Best RV Surge Protector
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A Guide to Finding the Best RV Surge Protector

If you’re an RV enthusiast, you love the feeling of getting back to nature and leaving behind the modern world. That doesn’t mean you have to leave all the modern conveniences behind. This may include electronic appliances that can keep you entertained and help you do the work while you’re away. These appliances are powered by a power pedestal but sometimes they may cause damage to your electrical appliances.

This is why you will need the best RV surge protector to provide you with protection during your trip. This article is here to give you information so that you can choose the right model. We will be discussing all the things you need to know about RV surge protectors. Not only that, we’ll also feature the five great picks for your RV. By the end, we hope you will have a better understanding, so you can make the right choice.

What is a Surge Protector?

Before we proceed with the discussions, let us first define what an RV surge protector is and its benefits. A surge protector is basically an electrical device you use to protect electrical appliances from sags and surges. In case an unwanted power voltage supplies your device, the surge protector blocks it. To define power surge, it is the instant increase in the power supply, which can cause overwhelming damage to your appliances.

The surge protector is a device, which acts like an electrical gatekeeper. They monitor many aspects of the power supply, and it provides protection from destructive electrical issues. You may lose hundreds of dollars, especially if you have a high-end unit, in the event a power surge occurs. They are considered most useful in cases of electricity spikes. Depending on the model, this device is simple and very easy to use.

Normal electrical sources and outlets do not have the appropriate protection from power surges. If you have surge protectors fitted to your power plugins, you don’t have to worry about its security in your RV. One great thing about surge protectors is that they protect your appliances from spikes caused by lightning and short-circuiting. They also act as bridges between the appliances using the power and the incoming power.

Types of RV Surge Protectors

In this section, we will discuss the two most popular types of RV surge protectors: the hardwire and the portable. There are big differences between the two, so it is important that you will be able to set them apart. This section might also help you decide according to your needs and preferences.

  • Hardwire: The hardwire RV surge protector is firmly attached to your RV’s internal components. You can find them in the compartment where the wiring that draws power is. It is always on when you are connected, so you don’t have to worry about it being safely protected. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about it being stolen, as it is directly wired into your RV.
  • Portable – The portable RV surge protector is very convenient to use, because they do not require installation. It is also connected directly to the outlet of the electrical pedestal. The portable ones are specifically designed to warn you about any potential dangers from spike fluctuations. This type will give you caution in case there is low and high-energy voltage due to faulty wiring.

Essential Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best RV Surge Protectors

Before we conclude, we will talk about what properties make a good RV surge protector. You may assume that all of them are great, but there are features that make one stand out against others.

  • Amp Rating: It is indicated in the surge protector the power you will use when you plug your RV. You should choose a surge protector that is appropriate for your use. Doing this will lessen the risk of fire, overheating, and various electrical problems.
  • Joules Rating: You also need to check the protection rating, which is measured in joules. If there is too much energy due to spikes, the surge protector should dissipate the heat. You should look for a unit that can protect you from dangers that can occur due to overheating.
  • Ease of Installation: You should choose a model that is easy to use and install. We can all benefit from the instruction manuals but for beginners, installation should always be easy.
  • Weight: Weight is also a very important factor especially if you wish to transport your RV surge protector. You should choose a unit that is lightweight and must not add significant weight to your RV.
  • Price: A good RV surge protector should not always be expensive. There are lots of cheap ones that also perform well. You just have to weigh your options so you can evaluate better.
  • LED Display: Almost all of the models presented above have displays that also act as indicators or cautions. Some of them are hard to comprehend during daytime and nighttime. You should choose one that has a bright display so you won’t have any difficulty in reading.
  • Plug and Play: Ease of use is very important, especially for beginners. Plug and play is preferred by more experienced RV enthusiasts, as it does not require much time to operate.
  • Noise: Some models generate noise when it is being operated. It can be distracting and annoying especially if your RV is parked somewhere quiet. Choose one that creates less noise compared to other models.

Top Five Choices for the Best RV Surge Protector

In this section, we will have a discussion about the five best RV surge protectors available in the market. You will be informed of some of their great features, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. It is vital that you weigh your options, so you can pick the right unit for your RV.

1.  EMS-PT30x Portable EMS RV Surge Protector

The Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X Portable RV Surge Protector offers easy and quick RV electrical protection. It requires no installation and is a true plug and play. There is added security with detection and protection of reverse polarity. Each unit comes with a digital display, which you can scroll to find out the current frequency. You can also check the voltages, as well as error codes in the display.

