
  • Removing unwanted streaks: Even if you apply the wax with the best wax applicator, there are chances of formation of streaks. These streaks may cause uneven shine, which will spoil the look of your new wax. You can remove these streaks by applying the cleaner to the exterior panel and can remove the streaks by buffing it with medium pressure. Do not apply extra pressure as it may result in wiping the whole wax off. Buffing also serves as the best rust remover and can make your car look stylish.
  • Rinsing: Keep a time gap between the first layer of coat and the second one. As the process of curing may take up to 12-18 hours, it is best advised to apply the coating fresh in the morning. After you have applied the second coat and buff it carefully, rinse the car again so that the wax may settle in.

A black color gives a very stylish and polished look to your car, and it is equally important to maintain that standard. The downside of having a black color car is that any discoloration of deformity is recognizable, so you need to take extra care of your black car.

Waxing is the best way to renew the look of your car and give it touch-up paint. The steps mentioned above are very easy to follow, and you can do it in the comfort of your garage. You don’t need to go outside for this service and spend a lot of money as you can easily ‘do it yourself.’