Wash Your Car At Home

6 Essential Equipment To Wash Your Car At Home

Cars are not just a means of transportation; they are trusted companions on every trip. On the other hand, cars are also a showcase of the unique personality of the car owner. The value of cars is not considered cheap either. Therefore, periodically washing your car is encouraged by professionals. However, not everyone has the time to bring their vehicles to the car wash shop.

Many car owners have the habit of washing their cars by themselves at home. This is a better way to reduce maintenance costs as well as act as a relaxing activity. If you want to wash your car at home, you may need the following 6 essential pieces of equipment:

  1. Soft Towelling Fabric
  2. Buckets with Mesh Filter
  3. High-Pressure Washer
  4. Special Detergent for Car Wash
  5. Vacuum Cleaner
  6. Auto Glass Cleaner

In fact, many car owners often use inadequate household items such as laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, or water spray nozzles. This may result in the car not being cleanly shiny and also causing the exterior to be damaged. Therefore, according to the advice of car care professionals, car owners should research appropriate knowledge before washing their cars at home. Also, you should prepare the following 6 essential pieces of equipment to wash your car at home.

Soft Towelling Fabric

Towels are often used to clean household items. Car owners also prefer to use a towel to clean their cars. However, many people, for the sake of reusing their old items, did not buy a towel. Instead, they often use old clothes or rough towels.

This can easily leave scratches on the surface of the car after cleaning. Therefore, when washing cars, it is recommended to use a special towel made of soft, smooth fabric with high absorbency and not ruffled. This type of soft toweling fabric is easy to buy and is quite cheap. You can buy them in local markets or e-commerce sites.

2 Buckets with Mesh Filter

When washing the car, prepare two buckets with a mesh filter to eliminate the dirt at the bottom of the bucket. Keep in mind that there is one bucket of clean water, and the second one is to contain specialized detergent with a proper amount of water. After each cleaning with a towel or sponge, you should dip them into buckets containing water. Wash the towel, put it into the detergent bucket then continue the cleaning.

This has the advantage that it completely removes the remaining large sand particles on the towel. Thus, it helps the car owner minimize the risk of accidentally scratching the car’s body.

High-Pressure Washer

High-Pressure Washer
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Usually, when you clean your car at home, many people typically use conventional faucets to spray the car’s body surface and deep parts such as wheel holes, chassis, etc. However, this method can’t remove all dirt clinging to the car thoroughly. Besides, this will make your water bill rise dreadfully.

If you are not used to having your car washed in the shop, maybe due to time insufficient, you can equip a high-pressure washer to clean your vehicle at home. These machines allow the user to adjust the spray pressure to suit any kind of surface. More importantly, they can clean up any area of the car in a fantastic way. Strong spray force also contributes to flying stains, saving you the effort of wiping stubborn stains.

At present, there are many types of high-pressure washers used for car washing. There is some model that delivers the same quality in a compact size of convenience, but some types can give out very high water pressure. Notably, several modern products come with an LED display for better control of water pressure. You should consider your actual needs and refer to more online reviews to choose the product that fits you most.

Special Detergent for Car Wash

Before you clean your car at home, you should look for a particular cleaning detergent for cars. Dedicated solutions are made up of special components. They help to clean up stubborn stains without damaging the paint surface.

You absolutely must not use washing powder or dishwashing liquid. These solutions are alkaline. If used for a long time, they will have a significant impact on the paint of the car. Also, some detergents come with small particles that can leave permanent damage to the car’s surface.

Before you clean your car, make sure all doors are closed. Also, you should not wash your car in direct sunlight. Instead, choose shaded areas. The sun can quickly heat up the car’s surface, which generates water spots that stain the car. It is best to be in your garage.

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner
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With the car interior, before cleaning, you need to remove dirt fully. This process is way more important when you are traveling with your pets. However, car interior design is not simple, but they are quite different in detail. Therefore, it is not possible to use household items such as brushes or brooms to do the job. That stuff only takes you a lot of time and drains you out 100%.

If you regularly wash your car at home, my advice to you is to buy a designated vacuum cleaner for the car wash. To make a picture clearer, this type of vacuum cleaner is much more compact than other types of vacuum cleaners used in the living room. Top-rated vacuums for cars have a small suction head which allows them to move to every corner of the car comfortably. They help to clean dirt on the seats, on the floor, and so on.

When you order a car vacuum cleaner, you should be aware of some criteria. The first is power. You should look for the announced wattage figure of the model. If possible, you can ask the seller to give you a test of the product to see if the vacuum cleaner offers enough performance.

The next criterion you need to pay attention to is the size of the product. An ideal vacuum cleaner is of small size, which can reach the edges of the car. Besides, it should only weigh about 5 pounds. However, you should consider buying a long hose to increase the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.

Tank capacity is another important criterion. Due to the limitation of care use only, the capacity of the vacuum cleaner is not as much as a standard cleaner. Popular machines usually have a tank capacity of between 350 and 650 ml.

Auto Glass Cleaner

After cleaning the body of the car, cleaning the glass, rear window, and glass windows on the sides of the vehicle often takes a lot of time. Washing the car’s glass is extremely important. Windshields, as well as car rear windows, ensure safety while driving. If they are smudged and not cleaned in time, the rate of accident increase significantly. Therefore, in addition to the above items, you can look for a car glass cleaner.

Car glass cleaners are now specially formulated to help smudge the stain on the glass surface easily. Choosing a product like this is not a stress. You should refer to products from brands such as Meguiar’s, SprayWay, Armorall, or Chemical Guys.

How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

How Often Should You Wash Your Car
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Car experts always recommend that car owners should regularly wash their cars. The frequency of car wash depends on where you live as well as your work. It is generally recommended that car owners wash their cars every two weeks and repeat them throughout the year.

If you live in coastal areas or have frequent contact with salt, you must, of course, wash your car more often. Salt can erode metal parts in the car and lead to damage with ease. The only way to avoid this situation is to monitor the condition of the car and wash the car when needed.

Car washing is also affected by the weather. In winter, you need to wash your car more often. It sounds pretty funny, but this is true. The real enemy comes from the salt left on the road. In winter, the amount of salt condensed on the road is more than the amount in summer. They can cling to your car and harm internal components.

The interior of the car also needs to have particular attention. Leather items in the car, such as seats or steering wheel, should be cleaned and inspected every 3 months. In case you live in the tropics, do it more often.


In addition to periodic vehicle maintenance, car washing should be a regular task. For many reasons, many people feel that having their car washed at the shop is impossible for them. And so washing cars at home is very popular,

However, improper washing of the car can lead to unwanted damage to the one. To keep your car in top condition, you should wash the car for about 2 weeks 1 time. Washing the car can be more frequent if you use it at a high intensity. Besides, you should equip yourself with specialized equipment such as soft toweling fabric or top-rated vacuums for cars to avoid leaving scratches.