One great feature of this product is the high and low voltage protection. It also offers open ground, reverse and open neutral polarity prevention and detection. It has time delay and A/C frequency protection. Lastly, it has a lifetime warranty. 


  • Weather Resistant
  • Rugged
  • Features a built-in lock bracket that secures the unit
  • Surge protection with 3 modes. 
  • Works even during the rainy season


  • Looks bulky

2. Progressive Industries SSP30 Smart Surge

The Progressive Industries SSP30 Smart Surge is a 120V/30A that offers 3 modes of use and 430 joules of energy. It weighs 1.8 pounds, which is considered more lightweight than the other models. In addition, it also provides 30,000 amps of power.

This product is extremely portable and can be used on almost all kinds of RVs. Not only that, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on its parts. It comes with a surge indicator and a polarity tester. This model is rated at 120-volt protection, so heat won’t melt the insides of the unit. Response time is impressive when it comes to electricity spikes.


  • Impressive spike response time
  • Thermally protected
  • Lifetime warranty on parts
  • Features a surge fault indicator


  • Surge protection is rated at 120 volts, which is considered low compared to others
  • LED screen needs to be brighter for better vision in the dark

3. Progressive Industries SSP-50XL Surge Protector

The Progressive Industries SSP-50XL Surge Protector is a 120V/240V 50A surge protector that offers a good protection for travel trailers and pop-ups. This product is weather resistant, and provides surge protection. It has a rugged design and 3 led indicator. Like the previous model, it will test for open ground, open neutral and right polarity. It also offers 1650 joules of energy protection and the status indicators are illuminated for better reading.

This model features an easy pull handle and has a plastic cover. You can also plug this unit directly between your line cord and the power pedestal. In addition, this model can provide 50A protection compared to 30A versions. Lastly, it is very easy to use, and the indicator LEDs are clearly labled.


  • Very easy to use
  • Offers 50Amps of protection 
  • Can accommodate both 120V and 240V
  • It is weather resistant
  • Has a open ground, open neutral, and reverse polarity detection


  • No LED display
  • No under or over voltage protection
  • May not be very weather resistant

4. Progressive Industries EMS-HW50C Portable Electrical Management System - 50 Amp

The Progressive Industries EMS-HW50C provides protection from all adverse power conditions. Added security is due to the multi-mode surge, polarity, and voltage. The model has a digital display and scrolling can give you information about the voltage, current, and error codes. One great feature of this product is that replacement parts are plug and play, which allows preparation to be quick.

You can find the display and cables already packaged inside the device. It has a high and low voltage protection, as well as the time delay for A/C compressor. Like the other products under this brand, the computer is run by state-of-the-art microprocessors. In the event, there is a software change, the unit owners can get a free upgrade without charge.


  • Comes with 220V accidental protection
  • Display does not take too much space
  • Features a long cable that you can easily attach to your compartment
  • Manufacturer offers great technical support
  • Easy to install and the manual comes with very clear instructions


  • May be challenging to install for some users
  • Some buyers had issues about the product’s being not brand new upon delivery

5. Technology Research (34520-002) 120 Volt 30 Amp Hardwire Surge Guard

The Technology Research 34520-002 features an automatic reset on power restoration. This means that it automatically shuts off the power during open neutral, low, and high voltage. It also has multi-mode surge suppression and has a caution indicator light. The light will give you a warning in cases of an incorrectly wired pedestal, reverse polarity, and high voltage.

One impressive feature is the 128-second time delay that protects the A/C compressor. It is also very easy to install and use. The model has an optional remote monitor LCD display and joystick for easy screen scrolling. It also provides 2,450 joules of energy surge protection. Lastly, this model is hardwired with 120V and 30,000 amps of power.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install and use
  • Does an impeccable job during lightning strikes
  • Instructions are clear and very easy to follow
  • Provides outstanding electrical protection for your RV components


  • A little noisy compared to other models
  • Take a minute or two before you can sample the power


We have discussed all you need to know about RV surge protectors in the previous sections. We hope we gave you some enlightenment so you can choose the best RV surge protector. Choosing the right one can be a frustrating task if you don’t know what you are looking for. With this guide, it is guaranteed that you can pick wisely based on your needs and preferences.

We talked about what an RV surge protector is, as well as its benefits and uses. We also had a discussion about the top five choices available in the market today. With their features, pros, and cons, you can now weigh your options based on the essential factors discussed above.

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