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Best Transmission: What You Need For Flawless Gear Change

Automotive transmission is a part of your vehicle’s engine that allows you to drive at various speeds. If you find that your vehicle is not responding to shifting gears, the reason may be that your transmission is at risk. With this, it is important that you replace your existing one with the best transmission, and we are here to help you out. All you need to know before you make a purchase, you will find below.

You can’t let a faulty transmission ruin your capabilities in terms of driving. Below, we will be discussing the top 3 recommendations for the best transmission to make decision-making a lot easier for you. We will also be providing each product’s key features, pros, and cons to narrow down your choices.

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B&M 113001 Automatic Transmission



TCI 311038 Sizzler Transmission



4L60E Monster Transmission

Monster Transmission 


Things To Consider Before Buying Transmission

Because of the benefits a transmission can offer you, the price you pay is going to be a great investment and something you will never regret. Below is a list of the essential factors you have to consider in choosing the best transmission.

1. Performance

A transmission’s performance should be at the top of your list. The one you should choose must be able to perform all its tasks flawlessly. When it comes to choosing a transmission based on its performance, you should take note of the strength, durability, and reliability it can provide. Taking these into consideration will go a long way, especially if you want your transmission to last a long period of time.

2. Quality


When it comes to quality, the one you should purchase must be crafted with high-quality materials. This will ensure that it can perform properly. Some models mentioned above are made of high-quality steel and even have a chrome finish. When it’s time to buy a transmission, take note of the material, as it will say a lot about the overall quality of the product.

3. Price

All the models presented below are priced differently from each other, as some are cheaper, and some are more expensive than others. When it comes to price, you have to check each model’s key features, pros, and cons so you can decide if the price is somehow related to what the product can offer you. Another thing is that it does not always necessarily mean all high-quality products come at a high price.

4. User reviews

This may also be considered as the most important factor you have to take into consideration. User reviews and ratings allow you to check first-hand experiences from real buyers. These buyers provide their honest opinions about the product they bought, and it will give you insight into how well the product performs for them. Ratings are also vital, as you can compare them to each product presented below.

5. Ease of use and installation

Another factor to consider is the ease of use and installation. As an enthusiast, you should be able to install the transmission yourself. Although professional help is recommended, if you know your engine well enough, you should be able to do this on your own. To add, most of these transmissions come with a manual that allows you to install them very easily.

6. Durability

A durable transmission should be able to withstand too much heat. It should also not wear out easily. It may become costly if you have to replace your transmission frequently. To be sure that your transmission is durable, make sure you check the product’s material. Also, you will be able to find a lot of user ratings and reviews online pertaining to the product’s durability.

7. Features

Additional product features should also be taken into consideration. Some models offer features that others do not. You will find below each product’s main features and what makes them different from other products. Be sure to check them so you can relate each product to its corresponding price, making sure it is a great value for your money.

There are a lot of different features that you should be aware of, such as friction plates, kick-down bands, and modulators. Others have an overhaul kit that comes with the package, and some have an HP reprogramming kit. Make sure to pay attention to each product’s individual features because it will allow you to narrow down your choices to choose the best transmission.

8. Warranty

When it comes to warranty, be sure to check each product’s offered warranty. Some offer as long as 3 years while others only offer up to 3 months limited warranty.

Top 3 Transmission Reviews

You will find in this section the top five choices for the best transmission. Each unit’s key features, pros, and cons will be discussed in detail to help you narrow down your choices. If you are having a hard time deciding what to buy, we hope we will be of great help after you read this section.

1. B&M 113001 Automatic Transmission


The B&M automatic transmission is specifically designed for street enthusiasts. It is a complete and ready-to-run transmission that will be able to provide you with firm shifts and a standard shift pattern. This feature allows high-performance street and mild strip driving. It is interesting to know that this transmission is completely blueprinted during assembly, and all its individual parts are also from the same brand.

The B&M automatic transmission includes a lot of features for enhanced performance and endurance. Another great feature of this transmission is the direct drum bushing, which is extra wide. In addition, the forward and direct pistons are machined, and the valve body is recalibrated. For its specifications, the package dimensions are 35 x 23 x 22 inches, and it weighs 141 pounds.

This product has high-performance friction plates, a roller clutch kick-down band that comes with welded anchors, thrust bearing and races, an adjustable modulator, and a detent control link with filter and breather.


  • High performance and endurance
  • Blueprinted and individual parts came from B&M
  • Features extra wide direct drum bushing
  • Can provide firm shifts and standard shift pattern
  • Features machined pistons with welded anchors


  • Parts may be disassembled upon delivery
  • Warranty is limited to 90 days

2. TCI 311038 Sizzler Transmission


The TCI transmission is ideal for vehicles with engines that produce higher than stock horsepower. It is equipped with an automatic valve body that comes with an improver kit. This allows you to achieve a firmer but not too harsh shift while being continuously automatic. In addition, they can retain stock shift pattern.

It should be noted that for the system to properly operate, all throttle linkages, vacuum lines and kick down components should always be connected. Another great feature of this transmission is that it features special clutches and bands and an enhanced lubrication system. To add, it also comes with a transmission pan. All in all, this transmission offers improved thrust and torque capacity.

For the product’s specifications, transmission pan finish is chrome and style is made of steel. Transmission horsepower rating is at 400 and tail shaft length is 6 inches. It comes with a black aluminum case but dipsticks are not included in the package.


  • Package comes with an improver kit
  • Provides a firm shift
  • Features special clutches and improved lubrication system
  • Offers thrust and torque capacity enhancements
  • Comes with a black aluminum case


  • Torque converter is not included
  • Not lockup compatible

3. 4L60E Monster Transmission


The Monster transmission is ideal for vehicles powered by engines that produce more than 500 HP. It is equipped with a reprogrammed automatic valve body and the unit allows you to shift the vehicle in different gears. It also has change gear capabilities without losing the fully automatic feature. The best part about this transmission is that the brand offers a 3-year warranty.

Another great feature of this transmission is that it is the only one in the market that has the best internal components for improved strength and dependable performance. Not only that, it also provides enhanced torque capacity. It is already convincing to know that each unit is thoroughly inspected and blueprinted before assembly.

For the new technologies incorporated into the unit, the Monster Transmission has an overhaul kit, a superior HP reprogramming kit and a super pump direct and reverse input drum.


  • Perfect for vehicles producing more than 500 HP
  • Equipped with reprogrammed automatic valve body
  • Strong and dependable
  • Provided improved torque capacity
  • Allows you to change gear flawlessly
  • Thoroughly inspected before assembly


  • Torque converters are sold separately
  • Some users commented on the product’s bad quality


Now that you have been provided everything you need to know about transmissions, it’s up to you to decide which one to buy. Based on the reviews presented above, we do recommend the TCI unit for the best transmission. Not only does the product offer outstanding performance, it also has features that are not present in other models reviewed above.

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